The Knotty Sheep Shop

Monday, November 24, 2003

TA DA!! The PF cardi is finis!! I kicked butt this weekend & completed it. I paid special attention to the details - I have never been 'known for' seaming & sewing. I yearned for that flawless look at I think it came out quite nice!! I did some 'Karyisms' on the collar - as what was printed didn't appeal. I also used vintage buttons for a completely individualistic look. I love this cardi and it will make its public debut on Thanksgiving Day. (Ok .. You are getting a sneak peek here!) Am I crazy?? I love Peace Fleece colors SO MUCH that I want more ..... sigh!! Here she is .... My Peace Fleece cardi!! TA DA!! Tag me ... You are it!

Saturday, November 22, 2003

I have been working like a crazy woman the last few days on the PF cardigan. I decided that I wanted to wear it Thanksgiving ... sigh! I don't know about you - but sewing sweaters together seems to take forEVER (and then some!). And the weaving of the ends? I must remember to breathe!! Plus - I am also working on a scarf for my
ELDER. I would like to be able to ship this sometime during the second week of December - along with a few other goodies. I am making this scarf double thick - and it is being made from thel, silk, angora and alpaca ... toasty!! Of course - the Dubblemoussa mocks me every time I walk by it ... but my confidence is growing - I will tackle *IT* soon!! What are you knitting or spinning today?? .... TAG ME - you are it!

Thursday, November 13, 2003

I have been suffering from the 'Feelin' Shoppie Syndrome'. It is an unavoidable happening which surfaces from time to time. Anything & everything fiber related is up for grabs. While I am waiting on the 'Dubblemoussa' to arrive - over the past couple of days I have purchased some new fibers. Wonderful fibers that I am looking forward to receiving!! First - I made a stop at Wonderland Dyeworks. Alice had kindly picked my name in a recent contest for FREE fiber. I picked "Harvest" - but then again - how could I not pair that with "Autumn"? Then, the vivacious Linda D from Grafton Fibers posted THESE ... how could I pass them by? So - 2 colorways are coming to play with me. Didn't need any of them - but wanted them all. And since the dubblemoussa & these fibers will be arriving shortly ... I have been busy working on the Peace Fleece Everyday Cardigan . I chose the 'Ancient Fern' colorway - but to be quite honest - all their colors are saturated with color. Check it out!! TAG ME ... you are it!

Monday, November 10, 2003

For some unknown reason - the cyber gods still will not let me post pictures. C'est la vie! Thankfully - I still am able to do 'clickable' links. I marvel at other BloGs that have photos and snippets and html stuff - but alas - my BloG is one of simplicity. There are no bells & whistles. I wish that there were - but, for now, just call me 'Plain Jane'. First, I must tell you - I am beginning to offer my sculptures for SALE!! (I know - unabashed plug to make $$). I am really excited as needle felting is just one more way I can work with fiber!! It is such a blast too ... of course - when I stab myself it hurts like the devil - but - the final product just astounds me. Making 3 dimensional objects from fiber!! WOW!! "Espresso et beignet" is both whimsical and delightful! The cup can actually hold paper clips or other small things. YAY - both beauty & function!!
Secondly - I think I am going to try my hand at fair isle.
The Dubblemoussa was the item I needed this weekend to keep my ears warm! That wind was whipping off the ocean to the tune of wind chills that felt like 10 degrees! The sad thing is - I doubt I will finish it much before August. Wish me luck ... until then - a warm cup of espresso will do just fine! TAG ME ... you are it!