The Knotty Sheep Shop

Sunday, September 29, 2002

My chicken book arrived!! CLUCK-CLUCK!! I did not know there were so many different types of chickens in the world!! Some are truly striking while others .... suffice to say - are a tad 'unsual'. I have only begun to read it and if I have a 'light bulb moment' concerning raising these fine creatures, I will report in. I did take a spindle to an "Oktoberfest" last night. I received the usual looks, and the 'what are you doing'?, and the 'why don't you just buy yarn'? type of things. In some ways - it drives me nuts - in other ways, maybe if we spun more in public - it would not be so unusual for people to see it happening. It is something to ponder anyway!! I will be taking a few days to rejuvenate my creative juices. I need to re-charge my batteries - so - no distractions (tv, computer, etc.) for me. I look forward to catching up with you in a bit!! TAG ME ... you are it!

Thursday, September 26, 2002

Thank you everyone for your kind wishes on my day of celebration! Stasia YOU are a wild woman!! Thanks for writing such a great story about my parents. I will admit that my parents are the coolest people I know. They are my inspirations - and I only hope that I may mirror their energy when I get to be their ages. That means - I have 4 decades to find this energy!! I fear that won't be enough time!! Currently - they are in Las Vegas - if you see them, (Dad might be wearing his Lester the Llama Tshirt) - stroll on over and say 'hi'!! I did treat myself to some goodies this birthday ... I think I may have lived on a farm somewhere in a previous life! Not only do I love sheep - I also have been fascinated with chickens. Not your standard, white feathered ones - but exotic, rare breeds!! When I saw Extraordinary Chickens I knew I HAD to have this book. I have placed my order and hopefully, I will be receive it soon. I also decided I needed to make a shawl for myself. I probably won't get this done for this winter season - but hopefully by spring! I ordered some icelandic thel/alpaca/silk rovings. While I have ordered from The Lavender Fleece before - this will be my first FIBER order with them. I do look forward to receiving it!! Do I feel a year older? - nope! Do I CARE that I am a year older?? - nope!! I am pleasantly blessed with the knowledge from all my previous mistakes... TAG ME are it!!

Monday, September 23, 2002

This weekend - I decided that I was moody when it comes to fiber. There are certain times when my fingers just can't handle the fine stuff. This Saturday - it was merino. It wasn't the fiber or spindle - it was ME. While I was spinning - I knew it didn't 'feel right' - but I forced it. I thought that I could over come the feeling and MAKE it work. Valuable lesson - most times - you can't MAKE things work if it isn't "their" time in 'the Universe'. So - I ditched the whole thing. Normally, fiber ends up in my compost pile - but not Saturday - in the trash it went. I truly believed - 'out of sight / out of mind'. So much for that philosophy - here it is 2 days later and I am still thinking about it. SIGH.... Also - someone recently asked me how I started painting on canvas bags - truth be told - I started painting on canvas sneakers first. Since I work in a pre-school, it wasn't difficult for the kids to love my shoes - the bright colors! The different designs!! I take pride in knowing that some of my sneakers have been to Bermuda, Las Vegas, Thailand, and Bora Bora. I should mention Block Island too - but, then again - you would know those were mine! Enough of my ramblings for one day ... TAG ME ... you are it!!

Friday, September 20, 2002

Random Acts of Kindness totally fascinate me. These acts are heart driven and heart felt. Kindness could rule the earth if we allowed its wings to spread and fly into our hearts & souls. Sometimes we are SO side tracked with LIFE - that we miss the Kindess Angel's kiss caressing our cheek. Kindness doesn't have to be huge or heart-stopping. Just a whisper is all it takes to bring glad tidings of joy to those we love, those we could love and those we forget to love. I am blessed with SO many wonderful friends that I try to pass their examples of kindness on to others. To honor their lives with the practicing of good deeds. They say imitation is the best form of flattery - well, it is to YOU (and you all know who you are!!) that I strive to do MORE Random Acts of Kindess! Thank YOU for teaching me so much about Giving! Yesterday, I treated myself to an aroma jar from The Body Shop . I chose a Lavender Oil and I have had it 'on' while in the studio. The essence is heavenly and it makes me feel wonderful!! I love The Body Shop as they are very pro-environment and they do not use animal testing! We love that part!! I also finished my 3 pair of Slipper Sox for The Ships Project. They will be mailed tomorrow - and I am so excited to be sending them. Again - Random Acts of Kindess - just makes one's heart SING!! TAG ME ... you are it!!

