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Thursday, April 28, 2005

I have been a *very* busy little bee of late .... Today, I embarked on a new venture at The Knotty Sheep: sock yarn.

The "Painted Toes" line has been unveiled! Toes & feet around the world will know a little slice of stylish heaven. Color, color & more color - dancing on a canvas that is merino wool! OOOO - La-LA! The two colorways which made their debut were "Jazzy Frogs on Electric Lily Pads" and "Skinny Dipping on Clouds"! (I think you will be able to tell which is which!) Please take a peek .... and as always - Comments, please!

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Here I sit, with a stack of clean fiber to my right. After I finish typing - I will place my left hand ever so gently on said fiber and then I will raise my right hand. I will recite "I will never ask my husband for permission ... again"!.

Seems strong, I know. But, to give a wee bit of background ... I wasn't asking for a new wheel, new car or diamonds. I wasn't asking for a new house, a large stock portfolio or a boat. I wasn't even asking for a trip to Tahiti or an a bottle of 1787 Chateau Lafite ... all I was asking for was a night off from dinner planning, cooking & cleaning. Truth be told, I was asking for a "large, Buffalo Chicken Pizza" - to the tune of $15.23 (that *is* tax included).

Don't get me wrong - my husband is a nice guy. He puts up with my wool, yarns, wheels, spindles & needles all over the house. And, he is the first to get tickets to a local pro sporting events (think NE Patriots or Boston Red Sox) - but, the pizza? ... Just don't go there!!!

Next time, I will call and have it delivered. Sometimes it is just easier to ask for forgiveness - than it is to ask permission. (BTW - the pizza *was* most excellent!) Comments .... please!

Friday, April 22, 2005

One of the most tedious parts of anything is the planning. Sometimes I like to plan - other times I don't. Knitting, to me, is an adventure .... why plan? All it takes is some needles - and fiber - and the journey begins. Alas, lack of planning has doomed the most mighty of warriors ... I am no exception. Not that I am a warrior - I prefer to think of myself as someone who takes risks in sensible shoes.

I just finished turning the heel of my second sock ... notice how much yarn I have left. Granted, my size 10s do take a more than modest amount of yardage - but, I acted on faith (translate that statement to 'lack of planning', please see above) and much to my chagrin - I am WAY short. Off to the Frog Pond they will go. Now the question becomes - do I restart the sox OR do I start the

See that case of wine?? Well, I found an incredible Pinot Grigio that is INexpensive - ok - it is down right cheap! Don't you just love the name Fish Eye Winery? Anywhoo .... I stuffed my second sock in an empty slot. Now, why is it an "empty slot" you may ask?? The Pinot is chilling - after all - I *do* plan sometimes! Comments .... Please!

Monday, April 18, 2005

I am pretty excited ... I finished ONE WHOLE SOCK this weekend! The other will be cast on tonight so I may not suffer from the dreaded Second Sock Syndrome !

Why is this exciting you may ask? Well, check out those colors! I dyEd this colorway and I love it. "Simple Glory" is perfect for those denim days ... Pure 100% merino wool socks , my toes will be in heaven! Stay tuned ... more toes will be heaven bound soon ...... Comments .... Please!

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

There always seems to be something new I either want to do, need or try! Such is life when you play with fiber and yarns! But, I take solace in the fact that I am not alone. Most of us have more than one project on the needles at one time! Most of us have more than one fleece to play with at one time! And most of crave more, each and every day.

Sigh .... I have finished one sock (for charity) and I have started its mate. My aran sits woefully neglected! My Clapotis is just a twinkle in my eye! And, my Project Box has yet to shrink. I understand that increased daily sunshine makes everything grow ... this box is no different than any other life form!

Should I mention the new fleece that arrived this afternoon? A Karakul lamb!! Check out that staple length!! Holey Moley ... isn't it grand?? Comments .... Please!

Friday, April 08, 2005

Since I refuse to start another Project Box at this time ... (truth be told, I need to *find* another box in simliar dimension to the original PB) .... Now is the time to hurry and work on projects that are waiting in the wings.

I am haPpY to announce, I finished my first Red item for the Knit Red Along! This group is helping to promote awareness of women in respect to heart disease. I will be creating at least 6 different red items for Christmas gifts - all with tags with heart related information. You can peek at my
Red Irish Hiking Scarf below. Isn't it YuMMy?? I used 2 skeins of Ukranian Red Peace Fleece yarn. The cables show up so nicely.

But, if I could just return to the Project Box for one second. Since PB #2 already has a waiting list .... check out the fun stuff I have received in TRADES (well, 2 of the books I did buy) the last several weeks. MoMMa Mia .... I will be busy! Busy! Busy! These babies are in the queue! Comments ..... please!

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

I have been extra busy of late! Working (day job), working (fiber job), spinning & knitting. That doesn't take into consideration household chores and other assorted responsibilities. Top it all off with cruising the internet and finding wonderful free patterns just waiting to be created. (OK - some need to be purchased - but, Hey! - I share the love!) Yes - I am busy!

Of course, when I find a pattern that peeks my curiosity, I print it for my 3" binders. I splash the word free in the upper right hand corner, so I know I may share it at some future date. Being an artist that holds several copyrights - I uphold my fellow artists' creations with deep consideration!

Now, knowing me, the way that "I am" - I go off to search for the appropriate yarns that make my heart sing. What is more glorious than a wonderful pattern complimented by the most perfect of yarns?? But, knowing me the way that "I do" - I forget 'what yarn' is for 'what pattern' and I end up by doing something totally nuts with it!

Enter "Project Box"! My "Project Box" has patterns bagged with appropriate yarn! Kits awaiting for the touch of my finger tips! Special skeins waiting to be united with the most wonderous of patterns! My "box" was loaded within 5 mins - and it is 36" long. Sigh ...

Well, I must get cracking! I find at least 3 new patterns a day! That is almost 1100 patterns in a year! Woe is me ... it is already April! Comments .... Please!

Friday, April 01, 2005

I am delighted that it is Friday! Sad that we are expected 2"-5" of rain tomorrow as it has already ruined my plans - but, I am glad that it is Friday!

I was all set to write about artists. Performance artists! Musical artists! Fiber artists! Writers! All who try to earn an income playing with what ignites their souls! It is hard in this day & age of Walmarts and fast foods. But, I digress - I decided NOT to write about it.

Instead - I received my new tote from a wonderful lady named SallEE! It has tons o'pockets to stash my stash in! And it is made with 2 hands and a big heart - and it is "retro" Paris! It is an objet d'art! And - it was made just for ME!! You just can't buy *that* at Walmart!

Thanks SallEE for the wonderful
objet d'art. Hey, you know what?? She would be delighted to make one for you too!
Comments ....please!