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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

I scored BIG TIME this Christmas! Woo-WHOO!

It does help when one buys their own gifties! DH is *good* ... but, never would he or could he purchase knitting or spinning goodies. Enter MOI!

Since I will be learning fair isle this year - might as well DIVE IN head first!


And - if you would be so kind as to CLICK for the animals - I would be as happy as an Elf swimming in NOG!! Merci!
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Sunday, December 25, 2005


Here is hoping that Santa left dreams in your stocking for a wonderfully Kreative New Year! Ho! Ho! HO!

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

So, are you ready for your Holiday Celebrations?

I am getting there - although I have 101 ideas rolling in my head for next year. Truly, what is up with that?? I will be diving head first into fair isle in 2006. (At least as this writing, that is my intent.) Time changes feelings & desires. (Never mind the fact that I have 72 hats to go!)

But - look what my Secret Spindler Pal sent me!!! A Beautiful Spinnable from Grafton Fibers. Isn't it lovely? Won't this colorway look FABulous in fair isle?

Thank you so much SSP .... it an especially glorious gift since these books are finding their way under my tree!

There is still much to do in the 4 days remaining. But, there is always time to CLICK to help animals in need. (Thanks!)

Comments, please!

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Things have been hectic. After all Christmas is just around the corner - there is still much to do! But, how I love the excitement and anticipation!!!

With all the running to and fro - I am beginning to feel like I *might* not accomplish my goal of 100 hats for Dulaan!! I figured that I should do 3 a week (minimum) in order to make the shipping deadline. This week, I have only been able to complete one! MoMMa Mia ... may the hat gods be with me!!

At least I only have one more Christmas giftie to do. One of those 'fun fur' scarves for my niece ... other than that, DH's hat is finis! (Remember, I spun the black blend yarn out of our doggie's fur?? AND - speaking of doggie fur - if you would be so kind as to click HERE - it helps animals in need! ) Well - here is DH's new chapeau - Comments, please!

Friday, December 09, 2005

HaPpY Friday to everyone. We are in the midst of a snowstorm - and I am absolutely delighted. What a glorious way to start the weekend! I know there are those who prefer warmer climates and sultry breezes - but, give me a good old fashioned
N'OReaster anyday! (Well, maybe except for Christmas!)

Speaking of Christmas .... for those searching for a gift for the knitter/dog lover ... you must get this Calendar! How cute ... pups posing for charity as well as wee doggie knitted sweaters!

And, while I am mentioning pups - please click HERE! It is fast, FREE, and it sure does help!

Now, just to let you know I haven't been swilling the NOG (all week .... ggg!) ... I completed my 21st hat for Dulaan AND I spun this dandy! "An Angel's Nightgown" contains shredded bits of vintage linens and it is HUGE .... Comments, Please!

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Last week, I finished my 20th hat for Dulaan! I am *really* excited. Tonight - I will spin as I just learned, 8 fleeces are to arrive from the processor ANY day now. MoMMa Mia!

Yes ... I should be dyEing & carding. But, to make room in the studio - one must decrease the stash!! So, I will spin, in order to knit. Not so bad.

But, in a shameless self-plug ...AND - for your viewing pleasure .... I would like to present Sliding Down Stars!
I am drawing your attention to my fiber art as I am donating 5% of my sales to Noah's Wish. If you scroll down on the left side of my BloG - you will notice that in 2004, I donated $300+ to Heifer International. In 2005, $300 to Southeast Llama Rescue. I am stuck in the 300's ... so *this* year - I want to kick fiber butt!! I want to donate MORE!! It is always a good time to cyber-shop! Retail therapy, anyone?? Comments - please!

Friday, December 02, 2005

To start off this message - I ask that you CLICK to help the animals!! Thanks!

Now for the post!! December is here!! I am excited as I LOVE Christmas! Over the last few years, I have been searching for ways to recapture that feeling of Christmas from childhood. After school, I would always check under the tree to see if MoM had added any new presents. I knew the location of each brightly wrapped box - and if there was movement (ie: more gifts added!) - I knew.

Since I am the one who now adds those brightly wrapped boxes .... I still know the locations to which they reside. This year, I will find mitten kits AND hat kits all in fair isle! I am still shopping .... WhEEE! ... and still searching for the *magic*!

I was HaPpY to learn that I was a winner in Christine's Thankful Contest! .... surprises are coming! YiPpEE!!

This week I happened to finish my 18th hat for Dulaan!! I am making all different sizes to accomodate all sized heads. Maybe if I conquer fair isle - I can do fancy mittens next year. But, I digress - this year is all about the HATS and I am loving using my handspun! Pictured is hat #18 with a freshly spun skein of romney wool and silk .... comments, please!

Monday, November 28, 2005

The Thanksgiving Holiday was full of family, fun and turkey! Knitting too! I finished up my 15th hat for Dulaan. In thinking about the 85 more ... it is a wee bit overwhelming, but, I breathe and think about all the warmth I will be providing for those who need it most. I have used over 3 POUNDS of hand spun. Good thing too ... look what arrived on my doorstep!

