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Friday, September 11, 2009

Ah .... September

It has been ages since I last posted. I have become exhausted from the curve balls of Life being lobbed at my head. It isn't anything that I haven't been able to handle ... just bunches of stuff on a consistent basis.

The weather has turned, the temperatures are more comfortable & it is time to move on. Sometimes *things* hold us back - whether those *things* are tangible or intangible ... it doesn't matter. Being held back means that we don't grow.

Let the sunshine, Baby ... I have lots of growing to do!

We choose to be in the Dark or in the Light. My choice is always the latter. There is much darkness in the world today. That is one unfortunate fact! But, if we all try to shine a little brighter: give a little more, do a little more, love a little more & pray a little more - darkness begins to fade. Not a hard concept.

As Fall begins to make herself Welcome - it is time for more spinning and knitting (especially for Charity!)

I recently turned my "Sleepy Cloud" battz

into "Sleepy Cloud" skeins!

Jaeger continues to do well ... he is an amazing boy who has gone thru much! We think he loves being with us - except when we wake him from a nap to snap a photo!;

Knitting for Macuwita sni has been first and foremost on my mind! If the weather is starting to change here - I know it is changing even more rapidly in South Dakota!

See that ball of white handspun?? That, my friends, is icelandic wool I handspun in the grease! I used some left over sock yarn for double stranding purposes!

This week, I have already done three pair!

TRES cool, if you ask me!

As I said, Life has been lobbing curve balls of my head - but it is OK ... I am now wearing a helmet! Shine on baby - I am BACK!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Help fight Lupus!

Yes - Life is keeping me hopping! But, it is all good. I am beginning to feel very 'troll like'. I am toiling away ... getting much accomplished & a ton of wool spun!

One thing that has made me crawl out of my little hole: I just had to share the news that my friend Alicia, is walking for Lupus. Actually, she is walking so a cure for Lupus may be found ... soon!

If you are able, please toss a few tax deductible dollars her way. I know she would love your sponsorship!

Well .... back to troll-ville I go! WhEEEEE!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Kreative Cooking

Over the past several weeks, I have been struggling with Kreativity. I know YOU all know what I mean.

I struggle to find the time to indulge my Soul when the inner House Frau seems to beckon louder than my more sensitive Muse. That House Frau received a good dope slap yesterday!

While I hope to ignite that Muse this weekend .... I started last night by cooking something that I used to eat quite frequently as a little girl. Since both DH & I are of Lithuanian descent, both of us enjoyed what I call "BAHB-KEE" & what he calls "KOO-GLEE-US". It is a potato dish with tidbits of salt pork.

The weather was cool enough to warrant this rib-sticking side!

Shredded potatoes, onion, eggs, seasonings, salt pork:

I cooked it for an hour in a cast iron pan that HAS to be at least 70 years old!

It was YuMMy ... and quite a surprise for DH when he came home from work! Suffice to say - there is NONE left this morning.

I need to perfect it a bit & I can't wait to taste my experiments!

The amazing thing I noticed: Kreativity happens daily in moments we let slip by. We need to recognize & embrace those moments ... they are delightful tidbits for the Muse to feast upon!

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Farewell ....

“Let us dream of tomorrow where we can truly love from the soul, and know love as the ultimate truth at the heart of all creation.” Michael Jackson

Let me just say ... I wasn't a huge Michael Jackson fan. His music touched most of my youth and his incredible talent was jaw-dropping. Like most Lights that fade, we only miss them as we stand in the dark.

His Life & Death has been & will be scrutinized for the rest of our life time. I don't think that we should mock or speculate as I think if it were not for his celebrity status & our willingness to believe the media - maybe just maybe this Light would still shine.

In this day & age of instant news - we are to quick to judge people that we will never know. We are wanna-bes who think that we 'know' the celebrities of the world. We don't & most of us never will.

Maybe by believing & recirculating stories that we knew nothing about personally - collectively we drove someone to try to escape that Spotlight by any means necessary. I think, being human, most of us would try to escape too.

