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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

A Carding Kary

Dear Spring:

Your late arrival has me both flustered and weary. I am truly looking forward to your impending visit. I have missed your warm sunshine hugs terribly! While cherishing those longer days ... they are not as long as they could be as they don't seem to crawl out from under a mass of cloud cover.

While I do appreciate the rain, my feet are large enough: I do not wish them to sprout webs in order to maintain my daily routine. (Seriously, how would *I* knit socks for webbed-toes?)

I have 'upped' my Vitamin D intake - thoughts of sun screen are nothing more than a school girl dream.

The flowers look sad without your majestic presence! And baby leaves are just waiting to be born.

Each morning, outside with Diesel, 6 AM might bring a pretty sky - but even the birds do not chirp with their usual enthusiasm. Your sunshine is their caffeine! While I do appreciate the one male cardinal who sings to us each morning - I am thinking he is longing for a mate. At least, I hope he isn't mocking me in my PJs!

Yes Spring - you are both missed & needed. I need to see color and feel warmth. I love my woodstove - but, I would love to feel the warmth on my neck as I dig into the garden on one of your most glorious days.

I an effort to entice you ... here is some color!! Glorious color on a misty, gray, Spring Day. Now, won't you come out to play with me?? I have some Frosted Fairy Flakes waiting for you!

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Mishkat said...

I hear you - it was SO cold here yesterday! We have gotten a lot of rain too - it does make everything grow like crazy though.

That batt is beautiful (I think it's a batt, right?)