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Monday, November 24, 2008

Busy Izzy

I know a little girl who is as cute as can be. She is a wee 'toddler' and like most toddlers, she knows what she wants, when she wants it!! But, also like a toddler ... she has an attention span that flickers in nano seconds. I call her "Buzy Izzy".

"Buzy Izzy" is also my new persona. I have been trying to get tons accomplished - and, hopefully, I am succeeding. (Will let you know more how that is working for me *after* Christmas!)

It is hard to believe that mighty holiday is right around the corner. That said, I need to turn my eggnog into a few jumbo shots of espresso to kick some elf-butt. "Buzy Izzy" needs to up-her-game: I am playing Christmas music ... thinking thoughts of red & green ... and knitting like a banshee on a sweater that I wanted to wear on Thanksgiving.

Just so you know - that isn't going to happen. Please see my photo - may I present *The Back*:

All is not lost though ... my friend Joan, AKA Six Sisters creates wonderful art. Her talent is amazing - and I was lucky enough to be the recipient of one of her pieces ... a fabulous mixed media angel ornament. Yes ... this precious angel was all I need to get back on track - to pick up my sagging candy-canes, brush my tinseled hair and jingle my bells and say .... "HO HO HO!" Diesel is NOW pretty festive about the season too!

Thanks Six for this wonderful piece! I love her!!

Friday, November 14, 2008

What to do next??

I haven't been an active Blogger. Most of that stems from the fact that THE election is over , the global economy is a mess, Christmas is coming and I am just exhausted!

All is good though! As the old saying goes: "Everything happens for a reason." I couldn't agree more.

Sales have been slow at The Knotty Sheep. Again, the market *is* flooded with those who dye, spin & card to 'eek' out a modest paycheck. AND ... handspun yarn is a luxury during this trying economic time. I feel a tad despondent though ... meager sales mean a meager donation to Pittie Love Rescue.

I will persist though ... with one exception. I hope to spend MORE time drawing/less time playing with wool. The choice is a difficult one ... but - as 'everything happens for a reason' ... this just might be my wakeup call to do more ART. Please wish me luck ... and (shameless plug ----> ) Let's keep the economy going ... do Shop! WHEEEEEEE!

Friday, November 07, 2008

Starry Night Lover

Ah ... it is Friday!
The end of what feels like a very long work week. I have been battling bronchitis this week as my dad battles pneumonia. It is tough not being able to visit him ... he isn't the MOST healthiest branch on my family tree at this stage in his life. Unfortunately, the 'apple doesn't fall far from said tree!"

Today, I discovered a local radio station that is already playing Christmas music! Yes - I listened for several hours. I don't think Diesel will take to kindly to 7 weeks of Christmas carols ... but, he survived almost 2 years of listening to political campaigning on my radio & tv ... I think HE will think that the music is much nicer.

This weekend will be spent finishing my first Amaryllis mitten and spinning!! It is supposed to be a wee bit dreary in these parts .... perfect weather for creating with wool!
Starry Night Lover would make for good spinning .... but, of course - YOU may have first dibs at spinning it! WhEEEEEE!

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

The Fair Isle Continues!

The weather has chilled a wee bit - finally, it seems that all those outdoor bugs have either buried themselves for the winter or they have been released from their Earthly existence.
I like that - so does Diesel. Seriously, this dog makes my heart glow!

Tonight, as I watch the election results - I hope to finish the first Amaryllis Mitten! I am pretty sure that I will .... I don't really have all that much left!

SO - for those of you who are registered to vote in the US ... GET OUT THERE TODAY and VOTE!! In fact - it is an incredible KNOTTY thing to do!