Faith is a registered Navajo Churro sheepie!! Soft is not the word one usually uses when describing Churro, but, Faith is just that! Methinks I am in love!

Since it is Cyber-shopping Monday how about a little Seaweed Stroll? (While 3 pounds of hand spun *may* seem like a lot ... I estimate that I have 30-40 pounds of wool in studio! - Still plenty to dYe and card!) ;)

(If you could .... please click HERE to help an animal in need. It is FREE!)
Comments .... please!

Thursday, November 24, 2005

HaPpY Thanksgiving to one and all. Even though it is a holiday typically celebrated in the US - we can all quiet our lives for a moment to give thanks to our High Power!

"Thank YOU"! (for family, for friends, for health, for animals, for food and warmth and shelter! AND the amazing first snow that is happening as I type!)

While realizing how truly blessed I am ... I have given myself a goal. (Actually, I prefer the word challenge as I always reward myself when I over come one!) My challenge??? To knit 100 hats for Dulaan prior to the collection date of July 2006. Now that it is in writing and posted to the Universe ... I must start knitting post haste!!

I don't know what I will reward myself with yet .... who has time to think of such things when I have hats to knit!!

(Quick side note: please click HERE to help the Animals for FREE!)

I would also like to take a moment to say a huge "THANK YOU" to my
Spindler Secret Pal! Just look at the wonderful hand spun merino that she spun just for me!! In red, white & blue .... YiPpEE SkiPpEE .... NE Patriots colors! (Not to worry SSP .... I will treasure these skeins for myself .... I am thinking 'scarf'!) And candy to too .... awesome!
HaPpY Thanksgiving to YOU! Commment .... please!

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Heroes pass thru lives our lives daily - silently, without notice. We are BOMBarded with doom & gloom - that is what sells, that is what titillates. My hero for the week: Painesville (OH) Municipal Court Judge Michael A. Cicconetti. What a perfect sentence for an stupid, stupid person! Bravo, Judge Cicconetti!!

AND ... you know how I mentioned if I found a perfect 'gift' for the UP coming holidays I would pass the info to you?? Well, check out Native Energy! They fight global warming by keeping tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) pollution out of the air. Peruse the website - you can even figure out your 'carbon footprint'. Buy a snazzy card for $15 and keep a whole TON of carbon dioxide out of the air. Woo-WHOO!

Finally, here are my 10 (thus far) hats for Dulaan. All are my handspun, some have a few snippets of commerical product in them, but, all in all ... they totally hand made! Does a soul good to help a fellow human! Comments, please!

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

I have just begun my 10th hat for The Dulaan Project. With each hat I complete - my DH says "Where is Mine?" Now, truth be told, he has never wanted anything I have knit before. No sox! No sweaters! No scarves! No mittens! But, these hats! .... He is enthralled with them!

Not that I mind. After all, I am using double stranded handspun, they are Xtra Xtra warm. So, in the quest of marital bliss (and a Christmas gift!) I have decided to knit DH a hat!

Not just any hat mind you - but one that contains my Motu's fur. I carded some of her coat into some wonderful, naturally black shetland/suffolk x. Notice the before and after pix .... I have 5 oz to play with. In reality, it is more black than the photo shows. Guess I went a little crazy with the flash! Comments .... please!

Friday, November 11, 2005

Today, in the US - It is Veteran's Day. Thank you to all the service men & women who have served and are still serving!! I admire you - you inspire me! I thank your families too - the difficulties their hearts bear daily is courageous to say the least.

I will knit today on another Dulaan hat, and my "Sweet Mary Jane". My mind will wander (as it always does) to the
Flickering Flames skirt . I am SO tempted .... but I am also in the mood to SPIN!!! Are you??The Wild Haired Fairy Wonder is looking for a good home! Comments, please!

Friday, November 04, 2005

The Winter Holidays are FAST approaching - and while I may not be the world's most patient shopper - I like to think of myself as a shopper with conscience!

So - in my cyber-meanderings - if I find something that just beckons me to stand up & take notice - I feel it is my consumer duty to inform you of same!! Heck, we all need to purchase (and donate) gifts - I guess it just makes more sense to me to purchase from a company who's capitalistic ideals also include dreams of making the world a wee bit better.

Today, I bring you Zimbawe Twin Dolls! For $15 US - you not only get an amazing gift made by a cooperative of mothers with disabled children - a child in need in Zimbabwe gets a doll too!

Ready, Set .... Shop!! Comments, please!

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

FINIS! Yes ... I am finished with the Pocket Aran Shawl!! I will admit to loving it ... even though it will be sans pockets. It is not that I don't like the pockets, I just envision myself leaving a trail of chap sticks and tissues when I carelessly toss it over my shoulders. The color of the Peace Fleece used is "Buffalo Browniski" ... I used 7 skeins, but if I had chosen to do the pockets - 8 would have been needed.

Doesn't the scarf look marvy with it, too??

