The Knotty Sheep Shop

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

YiKes! I can not believe that ThanksG is less than 2 days away. I am pretty prepared - we are hosting - and DH cooks the meal. So, my job is basically cleaning & grocery shopping. I feel like I have been doing THAT since Saturday. C'est la vie! Now that I am following FlyLady , there will be no more CHAOS (Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome) for me!! Do try it!

I also came across this petiton to help save the Wolves . A noble undertaking to be sure.

This week, I bought this really nifty Mannikin!! I would like one of those fancy 'dress forms' one day ... preferably a nice antique. I thought it to be an interesting concept to treat my finished knits like the ARTwork they are!! Well, I haven't really found a form that suits my tastes or fits my budget - but finding this funky soul on eBay is pretty cool! Isn't it a hoot?? The sweater - in the spirit of ThanksG - will be given to MoM this Holiday. Hope you have a GREAT celebration where ever you are! Comments, please!

Monday, November 15, 2004

Today was a *good* mail day! I received my Llapaca order!! Yes ... this is fiber from a llama/alpaca x. And - to be even more specific ... it is from "Pearl"! She is a favorite furbaby of mine.

I might just have enough stashed away for a little lace goodie for me. The problem is time ... I do NOT have enough of it!! Ah well ... maybe in my next life!

If you would like to try some wonderful fiber - and if you are feeling shoppie ... visit

Fiber Jewels from Missouri. My friend Nancie raises STUNNING fiber, furbabies! TAG Me ... You are it!