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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

One of the great things about being on this earth - at this moment in time - is that one person can truly make a difference in the lives of others. Upon reflection, that *is* why we are here. To help. To motivate. To offer a hand ... be it with a hammer, a hug ... or a knitted hat!

Want some inspiration?? Check out Cousin Tom's BloG. He is in Mongolia and is one of the tour de forces behind The Dulaan Project. (I will state, he is not my cousin - but Ryan's! To think .... the initial goal was 500 warm & wearable items ... now they are closing in on 4000! Woo-WHOO!

So ... as we close in on the 4th of July - I would like to thank all of those who have helped, motivated, and offered their hands to see that Freedom Lives . Thank YOU!!
TAGS & comments .... Please!

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

There are days - and then there are days! I am still in the midst of my second "ClaPpY"!! The decrease section is on the horizon - to which I am eternally grateful! Once this one is finis - I have at least 1 more. 2 if I decide I want another (I already have the yarn). It is a terrific item and I am *so* happy that I found the ClaPpY pattern - but my mind is wandering to other things ....

There are 101 books I want from Amazon .

There is the Noro yarn that is just waiting to be Interweave's "Dibs on Ribs".

There is also the pattern for the Minisweater - just in case I dare to bare my arms in a 'tank' this summer!

Ah ... so many 'mind' wanderings! I have been busy doing my sock yarn dyEing & carding! Triple Bling is a member's only special that features California RED wool! MoMMa Mia - those fleeces are tres hard to get. But - all in all, busy is good!

Except of course if you are *my* window boxes! Try as I might - no life forms will establish themselves - so inanimate objects ALWAYS pick up the slack! Martha, feel free to steal my idea! TAGS & comments ..... Please!

Friday, June 17, 2005

Thank goodness it is Friday! This week was weird given the very strange weather. 90's one day - 50's the next. Hate the former - love the latter. I actually got to wear my Peace Fleece Everyday Cardi yesterday ... seriously, how cool is that??

My contribution to The Dulaan Project is finally finis! I will mail it on Monday, due to the fact that the scarf I finished last night is blocking. I look forward to creating more items for them in the future. Maybe a sweater or shawl??!! This time, I will be sending 3 hats, 2 scarves and 2 pair of sox. I used worsted weight yarns for all - so they will be plenty warm. Here is a photo:

This weekend - I hope to finish my second ClaPpY! I am only in the 'straights' section so I will need a marathon knitting session. (Hmmm .... do you think DH will cook, clean, and take care of the pet kids while I knit??) Wish me luck! TAGs and Comments .... Please!

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

I am finally back from the "Land of the Melting"! With temps in the 90's ... I am good for absolutely nothing. Well, I shouldn't say 'nothing' ... I mean, even heat can't keep a fiber artist down. *It* may take a wee bit longer - but in the end, for me - to create is to breathe and now that the temps have dropped almost 30 degrees TODAY - I am breathing a whole lot easier!

As an artist, I have never been one to be 'overly matchy'. While I don't tend to break the rules - I bend them with 'glee and a glass of wine'. That is why I am delighted that the world is just finding out about mismatched sox! Now, I handpaint sock yarn - so ... look out world! Check out this article:
about MISmatched SOX. And, why didn't *I* think of selling them?? I mean, how FABulous is the name SOL Mates?

But, sometimes the MUSE must run amuck. Nothing like 'amuckness' to get those juices flowing! A while back, my friend Nancie sent me this fun kit from Bonkers. Didn't I tell you the heat couldn't keep me down? Check out *MY* fun hat! I am thinking of making a lampshade out of it ... YiPpEE! My muse doesn't sweat - does yours?? Comments or TAG me .... please!

Friday, June 10, 2005

One can never have enough fiber, yarn or projects going at one time! I have started my second ClaPpY and while I truly love the pattern - I find myself wanting to do something else.

Isn't that always the way?? We work on one project and dream of another!

No respectable woman, who calls her Blog "Sheep at the Beach", should be without a Seaweed Stole!! Don't you agree??? I mean, I *need* this!

But - the Project Boxes are busting at the seams! I just received 30 lbs of wool straight from the processor AND I just reserved 2 more fleeces!! (How can anyone resist a wensleydale X and a teeswater x when dangled in front of one's nose??)

So ... what do you think?? YAY or NAY on the "Seaweed Stole" .... Comments ... please!

Friday, June 03, 2005

Alas, no photos to present to you on this fine day! My camera isn't broken - just feeling a wee bit lazy! What would I photograph?? The 30 lbs of wool that arrived on my doorstep this past week?? The *really* cute books my friend Pamela sent me from 'across the pond'?? (BTW: The Sweaterheads are *quite* funny! ... Thanks, Pamela!) OR Maybe I should photograph the winter woolies I am making for The Dulaan Project to give a final push to those who are creating for this wonderful cause as the items *must be* received by July 1. Hmmmm ....???? What to do!

Well, since the *Worldwide KNIT-OUT Day* is fast approaching, (June 11, 2005) - I thought I would point you to this: FREE CONTEST. Get those needles ready!! AND BloG photos?? I will point you here: Stasia takes the best pictures!! Comments .... please!