Now, onto other things .... like the Sweet Mary Jane Cardigan. Casted on last night in the "Vineyard" colorway. What a difference in yarn ... from worsted to lace! MoMMa Mia!!

In closing today, I would like to draw your attention to an animal abuse case in GA. The particulars can be found at the Petition Site and 500 signatures are wanted in order to throw the book at this individual. Animal cruelty needs to be enforced - so .... if you would be most kind - I will point you HERE!! Thanks! Comments .... please!

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Things have been a bit slow for me this week. While I have wanted to do more - the body has said 'no thank you'. Not that I am holed up in bed, but aches and pains are more prevalent than they used to be. A sign of winter on the horizon? A sign of age creeping up my spine? A sign of to much chill and dampness the last 2 weeks?? Hmmm ..... one wonders.

The best intentions sometimes fall by the wayside in times like these. I wasn't able to dye and card as much as I would have liked, but I did get to play with some Sari Silk!! YuMMy!! Quiet comfort on a damp day. This colorway is actually called
Out of This World!

But, wool aside - one thing I can do in the chilly dampness with sore legs & a bad back is to march for a good cause . Got to love descending on the Capital in droves to make a statement!! Join me in letting those in power understand that Global Warming should only mean knitting sweaters & blankets for those in need. Comments, please!

Friday, October 21, 2005

I completed my lacey scarf!!!

It took me a week - and the final measurements (blocked) are 9" x 74". I still have about a half a ball left of 'Portrait' - just didn't want the scarf OVERly long. My wish is for a piece which compliments - not OVERpowers!

Now, all I must do is to finish the Pocket Aran!

I am also in a quest to spin AND card a pound of wool each week. So far, not even close. (My closest totals being 14.4 oz spun & 5.8 oz carded.) Don't cha just love challenges??

I leave you a picture of Miss Lace. Comments, please!

Monday, October 17, 2005

In addition to the Pocket Aran Shawl and it's Lacy Scarf counterpart, both on the needles, I have been spinning. I have tried to devote at least an hour a day to it. My wheel feels loved, I am producing some wonderful skeins and it is decreasing the wool stash. Granted, I haven't even made a dent in the 'wool pile' as of yet, but, at least I *feel* better and DH sees some tangible evidence that I am working on deSTASHing. (Yes - that does mean I will buy more!)

This is what I did over the weekend:

Add that to my basket of skeins that need to be dyed and/or 'twist set' - and MoMMa Mia .... I am looking a tad productive! Comments ... please!

Friday, October 14, 2005

Last night - I just HAD to start something new. I had just finished plying a 3.8 oz skein of a marvelous silk & wool blend and I just couldn't bring myself to work on the Pocket Aran Shawl.

I still have 9 pattern repeats - so I *am* closing in on it's completion - but I just wasn't into *it* last night. Enter the Lace Scarf to match said shawl!

What can I say?? It was something new, a different texture, a way different pattern and since I am only using 27 stitches on sized 10 needles ... this baby will be done in a flash! I love the Artful Yarns / Portrait that I am using. What colorways! I indulged in Fazio's Mistress - oo la la!!

The EZ PZ lace pattern can be found HERE.

How many of these things do I *need* anyway??? The colors are so YuMMy!! Comments .... please!

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

While it has been dark, dreary and rainy for almost a week, I think it is important to keep focused on being creative. It is easy to wallow in the drudgery. Not much inspiration to be had when color is no where to be seen. It is very grey outside!

Yes - I have been dyEing and carding wool. That lends to sparks of color - but I needed a quick fix!

Today, I purchased the BEST book for sketching. (No - not colorful now, but *think* of the possibilities!!) It is leather bound with hand made paper. While a tad on the chunky side - it's rustic beauty has blown me away. It looks as though it is straight out of DaVinci's era and as soon as my new pencils arrive - DaVinci, move over!! I feel some major artwork coming on!! Barnes & Noble .... who knew there were such treasures?? Comments ... please!

Friday, October 07, 2005

I am in WICKED destash mode. I think it is because I am more into "spring cleaning" in the fall. Of course, this is due to the fact that once the cold and snows arrive, I huddle by the wood stove and play with fiber.

Suffice to say, I just don't like to be in hibernation with a bunch of clutter.

Not that I am admitting that tidbits of left over yarn and bags of wool are clutter - I am just thinking that I am claustrophobic and it has got to go. (Shearing season *will* be here again before I know it!)

The Dulaan Project is working wonders for me. Some charities specifically want knitted items to be made of acrylics. As a spinner ... no can do. I have to much wool. Therefore, I am knitting away with 2 strands of wool! I like to say it is because it produces a warmer item but, truth be told, I am also thinking of the destash factor. Admittedly, I LOVE the color schemes that get produced - free spirited colorways that take no prisoners.

I will be keeping a destash total under my "Dulaan" tally on the left side of my BloG. So far .... 3 hats ... just over 8 oz used. Currently, I am knitting a scarf with left over Peace Fleece and sock yarn .... makes a fun sculpture don't you think?? .... Comments, please!

Monday, October 03, 2005

Back from sabbatical!!

