The Knotty Sheep Shop

Friday, February 25, 2005

With shearing season upon us - I should be telling you of the wonderful goodies arriving at my doorstep! California Red!, Cotswold lamb! YuMMy! I should be taking pictures - but, at this point - they are traveling onward to the processor. (I do not *DO* dirty fleeces!) :)

But instead of telling you of my wonderful finds - I shall spare you the drooling and will turn my attentions on a wonderful writing class I am taking. It is via email - & it has been an eye-opener! I am telling you about it here - because when
Maitri's book is finis - I am sure everyone will be clamoring for her attentions. I envision an invitation to appear on "Oprah"!! It is THAT good!

I invite you to travel down the road of self discovery - it will be an interesting journey. AND the really cool thing is - you can take the journey in bed slippers! A portion of her proceeds go to various charities (check her BloG!) - giving back makes the Universe sing a little louder.

Feel free to take a peek at Wabi Sabi Writing I am REALLY glad I did! ..... Comments! Please. (No affiliation with Maitri - just a happy student and honored to have her as a friend!)

Monday, February 21, 2005

The weather outside is frightful - but the woodstove is so delightful! I LOVE our wood stove ... it makes these New England winter nights cozy & comforting. Yes - we received another blast of snow. Not to much - just about 5". I am wearing 2 sweaters - a pull over I knit a few years ago from North Islands Designs - and a cardigan that was bought in a mall kiosk at an 'after Christmas sale', also a few years ago. You know the type of sweater I am talking about: thick, bulky, scratchy. It was knit with something tantamount to airplane upholstery fabric. Heck, made shoveling the driveway bearable. I actually broke a sweat!

Tonight - "24" is on. Woo-Whoo! I will be sitting near the woodstove, spinning some merino & silk with sleeping doggies at my feet. I hope you N~joY your night too! Comments .... Please!

Friday, February 11, 2005

February has come in with a bang! After receiving almost 3' of snow last month - Mother Nature gifted us with another 6" yesterday. I am glad the water tables will be 'topped off' for spring/summer gardening. I was thinking of gardening today while shoveling ... guess I have tomatoes on my mind.

Tonight, will be a toss up between knitting & spinning. I started sox on the way to the Superbowl last week - and I have only completed about 4" of one tube. (The 'Spiral Tubes' from Socks! Socks! Socks!) Weird - but they are actually in Philadelphia colors - what WAS I thinking???

Tomorrow will be spent carding & dyEing. After all, vacation is over! If you are feeling Shoppie - I am really proud of "A Song is Born"!

Comments ... please!

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

HaPpY February!

In all respects - where exactly did January go? So, it was cold, dark & snowy - but it still flew by. C'est la vie!

I will be starting some sox this week!! Straight out of the "Socks! Socks! Socks!" book. Something EZ PZ ... a totally mindless venture. I have chosen the simple 'Spiral Tubes'. My mind is in a flux ... simple pattern, no heel - this should suit me for the upcoming week!

Do I have to remind anyone that the Superbowl is this coming Sunday??? Woo-WHOO! Two words ... "GO PATRIOTS"!!

Over the next few days - I will be headed to Florida to cheer the Pats on. NO! I don't have tickets to the actual game - just a cheapo flight & a nice room on the beach in St. Augustine. I hear the Fountain of Youth is there! YiPpEE ... maybe if I jump in I will get carded when I hit the bar! Comments ... please!