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Wednesday, April 30, 2003

Well, tomorrow is May 1. This is the date that I had given myself to finish spinning the yarn for SIS's afghan. It is NOT completed. Sigh .... I had been going gangbusters for a while - then, life got in the way. I am grateful that I started it right after LAST Christmas!! I know that there isn't ALL that much more to do - the yarn will be completed in May. At least I started my rare breed 'spindle spun' skein for "Spin Off" today.... actually got a good amount done too. I am using 'shetland'. It is a wonderful black roving with silver wisps blended ever so gently. The sheepie is appropriately named "Ebony". The due date of the skein is June 30 - I hope to have it mailed next week. The skein itself can be up to 2 oz. I would be surprised if it weighed that much, but you never know. I am spindling it on my "Stasia # 33". I thought that was appropriate as Stas has done so much to keep the art of spindle spinning alive & well. Isn't this spindle cool?? ..... TAG ME .... you are it!

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