It was fun and relaxing AND I had a 'lightbulb' moment. Seems that I am spending way to much time doing things other than creating. Well, D'uh!

In some respects, day to day living can bring tidbits of inspiration. Words or pictures can strike a chord within and rise to become a masterpiece. But, day to day living can get in the way of JOY - it goes without saying *that* happens only if it is allowed.

Being on sabbatical is a necessary component to my muse. While I may not be able to take them often, having an "Artist Day" weekly (as per Julia Cameron) seems like a given.

(Just for the record though ... I did spin almost a pound of wool AND I knit 3 watch caps for The Dulaan Project last week! WhEEEEE!)

Hey, did you happen to see THIS? Sigh ... it is in the queue! Commments .... please!

Friday, September 23, 2005

There is nothing better than a fibery sabbatical!! That is just what I will be doing in the coming week .... spinning, knitting on the Aran Pocket Shawl, dabbling in a few items for The Dulaan Project!! I *need* to do this. No carding - no dyEing - just total playing!!

Nothing says Fiber Sabbatical like a big box o'fiber!! Mr. UPS man .... thanks so much for a wonderful "Bon Voyage" pressie!! I think everyone needs to get a Palette Sampler of their very own!! This box is just shy of 2 FEET in length ... YiPpEE!!! See ya next week - this is going to be one serious sabbatical!!

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Last week, I carded 18 oz of wool, and I spun over 9 oz. I like being productive. It is a tad ironic that we amass such fiber stashes, only to look forward to a decrease in their size. But, in life's scheme of things, wool and yarn seem harmless enough. I mean, to my knowledge, none of this stuff has ever come to life.

Progress has also been made on the Aran Pocket Shawl! I actually visited a yarn shop this weekend, and purchased some "Artful Yarn, Portrait" in the "Fazio's Mistress" colorway. (How can you not LOVE the name??) This is going to highlight the fuschia and orange tidbits in the "Buffalo Browniski", Peace Fleece. Not only that, I am going to love the contrast between delicate and lacy against the textured worsted background! ... Check it out:

I still have a bit of work to do on the shawl .... let's just say 17 more repeats (each repeat is 18 rows.) Busy! Busy! Busy!!

Should I mention I have fallen in love with this Sweater ??? Comments ... please!

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

YAY ... The SALEing pages have some new additions. WhEEEE!!!

Of course, I have been busy - mostly spinning. And while I do believe it is mostly 'nervous energy' from all that has been going on in the world, it does get the job done: the stash gets minimized and there is more wool yarn to be made into warm garments for those who need it. The spindles even came out to play!!

The top spindle - my Kauri wood is spinning some cashmere and silk. The bottom spindle, is my Moosie Bossie - with the nocila shaft. This is spinning my 'carding leftovers' from > Rock, Paper, Scissors ! It is almost WEB-like!
Both spindles are 2 of my favorites, aren't they pretty??

AND ... my Spin-Off arrived yesterday! I must admit - these hats are going to make REALLY warm additions for The Dulaan Project! Time to start spinning some chubby yarns!

While there is still much to talk about in the South - I prefer to add continued prayers and blessings to all the folks who have been touched by Katrina. There has been much sadness and negativity - and it continues - but I trust that the Light will over power the Darkness. The glow of Goodness overshadows those who choose to make matters worse whether it be 'bolstering their own agendas' or stealing ones credit card number! Light! Light! Light!! That is what I choose to see!

Speaking of Light .... did you all know about this??
Auction by Interweave?? It will benefit the Red Cross!! YiPpEE SkiPpEE! I feel a bid or 2 coming on! :) Comments ....please!

Thursday, September 08, 2005

I ask you to stop by and visit my friend Stasia ... it is her Birthday today! HaPpY Birthday mon amie!!

While I haven't been overly productive this week, I did manage to do several wash cloths for "Katrina" survivors. Cloths for Katrina is a great way to show our fellow humans that we care. It is a small way - but one that is personal and unique.

Birdsong was interested in seeing how I was weaving my wash cloths. Using either Lion Brand Cotton or Sugar N'Cream ... these Hazel Rose Looms make quick work of a much needed item. They are wonderful to use .... I gave quite a few as gifts last year!

Today, I also posted a Member's Only Special on my YahOO Group - do you like hand painted yarns and wonderfully prepared artisian spinning batts??? Methinks you should join and check it out!! ;) Comments .... please!

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

I was busy this weekend! I love 3 day weekends - I wove wash cloths for Katrina survivors! I knit a Breast Cancer Awareness wash cloth for a friend who is hosting a 'movie night' at her house in order to collect donations for her upcoming 'walk'! And, I spun! Got to LOVE doing everything in the name of giving to others.

I dyed the lincoln/merino x roving in wonderful warm colors: red, yellow and orange. Doesn't it look wonderful, blowing in the sea breeze??

Of course, the colors just blended wonderfully, still looking crisp and bright!

Check out the fun coils!! This is destined to be part of a hat for The Dulaan Project !