He was different. He was talented. He was one of a kind. Maybe more of us should be individuals instead of conforming to mass-marketing & advertisements... I am just sayin'....

I wish his children Peace and the Gift of being 'left alone'. I hope his family will carry on his legacy of World love....
I think more of us should have believed in HIS message instead of worrying about the way he looked.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Time to save ....

The weather here has been very "Seattle-like". Not really my choice of definition, that was the synopsis provide by the national news: we, in New England have the Pacific Northwest's weather & they have ours. I am not used to so much rain.

Jet stream? Global Warming? Not enough trees? I do know the reason ... but at least I know I can lend a hand.

If you haven't joined Everywun, please do! Everywun is an on-line community trying to make the world a little bit better: one book, one meal, one tree, one animal cared for, at a time. The cool thing is ... it is free! I have learned so much playing their trivia AND reading their newsletters! Isn't it great that we can all be Super Heroes so easily?

In the midst of weather chaos - the sun did manage to pop out briefly on Saturday. (I had heard it was due to one front moving out & another moving in.) I rushed to get the JOYness (Ashford JOY wheel) onto the deck and grabbed a bag of roving. In my haste ... I took one that I had been procrastinating a while over. This wool was full of VM!

What the heck! I was looking for a challenge. Lucky for me, my trusty tweezers were right beside me. Spin & pick. Pick & spin. It went like this for a while, and I am pretty pleased with the results!

I managed to complete 3 skeins. All of which are drying (HA! - in THIS weather?) now. I love the way this cormo/montadale wool has spun up. I can't wait to photograph them.

Should I mention this little sheepie's name is "Escape Artist?" Sigh ....

Yes - everyday is a great day to help save the world AND save the wool!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

8 weeks .... yesterday!

Yesterday was a milestone of sorts! Jaeger has been living with us for exactly 8 weeks AND it was also the first day that he didn't have to wear a bandage or a piece of clothing to cover his surgical site (which now resembles a belly-button in between his shoulders.)

It has been both a tiring experience & one of great bonding. He had the pleasure of running - totally free range - in our fenced in back yard last night to celebrate. That dog was both smiling & soaring. There were times when all four of his feet were in mid-air. Now ... that is JoY!

All this reminds me of how much work we pet lovers need to do to help animals. I shutter when I think of what might have happened to Jaeger if someone had not taken the time to rescue him so we could find each other. Thanks so much Loving Paws Rescue!

Thus far, in 2009, I have raised over $73.00 for PittieLove Rescue. It is good - but not good enough ......

So ... back to carding wool I went! Pawprints Dance on My Heart is my latest creation. Wool from a BFL/shetland x, dyed a light shade of chestnut & then blended with handpainted tussah silk & angelina - is fabulous!!

Please remember - 10% of my sales go to helping these misunderstood dogs find good, forever homes!

And Jaeger .... well - he is resting up for some more free-range activities tonight!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Still busy ....

These posts are getting few & far between! I am really trying to change that. I had high hopes that things would settle down, but, I am truly facing the facts: I am one busy woman!

My free time exists when I plunk myself down on the couch after dinner ... at that point, I breathe. There is nothing I like more than to relax after a busy day, with my dog close by. It is truly a little piece of heaven.

I have come to realize I don't mind being busy. I always thought that I did. Imagine that! Suffice to say, when it is time to stretch out on said couch - I usually fall asleep. It is all good - I am sleeping wonderfully at night too!

The garden is planted. Here it is, a week ago, in all it's glory! I hope to keep you updated during the growing season.

As you can see, my compost bin is handy. The wire 'wrap' around the plants is actually 'hardware cloth' that I cut to suit my needs. Suffice to say we have a bunny problem. Ugh ... they are cute, but destructive! Hopefully, without a garden to nibble on, they will move to my surrounding neighbors ... sorry guys!

