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Saturday, November 22, 2003

I have been working like a crazy woman the last few days on the PF cardigan. I decided that I wanted to wear it Thanksgiving ... sigh! I don't know about you - but sewing sweaters together seems to take forEVER (and then some!). And the weaving of the ends? I must remember to breathe!! Plus - I am also working on a scarf for my
ELDER. I would like to be able to ship this sometime during the second week of December - along with a few other goodies. I am making this scarf double thick - and it is being made from thel, silk, angora and alpaca ... toasty!! Of course - the Dubblemoussa mocks me every time I walk by it ... but my confidence is growing - I will tackle *IT* soon!! What are you knitting or spinning today?? .... TAG ME - you are it!

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