Life is sweet ... especially when helping your fellow humans.
Comments .... Please!

Thursday, September 01, 2005

What do tomatoes, a book and money have in common? Katrina.

I grew the tomatoes, organically, in my garden. Last week, I brought the same colander into work- overflowing - indulging my colleagues with fresh, glorious fruit! Today, I walked in with an envelope and a note saying "Did you like the tomatoes?? ... Donations gladly accepted for the 260 animals moved from the LSPCA to Houston before Katrina hit - Please help them". I netted $30 that will be forwarded to Houston!! (Thanks Stas for spreading the word!)

The book?? "Out of Harm's Way" by Terri Crisp. This is a must read for all animal lovers. In fact .... Terri's organization Noah's Wish is in constant need. It is a 'no-brainer' ... this will be The Knotty Sheep's charity of choice for the coming year.

Maybe tomatoes are a small way to help ... but today, it was my way. Comments ... please!!

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

My mind has been wrapped around lace! I am eagerly awaiting a book or 2 from Amazon and I just joined The Summer of Lace YahOO group. Just to learn and to be a silent observer until I plunge into the depths of lacedom!

Before I do that - I feel the need to organize and use up some of my stash. I guess I need to declutter before the small needles and even smaller charted patterns come out to play.

Being a small fiber biz - I 'guess-timate' that I have approx. 100 pounds of clean wool here and there. Over the week, I have been spinning & plying odds and ends of fibers that have taken root on bobbins and spindles. These will become wonderful warm woolies for charities!

The Dulaan Project 2006; The B/CC for Afghanistan; and The Helmet Heads - just to name a few. There is a zillion organizations looking for and needing volunteers!

These skeins were my project last night! Don't you think they will make a great hat?? Comments .... please!

Monday, August 29, 2005

I managed to do a bit on the Aran Pocket Shawl over the weekend. YAY ... especially since I am seeing a TON of other projects I want to start - NOW!!

Lois commented: Is the Peace Fleece scratchy at all or is it soft to touch... Well, I happen to LOVE Peace Fleece, the sheepiness of it; the durability; and the colors!! Those saturated, eye-popping colors - OOO La LA!! But, softness isn't really a word I would use to describe this yarn. It is sturdy and most excellent for outer wear. I plan to wear this shawl OVER sweaters. I would also like to knit a scarf & mitts to compliment this colorway ... it has the slighest tidbits of fuschia and orange! Can one be a DIVA with mittens??

Do you like to sail?? Oops ... I mean SALE?? The Sheep at the Beach now has SALEing pages! The studio is getting an overhaul and Stasia came up with the idea to add some goodies on the BloG! Well, a whole new BloG has been created! It is time to set SALE ... the maiden voyage has begun!! Comments - please!

Friday, August 26, 2005

The Aran Pocket Shawl is coming along nicely. I do like the texture - an interesting 'woven' pattern is developing. While the photo doesn't really 'show' the nice ridges, the Peace Fleece yarn holds the pattern quite well. This is going to be one warm an sturdy shawl. (Color: Buffalo Browniski.)

As far as Illustration Friday goes - suffice to say, my inner critic was running at warp speed last week. To many starts, stops, and throw aways. My recycle bin over flowth with sketches that were mediocre at best. Hopefully, I will do better *this* week.

Last Friday, the goal was 'Reflection'. While I didn't do an illustration, I did snap this photo .... Comments - please.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

My third ClaPpY is finis! I will post a photo once it is all blocked. Yes, I will be blocking it as this is for my MoM. MoM is a no nonsense kind of gal ... no curling-in edges for her.

Now, my focus is on the Aran Pocket Shawl, worked in Peace Fleece, from the Folk Shawls book by Cheryl Oberle. This is my first shawl from this collection.

The pattern itself is EZ PZ - my frustration lies in the proof reading. While I typically follow written directions over the charts provided (thanks NAN for hitting me upside the head with a wet skein on the 'bennies' of chart reading) - in this case, even the errata on Interweave's website is incorrect. Sigh ... I am kind of nuts about throwing out good money over books that have boo-boos in them. Publishers ... please don't be in such a hurry to make a buck that you cause grey hairs and sore heads over patterns that don't make sense. AND - don't assume we all want to follow the charts - "as it *is* our safest bet to sanity and a properly finished piece!" If that is the case - why include written directions? - to cause anxiety and divorce? Husbands don't like to be stabbed with knitting needles gone awry. MoMMa Mia!

On a brighter note .... I lowered the prices on my Be Knotty apparel! Feel like being shoppie? Everyone needs at least ONE spindle spinning sheepie shirt! Comments .... please - methinks I need some wine!

Monday, August 22, 2005

YiPpEE SkiPpEE ... I finished a pair of sox! Yes - they are for MOI! I LOVE hand knit wool sox. Aren't these fun?? They are dyEd in my Cocktails on Nantucket colorway. I am totally looking forward to cooler temperatures ... 'cocktails wearing wool' is sounding REALLY good to me after WAY to many days in the 90's!