Jaeger is getting better. Today, he is totally naked! The first time since 5/15! He is not wearing a shirt or even one bandage! What a trip this has been. I am so happy that he is healing well. Looks like he will have some scar tissue around his incision - c'est la vie. He is still a cutie pie with a Spirit that truly soars! I am so glad that we found you!

Well, looks to be another busy day! It is all good - I am not one for being bored!

Thursday, May 28, 2009


I know my BloG has been languishing.

Part of me has a ton to say - the other part is just to exhausted to post about my Life ramblings. Yes - I am tired.

The week after next - things should ease up a bit. My job is finished for the summer next Monday. I am excited as there is much I need to get 'caught up on'. Hmmm - shall I announce here that the garden still isn't planted? Will be working on that this evening & tomorrow.

One of the things that has been a focal point for me this week is Mary Jane Farm! I love the "I can do it" mentality. I also like the "I can LIVE without it!" attitude as well. Yes - being a farm girl is about caring, doing, creating, and living. I am a few shy in these departments, but I am trying.

Given that, The Knotty Sheep has been busy once again!! "Naked Seaweed" is ultra soft & ultra lustrous! Don't you agree??

I love the colors of these batts! I would spin finely/tightly ... I am thinking some wonderful sox could be knit out of yarn created from them!

While dyEing & carding is once again the order of the day ... so is my Jaeger! He has been with us for a little over a month and is still draining from his surgery. Compression wraps have slowed it, but it will be 2 weeks ago tomorrow, that he had surgery to remove an implanted microchip that his body rejected. We have the 1 in 1 million dog! (My stats ... I am just sayin' .....!)

He has been a trooper & tomorrow he has another DR appointment. Please send good energies to him. Seriously, how cute is he??

Back to the dyepots & carder .... Jaeger is also our "1 Million Dollar" dog!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Who would have thought??

Who would have thought that a dog, who had a bad start in life, would be such a tender constitution?? Not I.

Today, I am celebrating my third week with Jaeger! He is a joy and I truly believe he was sent to us by Diesel. Diesel knew that I could/would take care of anything & everything that the DOG GODS tossed my way. I have proven myself over the course of time! That being said .......

Jaeger had surgery on Friday ... today, he still has his drainage tubes & some post-op 'potty abnormalities'.

Without conclusive test results (ie: fluid & tissue samples are being examined at present) - a huge cyst developed exactly where his microchip was implanted. Who would have thought??

I am grateful that we were able to have the situation taken care of promptly & I do hope that it is resolved. Tomorrow, he returns to his vet. It is my wish that the tubes are removed and that he can go to the bathroom normally ... very soon.

That being said ... I have been a little slow on the fiber front! Lucky for me, I did manage to do some dyEing & carding between outdoor potty runs!

With Spring here & summer just around the corner ... bright, happy colors just begged to be created. Meet: "Sista Goldenhair!" Are you smiling yet?? If not .... try spinning them! They are AWEsome!

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Time to start knitting .... again!

Jaeger is celebrating his first week with us! When I think about the last month - it is all kind of overwhelming. Things are settling though, and Jaeger seems to be enjoying his new digs! I can not begin to describe how happy I am that we were able to give this wonderful dog a forever home!

Now, it is back to knitting. As thing calm down and Jaeger & I get adjusted to Life with one another - I decided that he needed a Christmas stocking. Both Motu & Diesel had one ... now it is his turn. (Although, I am think that I need to make new ones for them, too, posthumously.)

I am loving the colors of the Reynold Candide I chose for it. I am also thinking that I *might* just have enough to make another!

It is a nice little pattern from Designs by Louise. Hmmmm .... I am working on the 'dog bone' now. I wonder how much I will be able to do on what is turning out to be a rainy day??????

I do have to card & add inventory to The Knotty Sheep! - never mind groceries & a host of other errands. Did I mention its Cinco de Mayo?? WhEEEEEE!

Time to run .... I need to get a bunch of stuff done today!

Friday, May 01, 2009

A new Dog ... same tricks

Life has slowly returned to almost normal. There has been no spinning, no knitting, no carding, no dyEing. The dog sweater I was making will be frogged .... sigh. I will find a new project today.

