The Knotty Sheep Shop

Wednesday, April 30, 2003

Well, tomorrow is May 1. This is the date that I had given myself to finish spinning the yarn for SIS's afghan. It is NOT completed. Sigh .... I had been going gangbusters for a while - then, life got in the way. I am grateful that I started it right after LAST Christmas!! I know that there isn't ALL that much more to do - the yarn will be completed in May. At least I started my rare breed 'spindle spun' skein for "Spin Off" today.... actually got a good amount done too. I am using 'shetland'. It is a wonderful black roving with silver wisps blended ever so gently. The sheepie is appropriately named "Ebony". The due date of the skein is June 30 - I hope to have it mailed next week. The skein itself can be up to 2 oz. I would be surprised if it weighed that much, but you never know. I am spindling it on my "Stasia # 33". I thought that was appropriate as Stas has done so much to keep the art of spindle spinning alive & well. Isn't this spindle cool?? ..... TAG ME .... you are it!

Saturday, April 26, 2003

I have come to realize that when I don't do something fibery - I get kraBBy!! I haven't really done ANYTHING in a week - and I am beginning to feel overwhelmed by the prospect of starting something. There is still a ton of fiber which needs to be spun or knit! Sometimes for me - the hardest part of the project is starting it!! Weird, I know! Most people have the most difficulty finishing that second sock or sewing that sweater together! Not me .... whether it is a drawing or a bobbin of singles needing to be plied or a Klaudette design ... the hardest part is motivating myself to begin. So - here I sit typing away - procrastinating AGAIN! Tonight - I have decided to use my wheel, Miss Robin. Hmmm .... but what fiber??? TAG ME ... you are it!

Saturday, April 19, 2003

Tomorrow is Easter! My husband & I play host to my family. I don't stress about cooking or cleaning. Being accepted for NOT being "Martha" is a HUGE stress-reducer. (No offense to anyone who is - I just feel why make life complicated and take the joy out of a visting Easter bunny!) My family knows I am NOT a gourmet cook. The also accept that my wheel & spindles will still be part of the decor. They also know that my pets are MY children and that my parrot will be at the dinner table at some point. Being accepted is a 'good-thing'. My niece & nephew have also become aware that I give out neat stuff at the table and sponsor a contest. The 'door prizes' this year are a painted top, a dark chocolate egg, a handwoven book mark (by ME) and popcorn. Why popcorn?? I recently found out my parents had given it up for Lent - I thought it would be a hoot!! The bunny with a rose pen tied to a box of strawberry/rose geranium candy is the 'contest prize'. The 'contest' - why guess how many pink MM's in the glass jar, of course!! Notice the center piece - handspun yarn with little Chicks (Thanks Lexi!!) Happy Easter to all!! TAG ME ... you are it!!

Thursday, April 17, 2003

I have recently returned from a long weekend at the seashore. To those of you lucky enough to live by the sea daily - I am jealous! No other way to state it - no sugar coating there - just plain, unadulterated jealousy!! I love the ocean - always have. I am thinking that I lived a previous life on Block Island as I am so 'at home' there. Even though I live in MA - I have never seen Martha's Vineyard or Nantucket. Don't really have a desire to either, although I suppose I would visit the later rather than the former if truth be told. Water has such positive energy to it - it takes on a life of its own - causing the most incredible inspirations imaginable! This picture has the North Light way in the distance. For those of you who are "water babies" in dry-dock - may this photo inspire you! TAG ME ... you are it!

Thursday, April 10, 2003

The SUN was actually shining today! This made 'Artist Day' even better - if you can believe that! I drew for about 5 hours and came away with a less than satisfactory piece. Ah well - I am far from perfect and yet it is amazing to me that I expect nothing less than perfection from my art pieces. C'est la vie! There is always next week. But - I hope that spring is here to stay for a while. I realized today that Easter is just around the corner. That is difficult to digest given the cold & snow we have been having on a daily basis. But - I am anxious to work in the garden and play amongst the flowers & vegetables. We leads me to say - pastels are an extremely messy medium - but then again, so is gardening. Due to being at the studio - Kim has provided me with some lucious scrubbing grains for easy clean up. They are gardening grains from Crabtree & Evelyn. Not only does it works wonders - but it also smells terrific too. The best part - a SALE which starts tomorrow!! Shop til you drop!! TAG ME ... you are it!

Saturday, April 05, 2003

Winter decided to unleash her fury today. Snow, ice, rain - a cornicopia of frozen water. Although it was the perfect day for fibery fun - I have yet to touch anything fibery. To many chores. But - it was still a good day. I received another letter from one of our sponsored children. This is the second letter we received this week. The first was from one of our sponsored girls - Ana-cecilia. Today - our letter came from John-larri. Both children live in Columbia - and both reflected upon how happy they are that we are their sponsored 'parents'. I am delighted to know that we are making a difference in their lives. A difference I hope is for the better. In all - we sponsor 2 boys (Columbia & Paraguay) & 2 girls (Columbia & Malawi) - each child is a special gift to the world. I encourage you to check out the CHILDREACH website or give what you are able to your favorite charity this coming week. Everything we do for the better - is better for the world! TAG ME ... you are it!

Thursday, April 03, 2003

Today, being Thursday, is my "Artist Day". Per Julia Cameron, author of "The Artist Way" - it is a date I have to indulge in an array of artistic outings. Usually, I spend the day with my pastel mentor Kim at her store/studio. It is a fun way to absorb the creative energies that puslate from her studio and her creations. I am delighted to report that I finished "Spindle Sibling # 3". This pastel was a long time in coming. Last weeks piece did not SPEAK to me the way that this one does. The star of this piece is my Kauri wood spindle which I purchased from the Bellwether. The wool - a romney lock from a sheepie named Fennel! I am tickled to share this with you!! AND - I am also happy to report that I mailed my 20th pair of slippers for The Ship's Project to Nancie!! She is the coordinator for our Charity Focus at Spindler's. With all the activity that our military is engaged in - I am honored that my handspun & knitting skills are being put to good use for these brave men & women!! TAG ME ... you are it!!