My dear friend
Stasia has me thinking of lace, lace, lace! A delicate wrap covering my shoulders in the Fall seems pretty ideal. While I still have to finish my third ClaPpY - I am wondering what I should do next - there are so many wonderful shawls/stole patterns from which to choose. Hmmm ... a point to ponder!

Naturally, I have yet to finish my piece for Illustration Friday. I am stymied for some reason. Wish me luck - I plan to keep plugging away at it!

Have a ZEN day ... tags and comments - please!

Friday, August 19, 2005

Got to LOVE surprises!! Thanks Jean for the awesome stitch markers!! Aren't they most adorable???

Today is Illustration Friday - this is my first Friday. Hopefully, my creative muse will get jumpstarted! Join me in illustrating "Reflection"?? Have a zen day .... Tags and comments, please!

Thursday, August 18, 2005

I KNOW you guys can relate ... whether it is new fibers or yarns, spindles or wheels, pattern books or needles ... sometimes we just WANT. We WANT for a variety of reasons ... to have, to hold, to love and sometimes we just fall hard.

That is where I am with "Cameron".

I want him: to have, to hold, to love.

I am trying to be realistic as my other 2 beasties might not agree with my strong attraction to this dog. "Cameron" is up for adoption. Please inquire at Great Dog Rescue of New England. (Apologies to them for 'borrowing' their photo, but I WANT this pup to have the *bestest* home ever!)

I hope you WANT to have, to hold and to love him forever too ... If YOU can - can *I* be his 'Fairy Dog Mother'? (Just for the record, if I was his - I would REname him "BlueFish" - Long story ... ) Tags and comments ... I need some tissues!

Monday, August 15, 2005

Please forgive my blatant boast: I am in LOVE with my latest fiber arrivals!!

For those who have tried my "Kitchen Sink Batts - you know that I find some pretty interesting fibers to play with. Looking for plain or even rainbow rovings?? - I don't have them. If your looking for something on *the edge*, say, some Curly Horse fiber??? Toy Pony - is for you!! Neat huh??? It is my quest for EWEniqueness, that has me doing 'reconn' for interesting breeds.

That is why I am in LOVE with "LeAnn" and "Venus". The former is a teeswater/wensleydale x and the later is a wensleydale/rambo x. AND - in my dare-devilness, I tried a different fiber processor!! Bonnie did an OUTstanding job on these rovings!!! WOW!

Check them out ... Here is to a ZEN day! Tags and comments .... Please!

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Being on 'auto-pilot' is a safety net without sensory experiences. They (not that I know who *they* are!) say it takes 28 days to break a habit ... oh boy! I am going to be 'stichin & bitchin' until mid-September when I become a total Dare-Devil! I am hoping that with each new found experience ... a subtle glow will over come me - just like Monica on the TV show "Touched By an Angel" in the closing 10 minutes.

Tonight - I tried something new in the produce section of my supermarket. I had recently read in a cooking magazine to try something NEW with each vist: a new spice, a new fruit, a new SOMETHING! It will expand KNOWLEDGE! Hey, what do *I* know??

Monstera Deliciosa was my first attempt at Dare-Devilness. One would think I should have found this website before hacking into the poor, unsuspecting fruit with a machete. Needless to say - the fruit was UNripe, I swear it burnt my face (I keep checking for either blisters or rash) and it was promptly disposed of in my compost bucket. MoM would be horrified - I actually spit!

Guess to be an official Dare-Devil - one must make a feeble attempt at research before FLYing.

This past weekend was also my 3rd BloG Birthday! WOW ... 3 whole years of web journaling ... amazing. Of course, no Bday can be complete without gifts - so I attended a local Cultural Survival Festival and purchased YARN! Not just any yarn - but yarn with a purpose. This yarn was dYed with 'prickly pear' cactus and spun from Churro sheepies. The Migrations site has a host of weavings, jewelry, wool, and fiber tools awaiting YOU. Of course, it all helps the Navajo, and it continues a vital way of life for their cultural survival. My skein was spun by Betty Nez ... Thank YOU, Betty for this gorgeous art form!

Here is to a ZEN day! Hmmm - wonder what 'prickly pear' tastes like?? Tags and comments .... Please!

Monday, August 08, 2005

Recent events this past week have me thinking of 'mortality' and how most
of us go thru life on 'auto pilot'. Not really experiencing - just doing. Even though the last few days were ones of prayers and wishes - they were also filled with the slighest tinges of "I could have done more". Lucky for me, I have the opportunity to do so - I have been blessed with "more time" with someone very special. I hope that you take that extra few minutes that you have every day and cherish someone with them. "Time" is truly *the* best of gifts!

Got time for a new 4 footed friend?? Goliath needs a forever home! Don't you just want to hug the big lug?? If you are so inclined ... spread the word that this soul needs the chance at a forever love.