I recently came upon a fabulous quote, which is perfect:

“A new dog never replaces an old dog; it merely expands the heart. If you have loved many dogs, your heart is very big.” -Erica Jong

Jaeger has come to live with us! He is a beautiful 2 + year old mutt with a big old heart & soulful eyes. His zest for adventure is extraordinary. He came to us by way of Tennessee & both my husband & I are looking forward to his first N'oreaster. I wonder how much snow, if any, he has frolicked in??

Jaeger's lineage is unknown. I think if a DNA test was done, he would be a "Heinz 57" ... he has a beautiful black coat, but if you look carefully, you will see shades of brown/brindle on his hips!

I am delighted that someone saw his potential & rescued him from a shelter setting. Thank you, Carol!
I am delighted that a group was kind enough to offer him & others, another chance at Life here in the North East. Thank you,Forever Home Rescue, NE!

Today, I introduce Jaeger to the world!! Welcome to your Forever Home, big guy!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Good night, Sweet Prince

For those who know me, my dog Diesel is one of *the* most important things in my Life. I am hesitant to give my dog *THE* Most Important title, as I do not want my husband to be offended. In reality, I think DH pretty much knows, my heart belongs to another man! ggg

It is with much sadness that I share with the world, that my Diesel-dog passed away very suddenly & unexpectedly yesterday. My heart is officially shattered.

He was 11 and was just due to start rehab for his hips, today, ... to keep him mobile & healthy. Being a big dog ... I knew he wasn't going to live another 10 years, but I cooked his food with human grade/organic ingredients, avoided pesticides around the house, gave him tons of love and a couple of beds for his comfort - all this in the hopes that he would gracefully die of old age. 11 wasn't & still isn't *old* to me.

The tumor on his spleen didn't care what I did ... it didn't care how much I loved him. All it did was cause internal bleeding which deteriorated his insides - slowly. I knew Easter Sunday he wasn't overly chipper ... but he sure perked up when the ham came out of the oven!

By Tuesday afternoon, he wasn't shadowing me anymore. His vet was called for an emergency visit and over 5 hours later, his Journey on this planet was beginning to end.

He stayed at the hospital over night to provide for his comfort until I could take him home the following morning. He peacefully passed in our backyard amongst bird song & sunbeams.

Yes ... my world has crumbled. There will be others dogs in my life, after all, there to many out there who need homes. I know Diesel, in his infinite wisdom & love, will guide my husband & I into choosing the *right* ones. There will be only ONE Diesel though ... and I am forever grateful that I had the opportunity to know him & share in his love.

Good Night, baby boy! I will see you again.

Friday, April 10, 2009

The Sox are finis - what is next?

Finally - a project that is finished!

I feel exhilarated & relieved that these socks are finally done! It took me one day shy of a month. Seriously, what is UP with that?? I knit them in a standard 3x1 rib, so they were EZ PZ. Yes, my feet are a size 10 ... but that isn't really *that* much extra knitting. In addition, I, per usual, made the cuffs shorter - I always fear I will run out of yarn. Size 10's can be ominous.

What is next for the needles you may ask?? Well, that wasn't a hard decision for me. Recently, I straightened the entire studio. Much to my surprise - I have over 40 projects awaiting my touch. That is a bit daunting .... but - I am neglecting all *those* to knit with these lovely colors!

These 2 lovely skeins of Peace Fleece & one lovely skein of my handspun/dyed yarn will become a wonderful dog sweater for K9KnittersUSA. This fine organization knits sweaters for sale!! The designs have been approved by the designers themselves for this purpose and this year - funds raised will be headed to "Vet Dogs" &/or "Best Friends Animals Sanctuary".

Peruse their site - check out their delightful doggie couture! I will be knitting a large sweater suitable for a greyhound ... ( hope Diesel doesn't get jealous! ) I am hoping the addition of my handspun will make it a truly unique piece.