Wednesday, September 18, 2002

What a gorgeous fall day today!! I actually wore my handspun / handknit GCNI socks with my Birks. It felt wonderful and I think I had a smile from ear to ear just because of my happy toes. I am tickled that I could wear my handspun! YiPpEE! Now - I am still on my second pair of Christmas GCNI socks as they have taken a back seat to my slippers for The Ships Project. I am in total awe of this project & I have decided to mail a box o' goodies out on the third Saturday of EVERY month! So - that way - whether if I have one project done or ten - the military will still get the warm woolies that they so richly deserve! On another note - I have a challenge for you!! I recently read in the local paper that the golden $1 COIN is not being used enough. This is sad - not only is it a great coin - but it is estimated that it would save us TAXpayers about $500 million (oh ... I hope my memory is serving me correctly on this sum!!) if we were to use this coin instead of the $1 paper bill. WOW!! My challenge - use at least 5 in the coming week. It is great fun to watch the looks on people's faces when you use these at payment. The gauntlet has been dropped - TAG ME ... you are it!

Tuesday, September 17, 2002

Hello everyone! Sometimes LIFE gets in the way of all the things you meant to do. Sometimes I just feel OVERwhelmed for no particular reason - other than being a creative soul - I think clutter can be an art form! I also hold onto things a little too long - and sometimes, whether you like it or not - it is just time to let go. This weekend my Church closed. This magnificient building was built in 1857. In my attempt to bring you my most favorite stained glass window - I ruined it. It was beautiful - and it is my dream to meet the angel pictured in the window one day. For now - being grounded is a day to day task for me. As an artist - I get extremely frustrated at the 'little things". My 'drawing' isn't on demand. I have to 'feel' it in order to 'do it' and - unfortunately - I haven't been 'feeling' like drawing/painting recently. This will pass. My friend Stasia recently posted about the Simple Abundance book. I purchased & began reading it today. I think this book will help me to sort out some issues I may have. I hope so anyway. Actually - I have already poured as glass of cabernet for myself in a GOOD glass!! This was in the first few pages of January!! Might as well start at the beginning!! I would also like to remind everyone that it is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month. This is important for our health. I hope you have a wonderful day ... I am sad that I ruined a picture I will never see again ... but I guess that is LIFE. TAG ME ... you are it!

Friday, September 13, 2002

I have decided that I need to write my BloGs earlier in the day. My time management skills seem to be lacking of late. I know it is because my morning time tables have to be adjusted to meet new time goals for both myself & my husband. No easy task to create a 'new' routine. We will get there though - it just takes time. Thanks for all the wonderful comments re: my noste winding!! I am finding this to be wonderfully relaxing. I even took a skein of wool to work today - just to 'noste' wind it! YAY!! . But - I need to start managing my computer time better. See? Time Management!! My artwork has suffered and I just received another commision!! YAY!! So - here are 2 of my completed projects - on the left is a pair of slipper sox from wool & llama. These are for The Ships Project I completed one whole sock watching a 9/11 documentary! On the right - is one pair of Christmas sox in GCNI. So - I have been busy - I just need to focus more!! TAG ME ... you are it!!

Wednesday, September 11, 2002

Today is a 'day of days'. It is extremely windy here - maybe it is a passing storm off the coast or maybe it is just because it is Wednesday - who knows?? But - the wind is enjoyable after the HOT weather we have been having. Tonight - for me - will be a time of reflection. And during this time - I will be working on some slippers for our brave soliders overseas. The Ships Project deserves to be mentioned once again on this day. I will be knitting feverishly while listening to the memorials/documentaries on TV. Today is also a day to celebrate friends & family! New friends! Old friends! Cyber friends! Thank you all for walking beside me in my journey thru life. I am who I am because of you. Now - would you take a look at my third noste attempt .... I think it is pretty darn good!! TAG ME .... you are it!

Sunday, September 08, 2002

The HOT weather popped back into my life today. Much to the chagrin of myself and a ton of others who were in a backyard sweltering at an outdoor party. I melted! But - hey - my Weather Pixie still looks cheerful. As far as fibery projects - I am to the 'heel' portion of my plum GCNI sock #1. I hope to complete turning the heel tonight while relaxing either in the backyard or in front of the TV. I also wound a second ball of yarn around a nostepinde. This nostepinde was made from a branch of a red cedar tree - it is so smooth! I dare say - I am getting the hang of this thing as I accept it as a challenge to eventually make a stackable 'ball'. This llama / wool blend yarn was purchased a while ago - but I will add another strand to it to make slippers for The Ships Project. This will be an easy carry around project. What can I say?? - socks for me still require my undivided attention! So - check out my noste and apple-shaped 'ball' ... pretty cool, huh?? What are you working on?? TAG ME ... you are it!

