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Thursday, April 03, 2003

Today, being Thursday, is my "Artist Day". Per Julia Cameron, author of "The Artist Way" - it is a date I have to indulge in an array of artistic outings. Usually, I spend the day with my pastel mentor Kim at her store/studio. It is a fun way to absorb the creative energies that puslate from her studio and her creations. I am delighted to report that I finished "Spindle Sibling # 3". This pastel was a long time in coming. Last weeks piece did not SPEAK to me the way that this one does. The star of this piece is my Kauri wood spindle which I purchased from the Bellwether. The wool - a romney lock from a sheepie named Fennel! I am tickled to share this with you!! AND - I am also happy to report that I mailed my 20th pair of slippers for The Ship's Project to Nancie!! She is the coordinator for our Charity Focus at Spindler's. With all the activity that our military is engaged in - I am honored that my handspun & knitting skills are being put to good use for these brave men & women!! TAG ME ... you are it!!

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