Wheeeee .... off to ball these babies up! If those sox took me month, I dare not to think about this ................................ !

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

A Carding Kary

Dear Spring:

Your late arrival has me both flustered and weary. I am truly looking forward to your impending visit. I have missed your warm sunshine hugs terribly! While cherishing those longer days ... they are not as long as they could be as they don't seem to crawl out from under a mass of cloud cover.

While I do appreciate the rain, my feet are large enough: I do not wish them to sprout webs in order to maintain my daily routine. (Seriously, how would *I* knit socks for webbed-toes?)

I have 'upped' my Vitamin D intake - thoughts of sun screen are nothing more than a school girl dream.

The flowers look sad without your majestic presence! And baby leaves are just waiting to be born.

Each morning, outside with Diesel, 6 AM might bring a pretty sky - but even the birds do not chirp with their usual enthusiasm. Your sunshine is their caffeine! While I do appreciate the one male cardinal who sings to us each morning - I am thinking he is longing for a mate. At least, I hope he isn't mocking me in my PJs!

Yes Spring - you are both missed & needed. I need to see color and feel warmth. I love my woodstove - but, I would love to feel the warmth on my neck as I dig into the garden on one of your most glorious days.

I an effort to entice you ... here is some color!! Glorious color on a misty, gray, Spring Day. Now, won't you come out to play with me?? I have some Frosted Fairy Flakes waiting for you!

Thursday, April 02, 2009

A Sock completed

I honestly do not know why I am having such a hard time UPdating this BloG of late. I will *really*, REALLY, try to be more engaged in doing so. I dislike the fact that I can now think of 101 reasons why I do not accomplish my goals. Take away 'fluff' and it just gets down to plain distraction.

Recently, I reviewed my 2009 Goals: suffice to say, if I don't start cracking ... they may not be completed by 2010!

I am strong! I am woman! Hear me roar!! (Or in this case, see me being productive!) I finally finished the first sock from a specialty yarn created by Black Bunny Fibers! It was a yarn called "Audacity" - after Obama's second book. This wonderful yarn appeared during the 2008 Presidential campaign.

It was a limited run, so these sox will be treasured when completed.

One down, one to go! I am hoping to complete it this weekend - amongst some spinning & carding! Wish me luck & stay tuned. I am looking forward to posting A LOT more!

Friday, March 20, 2009


My thoughts have been scattered of late. I have been knitting - and spinning - and just trying to catch up on what seems to be things that have spiraled way out of reach.

The lesson I am learning from all of this is time. We certainly do not have enough of it ... spend much time complaining about it ... and waste most of it. Pretty eye opening and sobering.

All is not lost. While I want to save every dog that needs a good home - and the planet from implosion - and fellow humans from violence & disease - I know that I am one person who CAN & WILL make a difference, but I need help!

Enter .... EVERYWUN! This new FREE website helps terrific causes like "The Humane Society", "Books for Africa","Trees for the Future" & "World Vision". You learn interesting snippets on how to make the world better & you can play trivia games to learn even more. You can help plant trees by 'clicking' - or feed an animal ... or provide a book to a child that has nothing.

Today is a wonderful day to give a little something back .... do join EVERYWUN right now. While we each make a difference daily, we can change things for the better a little quicker if we do it together!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Duckie Illusion Scarf is finis!

Does this seem like the longest Winter or what??

Just when the snow & ice clear - a new storm is on the horizon. I like snow - don't get me wrong - but after a weekend with temperatures in the 60 degree f range ... snow & ice just don't 'do it' anymore.

Maybe I am just crabby. I started this winter (in November) with bronchitis. I am ending it (in March) with a sinus infection. Thank goodness - for meds!

All this has taken a toll on my knitting & spinning. I just haven't completed as many projects as I hoped I would so far this year. Hopefully, by tonight, I will be a bit more chipper and productive.

I did manage to complete the Duckie Illusion Scarf. I created it with pink & yellow Peace Fleece. It will be forwarded to Macuwita sni. I hope the person who receives it - likes it!

