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Friday, February 29, 2008

Going to the Post Office

Ah ... it is Friday!

Today - I get to make a trip to the post office. Yes - a bill or 2 needs to be tossed into the mail box, but, I also get to mail some handspun/handknitted warmth to a few kids on the Cheyenne River Sioux Reservation. What *could* be better?

I don't know about you - but I am SO tired of hearing about the bad stuff. The news is filled with gloom & doom ... people seem to be frightened of the environment, the economy and even their neighbor. I say ... get your head out of your TV and make a difference! You want the World to change ... change it!

You want the environment to get better ... carry your own bags to the grocery instead of using those AWFUL plastic things! You want the economy to get better ... purchase from a artist instead of cheap, big box discount stores! You want your relationship with your neighbor to get better ... say "HELLO"! ~ I don't get why we make it so hard ... but, we do. Sigh .... Time to jump on the "HaPpY Bus" and make a difference.

Since we are always looking for new passengers to take a ride - here is the link for Macuwita sni O - in my box to the reservation?? 2 hats / 2 scarves.

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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Stop the World - I want to get off!

Yes ... things have been that crazy & hectic.

It is all good though ... I have been spinning up a storm and drooling over new yarns to make a zillion pair of fair isle mittens. Suffice to say - I must work through some of the stash first. :)

That goes for the fiber stash too. You know when you have wool, yarn, needles and pattern books in every room of your house - it is time to implode the stash mountain!

So - here is my latest carding adventure ... Cheap Sinks #2! These would be AWESOME spun finely & knit into sox!!

Off I go ... the World is still spinning .... and I need to spin some more too! WhEEEEEEEE!

Do SHOP at - &hearts 5% will be donated to Pittie Love Rescue!! &hearts

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Gone Battys & FOs

I have been trying to get things accomplished this month!

So far, so good - but there is always room for improvement. This week alone, I have sent 4 fleeces to the processor. These fleeces are from last year's shearing. Doesn't that kind of peak your curiosity has to how many I actually own?

The Gone Batty Battz have reappeared & are available for purchase. I love these beautiful bumps of fiber. They are so fun ... they are 'Thelma' to your 'Louise'! Wanna see?

Of course, Finished Objects are the creme de la creme of accomplishments. I was hoping to dry these babies out in the sunshine - a little to cold and a little to much wind. I made do by keeping them in the breezeway where that got snippets of sunshine when it broke thru the clouds. Here you will see a lovely assortment of hand spun skeins ... "Fontina" - one of Stasia's beautiful shetland sheepies! "Eunice" - an awesome black icelandic! Plus 2 miscellaneous colorful skeins! 2 handknit scarves for Macuwita sni! And last but not least ... a pair of hand dyed, hand knit sox! (Well, those just needed to be washed .... sigh!)

February is turning into a grand month to get things done! I still have a long way to go ... but things a looking better around here already.

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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Hearts the size of Elephants!

Today is February 14th.

It is a rose scented - chocolate covered - diamond sparkle - heart shaped holiday. While some who are single may long for a date this evening ... those with significant others cringe at the thought they they *just might* NOT bring home the perfect gift.

To much pressure - to much money wasted.

While anything above 1 carat is grand - imagine receiving something 'elephant-sized' ... imagine receiving an elephant!!

The Elephant Sanctuary is located in Tennessee. It is a place where elephants who lived the unnatural life as circus/petting zoo entertainment - can live out their lives with their elephants friends: free range amidst beautiful forests, clean pasture & sparkling, fresh waters.

Queenie is now my sponsored elephant. I chose her because after Queenie was abducted from Asia as a wee babe - she spent a good portion of her early years in NH - not even 20 miles from where I grew up. I am sure I must have seen her several times during the course of my childhood as my parents took me to "Benson's Wild Animal Farm" on more than one occasion. Funny how things come full circle, yes?

If you haven't purchased anything for your sweetie as yet - consider sponsoring an elephant. You can also feed an elephant for $30 (Queenie's favorite treat is bamboo!) or contribute to one of the elephant's endowments.

The Elephant Sanctuary is a 4-star rated charity. Donations are also tax deductible!

Thank you DH for this most awesome gift .... you are Queenie's & my Super Hero today! For those of you who haven't really thought about the beauty of these magnificent animals - please watch this & HaPpy Elephant Sized Valentine's Day!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Time to Save the World

Someone close to me has stated more than once, "You can't save the world."

My answer has always been the same .... "Why not?"

Seems kind of defeatist to believe that one can not make a difference on this GYnormous planet. We make a difference daily in the way we speak and act towards others. Being nice doesn't cost anything. Picking up a piece of litter on a sidewalk and throwing it in a nearby trash can makes the world a wee bit more beautiful, yes? (Please note ... I do carry Purell in my purse for a reason.)

I finished the pink scarf for Macuwita sni and started another from my handspun.

The autumn colors of the yarn are so pretty! My friend, SallEE, also known as knitnana wanted me to share the stitch pattern ... well, OK, it may be found Here!

It is so delightful to know that this scarf as well as so many other woolies will be sent to warm the bodies and souls of those who make the Cheyenne River Sioux Reservation their home.

Yep ... it is pretty cool to save the world. It is like you get to be a Super Hero everyday!!

(I am a hero to Diesel ... well, at least I think I am!)

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Saturday, February 09, 2008

More Knitting & wee skeins

So, what is in your knitting basket and on your spindle??

Recently, I showed you "Kos" - a rare Navajo churro that I had been spinning on my "Stasia #33" spindle ... ah .... the fruit of my labors! I love these wee skeins!

The knitting basket is teaming with activity as well! This past week, an informative article on Macuwita sni
appeared on the front page of the local Eagle Butte, South Dakota newpaper: The West River Eagle. It does a body good to do something for others.

So, in currently in my basket is a scarf being knit from some of my own "Kitchen Sink Battz". The colorway is 'Madame's Slippers' and it was spun by my friend Veryl.

I am loving the way it looks!!

What is in your knitting basket?
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Saturday, February 02, 2008

Project UPdate

Now that it is February ... I truly feel compelled to finish up 'stuff'. Whether it be UFO's or organizing - I feel like it all must be done 'NOW'!

My thoughts are turning to the vegetable garden and the planting of tomato seeds. Of yard clean up and flowers waiting to be born. I know winter will still rage on - but, my thoughts are somewhere in the future. They have to be .... Easter is very, very early this year.

On that note .... my current works in progress are:

** A Child's Watch Cap made from destashed yarns for Macuwita sni!

** The spinning of "Kos", a rare Navajo churro sheepie on my "Stasia 33" spindle!

** The
Sea Mineral Mittens!
- love the colors!

So - yes, I have been busy - but I am looking forward to actually doing more!!
How are your projects coming along??