Friday, September 06, 2002

It is Friday!! YiPpEE!! I love Fridays - but - then again - I love all the days of the week. I don't have a favorite as I feel each brings its own 'special - ness to my life'. Monday is made up of beginnings & 3 day weekends! Tuesday it is the day I usually grocery shop & make appointments. Wednesday is middle of the week - day. Thursday is a day off. Friday - well - it is payday. Saturday & Sunday - 'nuff said there! I am also realizing that if I look forward to a certain day or event - it makes the time go by slowly. Which isn't a bag thing - but- when the day / event arrives - it is almost a 'let down' when it is over. I am trying really hard to live in the moment. Each day is a day to be blessed - not a day to be taken for granted. Today - I received 2 new spindles in the mail. One from my friend Stasia - the other a gift from ME to ME. Both from Grafton Fibers!! Stasia gave me a POD swan. I gave me a camphor swan. Both are beautiful. I started with the camphor as I had some alpaca/silk waste rolags handy. It spins like a dream!!!! I also tried to use a 'noste'! This will take practice - as my stackable ball of yarn looks like any other ball of yarn!! AND - I started my plum GCNI socks! See - I am trying to live in the moment and not waste precious minutes!! I am also trying to focus on the activity/event at hand. To many times I do not pay attention as to how I got from point A to point B! Concentration is difficult when there are to many distractions. Now - if I could just figure out a way to spin & type at the same time!! TAG ME ... you are it!

Wednesday, September 04, 2002

I am fascinated with this Weather Pixie!! I chose this 'weather girl' (# 7 for those who are interested) since I felt she resembled me. The area to which she is forcasting the weather - Block Island!! Call me crazy, but I view this is an affirmation in my progression to actually living there one day. Now - if I need a 'pick me' up - I tab into my BloG - and there I am on Block Island. "Weather Girl' # 7 seems to like being there - doesn't she? I highly recommend these Weather Pixies - they are a great source of giggles! Tonight - I hope to finish my last bobbin of singles of the plum GCNI - and I hope to ply it too. Now- that I have increased my goals to include several items for The Ships Project every moment is more precious than ever. I even brought my spindle to work and got some spinning done at my break time. There is no time like the present to get all those things you want done accomplished ... we really do make a difference each day! Let's give everything we do - our best shot! TAG ME ... you are it!!

Tuesday, September 03, 2002

Today was kind of a 'catch up' day for me after the long weekend. Laundry, groceries, vaccuming - the mundane things that I sometimes take for granted. I am trying to focus more on each task. On every little thing that comes along - who knows when something might change! I think that is why I joined a new volunteer group today. The Ships Project is a grass roots campaign to ensure that our military has warm woolies to wear! I spin - I knit - I have a husband who doesn't like wool - so why not make sure that those who are far away from home - fighting for our freedoms - stay warm. I am inspired after the volunteer effort that transpired on Spindler's for the homeless vets. So many people need help on a daily basis - it is just a matter of choosing to assist. I don't think to many of us have the power to change the world completely - but, I do believe that small amounts of change help not only those in need - but help us to re-evaluate our own lives. So - in addition to my 4 pair of Christmas socks - I would also like to add 2 pair of slippers, a pair of socks and a scarf for The Ships Project! Yikes - I must start spinning - the cold weather is approaching our service men & women as I type!! (I did set the twist in my plum GCNI skein! YAY!! Hmmm - all those lovely natural colors of wool that I have in rubber maids will be perfect for this effort!! Didn't I say another one of my goals was to decrease my stash by one bin?? Serendipity - got to LOVE it!!) TAG ME ... you are it!!

Monday, September 02, 2002

As this three day weekend is winding down to a close - I am looking forward to the adventures that the Fall season will bring. Fall is my most favorite time of year! I love wearing wool sweaters & socks; scarves & mittens! l love spinning & knitting near the wood stove & on the warmer days using my drop spindle while sitting under the leaf-less cherry tree! Today - while others mourn the final days of summer - I rejoice & welcome the chillier nights & the frosty mornings! Since it rained all day today - I felt very productive!! I completed & posted a KLAUDETTE art piece as well as plying the plum GCNI wool that was on my wheel. Here is a peek at what will be a second pair of Christmas socks!

Although the twist still needs to be set - the particulars of this skein are 2 ply, 16 wpi, 128 yards. This week I hope to complete the second skein of this colorway as well as to begin knitting the socks. Speaking of socks - Saturday I wore socks that were hand knit by my friend Stasia ... my feet were wrapped in rainbows! Thanks Stas!! Yesterday - I wore the socks I hand spun & knit from some green GCNI! See - I am REALLY celebrating the Fall! TAG ME ... you are it!