I did do a bit a carding too. Pedal Pushing Fairies is a pretty little colorway perfect for Spring!!!! With the sale of these battz - 20% will be donated to Muttville & 10% will be donated to Pittie Love Rescue. I just LOVE helping dogs!

Thanks, Stas, for sharing your wonderful fibers with me!!

Off to nap .... it has been a busy day!

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Yikes ... it is March

March *is* here - and I will admit to being WAY far behind on stuff. Life really does slap you upside the head ... as if only to say "Wake Up!"

Sometimes personal & professional lives combine to create an explosion of atomic proportions! As the dust settles - one can only cling to what one knows best. For me, I am blessed to know that dogs are what I know best.

They are such an important part of my life and more often than not, people do not seem to understand the high value I place upon them. They expect nothing - yet deserve everything. They are my inspiration when I do not feel like dyeing, carding or spinning wool. They make me laugh and allow me to know "JOY!"

Just this past week, I "upped" The Knotty Sheep's year end donation to PittieLove Rescue from 5% to 10%. The recession is a part of everyone's life ... shelter dogs didn't create it, yet they are a victim of it.

So ... that brings me to Muttville. Senior dogs will always be a huge part of my life as they are some of the first to be discarded/abandoned. Etsy for Animals (search Etsy tags for teamefa) has chosen Muttville as their charity of choice for the month of March. In addition to the 10% I will be donating to PittieLove .... 20% of these batts & handspun yarns will be donated to Muttville! I mean, I am a wee bit partial ... but check out "Blueberry Paws" - spun from coopworth wool & chow doggie fur! Pretty??? YES!!

Well - time to get back to work. I will be working extra hard - for both the pit bulls & the senior dogs at Muttville. Yes, Diesel tries to help too. Given his large size ... he is, in reality, 86 years old. This saddens me ... but, he still has a glint in his eye and love in his heart. He also knows how lucky he is ... just as I know how VERY lucky I am to have him in my Life. Thanks for helping me with my fiber work Diesel ... you are the best! (My beautiful Cat Spindle is hand made by my wonderful artist friend, HaLLa!

(I love helping my fellow senior dog friends- no retirement for me!)

(Oops ... chow break ... I hear treats!)

Friday, February 13, 2009

Life goes on.

Life has a way of jumping right into your face and frightening the fiber right out of you.
It also has a way of embracing you and guiding you gently into your next day.
It also has a way of ending - sometimes abruptly.

Suffice to say - this is why my posting has been non-existent.

Life also goes on - and for that, I am grateful.

Memories are captured moments in time that live forever - that is so cool.

I have been busy, occupying both my head & my hands! Sleepy Spring Flowers would be a great addition to any spinner's stash!! Featuring mohair & camel - these babies are super soft & the luster on them is nothing short of pure "WOW!"

Also ... my Diesel is hounding me to get him more votes in the
HSUS Spay & Neuter Photo Contest.
I keep telling him that he must pose for some seriously cute photos so those who do not know him can appreciate his heart & soul. He looked at me indifferently, than gave me this:

Diesel ... rule #1 - 'don't look bored!'

Ah - men!

VOTE for Diesel!

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Waiting on more Snow ....

More snow is expected today. I have heard 4"-8". My boots are on the rug - the shovel sits by the door. The coffee pot is clean, ready for a fresh pot to be made. The wood stove has a TON of wood stacked every so carefully next to it - it will be raging soon.

I am ready for more.

Of course - I will be dyEing wool today. Carding too. Ah .... I love a New England winter!!

Diesel is tired of the snow at this point. While we 'snow-plow' a whole path for him so he can easily do his 'business' ... the old back legs just aren't what they used to be. He is a big dog, with a nice, high clearance ... but, he is more cautious & slower when he deviates from his path. He is 11 - and recently I saw an adjusted dog-age table that suggests due to his size, in reality, he is 86 years old. WOW - that was a shocker. Here I was thinking he is a mere 77.

