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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Last week, I finished my 20th hat for Dulaan! I am *really* excited. Tonight - I will spin as I just learned, 8 fleeces are to arrive from the processor ANY day now. MoMMa Mia!

Yes ... I should be dyEing & carding. But, to make room in the studio - one must decrease the stash!! So, I will spin, in order to knit. Not so bad.

But, in a shameless self-plug ...AND - for your viewing pleasure .... I would like to present Sliding Down Stars!
I am drawing your attention to my fiber art as I am donating 5% of my sales to Noah's Wish. If you scroll down on the left side of my BloG - you will notice that in 2004, I donated $300+ to Heifer International. In 2005, $300 to Southeast Llama Rescue. I am stuck in the 300's ... so *this* year - I want to kick fiber butt!! I want to donate MORE!! It is always a good time to cyber-shop! Retail therapy, anyone?? Comments - please!

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Maureen said...

What a great batch of hats for the Dulaan project. Thanks for sharing the lace patter, I would love to make a scarf for myself with that pattern. Have you made the hat in Spin Off yet? It is on my list of ones to so. We have 15 inches on the ground and still snowing here in NH.