And while the subject of 'auto-pilot' was briefly mentioned above ... I am breaking free of my 'box'. You know what I am talking about ... the 'safe' Sox! The 'perennial' scarf! The mittens with the funky thumbs! Not to say there is anything wrong with those -- I am just loosening the Yarns That Bind! Since I am putting the brakes on my 'auto-pilot' and becoming a newbie dare devil... Look what I ordered today:
Holey Moley .... I am feeling faint! The air is thinner up here in Dare Devil Land!
TAGS and Comments .... Please!

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

You may be surprised to learn that I have never owned a yarn swift. Only recently did I make the plunge of 'procurement'. I now own my very own swift!

It didn't take much deliberation on my part. The taller, umbrella looking things scare me - so they weren't an option. (I imagine that if Stephen King ever chooses to do a knitting horror movie - those umbrella things would come to life and create some unimaginable terror for us fiber folk!!)

So ... I chose a Mama Bear Table Swift. Love it! Love it! Love it!

Yes - you do need 'table room' for it ... but it works wonderfully. I have been 'balling up' everything in site. Heck, if those umbrella things ever do come to life - my army of yarn balls will take care of them post haste!

On the swift?? ... Brooks Farm Duet, Biscayne Bay colorway for the third ClaPpY!!

TAGS and Comments .... Please! (Oh, by the way, I have recently found out that FREE tag boards - like mine - have a pop up embedded somewhere in it's code. I am still trying to find the little bugger!)

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Well, I finally did it! I am jumping out of my comfort zone and boldly going where I have never been before. It is time for me to don the coveralls, move slowly away from the spinning wheel and paint! I am not talking about my walls, which are weeping ever so gently... quietly desiring a fresh coat ... I am talking acrylics! Pallettes! Easels! Brushes!

Besides playing with fiber - did you know dabble in pastels?? - Time to broaden my horizons - My NEW acrylics will be here within a week - I can't wait to play. I leave you with a pastel I did a while ago ... this is "Miss Nell". TAGS and Comments .... please!

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Simplistic thought of the day ... but how profound when the US is in a HEAT wave! TAGS and COMMENTS .... Please!

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

I have been looking at all the doggies available for adoption on my BloG! My DH receives at least a half dozen URLs a day (from me) with photos filled with the most soulful, yearning eyes. Truly - you can almost feel the tails wagging in the hopes that these deserving animals find a good, loving homes. I encourage you all to place a
PetFinder Banner on your BloGs and websites.

I would adopt them ALL ... but, the 2 pooches who reside with us are enough to handle. That is part of loving them - knowing when you can't take care of another soul. Our eldest, has become a Special Needs dog. She needs assistance for even one stair as she is arthritic and suffice to say - her back legs just don't work as well as they used too. She 'sees' the basics - but, we know her eyesight is beginning to fail. Overall, she is happy and 'healthy' AND she still keeps us on our toes. She is our elder fur baby - one whom commands the respect and appreciation of any 'lady of a certain age'.

Can you identify the pictured fiber?? It is difficult to be sure! Tiny clumps of short stapled fiber just waiting to be blended with wool. TAA DAA - it is
CURLY HORSE fiber! I purchased it a while back, and the monies went to Curly Horse Rescue. Let's take care of our animal friends ... "The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated." Gandhi. TAGs and COMMENTs ... Please!

Monday, July 25, 2005

I have been enjoying a rediscovery, as it were, of my spindles. I admit it - for the *most* part - I am a Wheel kind of girl! Love both the speed and production. Spindles are slow - the amount of time needed to complete sufficient yardage can be tantamount to watching paint dry. Most days - I like the instant gratification of a wheel.

The spindle *does* provide the tried and true mobility that is SO important during these summer months. When it is HOT, I can take a spindle under the shade of the grape arbor and enjoy the sun playing tag with the leaves while inhaling the intoxicating scent of new born grapes. I guess slowing down is what the spindle is all about!

So, I applaud you, O humble spindle! And while my wheel has never seen the inside of the Fleet Center - suffice to say, my Hatchtown has!! Besides, 'baby skeins' are SO cute! TAGS and COMMENTS .... please!

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Give me 20 below any day! I can handle it ... wind, snow, freezing rain, ice. I can take it stride. If I get cold, I don't turn up the heat - I reach for another sweater - or another pair of hand knitted socks. But this humidity?? ... I am totally melting. (I am crabby, tired and with very flat hair too!)

But - I knit on!! I finished the socks out of my
Wandering Wizard colorway. What can I say?? I love using a simple stockinette stitch on varigated yarns ... it adds excitement to an otherwise boring stitch!!

I also started the "Misty Garden" Scarf from the book Scarf Style. The yarn is another one of my (dyEing) BOO-BOOs. I really like the way it looks. Doesn't it remind you of a "Tequila Sunrise"? TAGS and COMMENTS .... please!

Monday, July 18, 2005

First, I must apologize! The harder I try to keep, the more I tread in a sea of fiber. I guess my ISP spam filter works well, really well. Out of approx 25 tags & comments left at this BloG - I may see 2. Yep ... that is all folks. I do try to peek to make sure I am not missing anyone - but, sometimes I do. Sigh .... If you don't hear back from me - I am not ignoring you - I just didn't realize you paid me a visit.

