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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Hearts the size of Elephants!

Today is February 14th.

It is a rose scented - chocolate covered - diamond sparkle - heart shaped holiday. While some who are single may long for a date this evening ... those with significant others cringe at the thought they they *just might* NOT bring home the perfect gift.

To much pressure - to much money wasted.

While anything above 1 carat is grand - imagine receiving something 'elephant-sized' ... imagine receiving an elephant!!

The Elephant Sanctuary is located in Tennessee. It is a place where elephants who lived the unnatural life as circus/petting zoo entertainment - can live out their lives with their elephants friends: free range amidst beautiful forests, clean pasture & sparkling, fresh waters.

Queenie is now my sponsored elephant. I chose her because after Queenie was abducted from Asia as a wee babe - she spent a good portion of her early years in NH - not even 20 miles from where I grew up. I am sure I must have seen her several times during the course of my childhood as my parents took me to "Benson's Wild Animal Farm" on more than one occasion. Funny how things come full circle, yes?

If you haven't purchased anything for your sweetie as yet - consider sponsoring an elephant. You can also feed an elephant for $30 (Queenie's favorite treat is bamboo!) or contribute to one of the elephant's endowments.

The Elephant Sanctuary is a 4-star rated charity. Donations are also tax deductible!

Thank you DH for this most awesome gift .... you are Queenie's & my Super Hero today! For those of you who haven't really thought about the beauty of these magnificent animals - please watch this & HaPpy Elephant Sized Valentine's Day!

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Mishkat said...

This was such a wonderful Valentine's gift! Thanks to "Mr. Kary" for doing this - and to Kary for thinking of it.