Needless to say - he is still hoping he will get your
How can any spinner resist THIS shot??

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow, rain & the Fear of Commitment

My knitting has taken a back seat to other things of late. Work has been busy & given the economy - if I am needed more, I usually accept the extra hours. That means less time for fiber - dyEing, spinning & knitting!

I did manage to card some new inventory for The Knotty Sheep. I just love how Fear of Commitment turned out! Pretty, yes??

.... Diesel is still begging for
. Here is another example of his cuteness .... a tax deductible donation (US) to the Humane Society will warm his doggie-heart!

And today ... it snowed this morning - and now, it is raining. Rumor has it that this mess will all freeze tonight. Chipping the car out of its ice block tomorrow should be eventful! WhEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

Well - since the driveway is done and there is no need to leave the house tonight ... I see some 'fiber time' in my future!! YAY!

Monday, January 26, 2009

I Have been spinning a storm

January is a month that most people don't seem to like. It is cold & quite dark, but I find it energizing!

I get much done during the winter months! One of the 'goals' for the New Year is to spin a ton of wool. I have been doing a pretty decent job of it too! I just added some new inventory to the shop ... Studio Samples!

These handspun beauties are comprised of those snippets that I find in the studio ... little bits that I have savored; colors that I have loved; special fleeces that I have hugged!! Yep - I love these fun skeins .... I think they are so pretty!

Of course, since January is coming to a close, Diesel is still hoping that you will
for him in the Humane Society's Photo Contest. (His grandmother just did tonight!!) He is pretty happy about being in the contest - but a little anxious too - he would like more votes and is pulling out the cuteness to get them!

When you make a contribution in the voting process - you are helping the Humane Society lessen pet overpopulation with the all important 'spay & neuters'. Contributions are tax deductible too!! (US residents!!)

Vote for Diesel! Vote for Diesel! February is Spay & Neuter Month!!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Diesel's Birthday

Yesterday, January 22 - my Diesel-dog turned 11!

Yes - it does seem like yesterday that he was just a wee pup!! All that has changed - my love for him has too. Just like his size - my love has GROWN!

I figure the best way to honor him is to help other dogs. February is "Spay & Neuter" month. With shelters splitting at the seams due to over crowding, maybe if we control the over population problem - things just might get a little better!
Diesel, himself, was actually born in a shelter to a full-blooded
rotti mom. She delivered 9 pups, 7 survived.
My boy is a 103 pound lap dog ... he is my absolute world!!

With that in mind, my Diesel is in a HSUS photo contest to help raise $$ for spay & neuter!!

If you are so inclined ...Diesel & I would love to help raise money
for this worthy endeavor ... and well, if you could make a donation to
vote for Diesel's cuteness ... that would be FABulous!!

Check out his photo: (please type in my last name: miksis )


Isn't he the sweetest?? VOTE 4 DIESEL!!!

Monday, January 19, 2009

HaPpY 2009!

I truly can not believe that I have yet to post in 2009. YiKeS!

Well - onward & UPward I say. It is time to get busy & be productive. Creating is one of my top priorities this year. Since it is easy for me to get distracted I am truly trying to spin, knit & draw more. Sometimes it *is* very hard to get all of that in - with household chores, animal care, outside the house employment - but things are working out. The more I wrap myself around my priorities - the more I will get done.

Of course, I want to raise more $$ for Pittie Love Rescue this year. In 2008, the donation from The Knotty Sheep totaled $137. Not bad - but not great!

To my customers ... thank you SO much for your purchases!! In 2009 - look for even MORE goodies as I plan to 'knock your knitted sox' off! Hoo-RAY!

So - there is my incentive to DO MORE this year. I am accepting the challenge to get out there and show the world my WOOL-BLISS! Wish me luck! There have been many animals forced into shelters & unfortunately - on to the streets due to the foreclosure crisis. So - if you are feeling like you need a little wool-boost in your life .... how about some Green Beer with Foam!
Seriously, green beer isn't just for leprechauns anymore! WhEEE!