Want to know what makes my heart pound as quickly as a good fiber?? Cheese!! I love cheese! Not the presliced, cello-wrapped polyester stuff you find in the grocery store ... not even the "Cabot" quarters or "Kraft" specials ... I mean, pure artisan cheeses that reflect a commitment to the art of cheesemaking as well an unadulterated way of life.

These were my conquests this weekend (clockwise, beginning with the orange wedge):Mimolette;Piave Vecchio; Westcombe Cheddar, Red and Midnight Moon.

Of course, I didn't finish all of them .... well, suffice to say, the "Mimolette" est finis! TAGS and COMMENTS .... please!

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

What to do when a dye experiment runs amuck??? KNIT!!

I recently did a colorway that was less than exciting to me ... didn't do anything for my inner fiber child. I surely was NOT going to sell it at The Knotty Sheep nor was I about to throw it out. (Although, I was tempted.) .... I figured socks were the way to go.

I threw caution to the wind and started to knit - hoping that they *would* fit. I can always use socks for these sized 10 beasties! If they didn't fit, I trusted that they would make their way to some deserving soul. Well, unbeknownest to me ... the fiber gremlins were working overtime - think double time and a half! Not only did they fit me perfectly ... I LOVED the colorway AND I just had to recreate it. (I *did* too - the skein is drying!) What do you think of the name Wayward Wizard?? In fact, what do you think about the color?? BTW - the second sock has already been started ... YiPpEE!! TAGS and comments .... Please!

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

I survived the FOURTH and all of it's glory: the fireworks (Diesel hates them!); the guests (the one bathroom thing has got to go!) and cooking for a small (ravenous) army. I shudder to think about how much was actually consumed, both food and alcohol - but I am happy to report I was crowned with the best of titles: "Martini Goddess" ... I see a new colorway in my future with that name!

I was pleased that my new doormat had arrived given the lack of deliveries. The "Sheep at the Beach" needs a doormat made out of remnants from the flip flop industry. I will actually be using it as a large bathmat ... Check it out! I feel better knowing that I am keeping something out of the landfills - especially since the "Martini Goddess" emptied a few bottles (hiccup!)

Lucky for me - I finished the second ClaPpY prior to the whole "Holiday BREW Ha-Ha"!
It is made from a limited edition colorway from Brooks Farm . Sherry says she will be taking this colorway on the road ... I say ... Frequent flyer miles - here I come!! TAGS or COMMENTS .... Please!

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

One of the great things about being on this earth - at this moment in time - is that one person can truly make a difference in the lives of others. Upon reflection, that *is* why we are here. To help. To motivate. To offer a hand ... be it with a hammer, a hug ... or a knitted hat!

Want some inspiration?? Check out Cousin Tom's BloG. He is in Mongolia and is one of the tour de forces behind The Dulaan Project. (I will state, he is not my cousin - but Ryan's! To think .... the initial goal was 500 warm & wearable items ... now they are closing in on 4000! Woo-WHOO!

So ... as we close in on the 4th of July - I would like to thank all of those who have helped, motivated, and offered their hands to see that Freedom Lives . Thank YOU!!
TAGS & comments .... Please!

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

There are days - and then there are days! I am still in the midst of my second "ClaPpY"!! The decrease section is on the horizon - to which I am eternally grateful! Once this one is finis - I have at least 1 more. 2 if I decide I want another (I already have the yarn). It is a terrific item and I am *so* happy that I found the ClaPpY pattern - but my mind is wandering to other things ....

There are 101 books I want from Amazon .

There is the Noro yarn that is just waiting to be Interweave's "Dibs on Ribs".

There is also the pattern for the Minisweater - just in case I dare to bare my arms in a 'tank' this summer!

Ah ... so many 'mind' wanderings! I have been busy doing my sock yarn dyEing & carding! Triple Bling is a member's only special that features California RED wool! MoMMa Mia - those fleeces are tres hard to get. But - all in all, busy is good!

Except of course if you are *my* window boxes! Try as I might - no life forms will establish themselves - so inanimate objects ALWAYS pick up the slack! Martha, feel free to steal my idea! TAGS & comments ..... Please!

Friday, June 17, 2005

Thank goodness it is Friday! This week was weird given the very strange weather. 90's one day - 50's the next. Hate the former - love the latter. I actually got to wear my Peace Fleece Everyday Cardi yesterday ... seriously, how cool is that??

My contribution to The Dulaan Project is finally finis! I will mail it on Monday, due to the fact that the scarf I finished last night is blocking. I look forward to creating more items for them in the future. Maybe a sweater or shawl??!! This time, I will be sending 3 hats, 2 scarves and 2 pair of sox. I used worsted weight yarns for all - so they will be plenty warm. Here is a photo:

This weekend - I hope to finish my second ClaPpY! I am only in the 'straights' section so I will need a marathon knitting session. (Hmmm .... do you think DH will cook, clean, and take care of the pet kids while I knit??) Wish me luck! TAGs and Comments .... Please!