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Friday, December 29, 2006

The New Year is upon us ... time to bid au revoir to the old and bienvenue the new. Times of change are so refreshing.

I typically do not make 'resolutions'. My past history dictates that I always lack the follow thru required to keep them. It is all good though, I know this is going to be one totally Kreative Year for me!

So - I will venture forth into 2007 with knitting needles, wool, paint brushes, sketch books and spinning wheels tucked under my arm. My goal is to Kreate and make my small corner of the planet just a wee bit better for all!

HaPpY New Year!
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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Christmas 2006 is now behind me. I am sad that it is now a good, no - scratch that - I am sad that is now a GREAT memory. It seems that the build up goes on for 6 long weeks - only to implode in a matter of hours.

C'est la vie. Weddings are the same way.

At least I have figured out that Christmas 2007 is in 362 days! Ah .... something to soothe my Elfin Soul! My friend Denise says I have "OCED" ... Obsessive Complusive Elf Disorder. I must agree. Truthfully - I have made notes for the coming Christmas Holiday. I do better if I am prepared.

Santa was good to me and there was absolutely NO stress. Remember how I love the small moments? Well, this past weekend was filled to the brim with them! I hope you were able to savor yours.

As I look ahead to 2007 - I look forward to a year filled with microscopic memories and pixels of Kreativity! I hope you will join me. As I say on my side bar ... the Playground is FUN when there are more kids playing!!

Today, I dyEd and carded up a storm! I have totally "Gone Batty"! How about YOU?

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Saturday, December 23, 2006

Santa is coming! Santa is coming!
A HUGE part of me still can not believe it is Christmas. I mean, wasn't I just typing not so long ago - that it was something like 200 degrees under a broiling summer sun?

Time flies - but I am enjoying the small moments. If one lives by small moments you can actually remember things like what you did, what you ate, and what you wore. In times which are frantic - these small, special moments are the one to savor.

As we head into 2007 - I am looking forward to an incredibly Kreative Year. One with twists and turns, curves and loop-D-loops, swirls and spirals. Embarking on a journey with straight lines seems a wee bit boring, yes?

One of the first things on being Kreative, is surrounding yourself with those who inspire. Take a look at paintings by Paris Breakfasts - AKA: Carol Gillot. Her work is inspirational and it truly makes you want to run to a local patisserie for a quick sugar buzz. Tres Beau!

My Dear friend, Stasia is very much the Muse. She made these wonderful things for me a while ago, and this past week, I wore them to DH's work Christmas Party. How can one not feel special when displaying such fine art pieces? The scarf was woven out of my "Mermaids Singing to Starfish" colorway and the jewels? WOW - so bling bling sparkly! Each charm has a special connection to my life.

Thanks again, Stas! You are such an inspiration!

Start the New Year Kreatively!! I will keep you posted on my journey!
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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Have I mentioned how much I am enjoying Christmas this year?

Yep ... I am feelin' the love and goodwill towards all! In the past, the intensity of the season has been overwhelming. Gifts! Bows! Cookies! Cleaning! Cards! .... you name it! I have tried to do it all in the hopes that I do not disappoint. Well, the only one who has been disappointed is me.

No more .... I love Christmas. Love the lights, love the music, love the surprises, and the closeness of family and friends. If you ask me - it is over way to soon.

This coming year - I have high hopes for a totally Kreative year! I also have high hopes to do more for those less fortunate.

So, sit, relax and enjoy all that you can. Instead of buying more gifts - BE a gift!! Remember .... Inspire Art! Create Art! Buy Art! Be ART!! Comments, please!

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Christmas will be here in 9 days. WOW!

That is pretty much all I can say. I still have packages that need to be placed in the post ... a few cards that need to be signed ... and a few things that need to be bought and placed under the tree. There is only one thing left to knit (Dubblemossa) .... and I am thinking that will become an "Epiphany" gift in January. Such is life outside of Whoville.

Two gifts are completed and await their turn at the wrap table ... nephew's St. Anton mittens and niece's lace scarf knit from alpaca. Got to love the fact that they are blocked too .... suffice to say, I have given damp woolies - fresh off the blocking pad in the past and the recipients, well .... they just didn't know what to say ....

In the spirit of the "9 Days left and counting down" - if you still need a quick gift for a fiber fanatic - I do know a place where you can get some Blueberry Moonshine .... Wink! Wink!
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Friday, December 08, 2006

I can remember making a promise to myself last year at this time - "Next Christmas - I will be ready!"

So much for promises. It isn't that I am totally befuddled in my gift making & purchasing. It is more like I have forgotten how to enjoy the Christmas Magic. More importantly - I am dismissing the notion of Christmas magic altogether.

Don't get me wrong - I am not "BAA-hum-bugging" it. I am quite taken with the sounds of Christmas music and the sparkle of Christmas lights. It is the notion of commercialism that beats negatively in my heart.

This week, I went to a "mall". It might as well have been another 4 letter word ending in "double L's". Most of the stores offered inferior merchandise with hefty price tags. UGH - no wonder I have lost the magic ... could I have bought into the media's feeding frenzy that Christmas is nothing more than inappropriate gifts inside non-recycable boxes & bags - tied with landfill choking ribbons and bows? I mean - should I really concern myself with what Britney Spears is purchasing this Christmas??


Dove Knits has blogged in the past about knitting toys! Look at these fun booklets I bought ... just because Miss Dove inspired me so! (Suffice to say - you are only seeing the 'Christmas editions' .....gggg!) These toys will be fun to make and even more fun to give!

In the next few weeks - do support your small shopkeeper, local baker, and fellow artist! Shop at a local winery, artisan cheese shop and butcher!! These people BASK in the glory of happy customers!
Christmas is magic ... It is all about discovering it by candlelight not under the BAAzillion fluorescents at the mall.

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