The Knotty Sheep Shop

Thursday, January 30, 2003

YIKES!! I can't believe all this time has passed since my last post. I know the Superbowl was last Sunday (yes! I was glued to the TV) - and that is the day I usually report my fibery happenings of the week. Well, life has gotten in the way - and I have decided that I will report fun, fibery, artsy 'doings' as I 'do' them. More fun, less 'reporting'. My pastel art classes are going well. I hope to post a picture soon. It is still a work in progress and I have promised my instructor that I would not touch it until my next lesson. It is a spindle with roving. Hmmm ... that would make quite a title! My instructor Kim, is AWESOME!! She opened her store after following her path set forth by "The Artist Way" (Julia Cameron). It is a phenomenal book pertaining to a higher level of creativity. I am reading it too, and, so far, I have yet to uncover any major items in my life. I will continue the journey - looking forward to every twist & turn. I also mailed out my 14th pair of slippers today for The Ships Project. I am so excited about this organization!! Please think of joining if you spin, knit or crochet! The military personnel really appreciate these warm woolen hugs from home! Tonight, I am not sure what kind of fibery adventure I will embark upon! Tonight just might be a great night to curl up under the handspun afghan and dream ... TAG ME ... touche!

Wednesday, January 22, 2003

Suffice to say: It has been VERY cold !! With the wind chill - it is brutal. Nothing warms the heart faster than a 'Happy Mail Day' !! The yarn I ordered as a belated Christmas gift to myself arrived .... yarn and sock pattern from Joslyn's Fiber Farm!! How I wish these socks were done NOW. I chose the 'Sammy Socks' pattern as the yarn is derived from samoyed rescues. It is a 50% samoyed/ 50% merino blend. Can we say W-A-R-M!!?? The colorway is called 'Moonbeams' - isn't that great?? I *think* 'Treebark' will be next on my list. I have used this yarn before ... 2 years ago, I made several warm scarves as Christmas gifts and heard nothing but compliments as to their warmth. ......... "Something for ME ... please!" My inner child has been screaming to get my attention ... well, she has it! Not only am I spinning a vest for myself - but I will also be knitting these socks. WOO-WHOO!! Come to think of it - the 'Treebark' colorway would really compliment the fiber for the vest - now - my inner child is screaming "CHARGE"!! Stay warm & wooly!! TAG ME ... touche!!

Monday, January 20, 2003

With all the football fun yesterday - I neglected Ol'Betsey!! (My name for my computer!) I am still weeding my way thru all the lists & emails ... it will probably take me sometime to do it too. This past week, wasn't overly fibery. I am reading both "The Artist Way" and "Simple Abundance" books and following their recommendations to living a more simple, creative life. I would venture a guess that would mean less TV - which would mean less football - but heck - the NFL games end next weekend anyway. (Then I will admit the thought of Arena football intrigues me!) Anywhoo - last week I completed a 2ply, 173 yard skein of a Cross Patch Creations colorway named "Victoria into the Woods" from The Bellwether . My friend Nancie was nice enough to let me have the last package that Amelia had earmarked for her ... thanks again Nancie!! I will now be working my way thru 5 bags - in the hope that it will become a vest for me!! I also completed my 11th pair of slippers for the Ships Project. With so many of our military deploying - seems like the need is great. I have included a photo of my latest pair (# 12) - I use the 'Favorite Slipper' pattern and I wanted to show you what they looked like prior to sewing. What is great about these slippers is they are knit with 2 strands of yarn on size 11 or 13 needles (they go quick)!! And they make great use of my spindle skeins. These slippers actually are made up of 5 different yarns - I do have a 'constant' 100% wool, commerical yarn running thru the whole slipper - but what a great way to use hand spun!! TAG ME ... touche!!

Thursday, January 16, 2003

Lately, my mind has been on Spring! I had received some 'paper-white' bulbs for Christmas. They were planted (in a pretty container!) last week - and they are currently residing by my kitchen window - slowly soaking up the sun. Each day, they turn a little greener and a little taller. I look forward to drinking in their beauty and perfume when they bloom - but for now - my thoughts turn to the new beginnings that this change of seasons will bring! Don't get me wrong - I know Spring is still is the not to distant future -and I am still enjoying the snow & cold!! But - I do love the 'new beginnings' aspect of Spring! The days have already started to get longer - the seed catalogues are here and the studio cleaning has begun. Since my thoughts are racing around preparations for my outside gardens - I thought I would share with you a new book I just bought. It is called Fairie-ality. I have always loved the thought of fairys (or fairies) popping around our woodlands & gardens. I think that they protect our flora from the ill advances of human-kind. Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, the noted doctor, states that she had actual photos of fairys that she had taken! (This revelation occurs in her book "The Wheel of Life" - a GREAT read!!). "Fairie-ality" is for those who love nature: flowers, feathers and a bit o' whimsy! AND with the approach of Spring - seems like fairy-dom has its wardrobe all set .... now, if only I could say the same thing!! TAG ME ... you are it!

Monday, January 13, 2003

I missed my Sunday confession! Sigh ... I guess that I was TOO involved with football. The season is all to quickly coming to an end. I am sad about that - as Sunday is 'my day': to rest; relax and regroup. I have always felt this way about Sunday - it is kind of a family day, just my husband & I , puttering around the house doing things separately, but yet 'together' if that makes sense. I do get a lot of fibery stuff done while watching/listening to sports. AND the really great thing is - if I happen to miss an important play - they always show it again on re-play!! That is pretty cool!! My fiber week went well, again all yarns completed are 2-ply: brown shetland, 34 yards; spring green bfl (the Copper Moth) 108 yards; GCNI 'Intrigue' (Running Moon Farm) 155 yards; oatmeal shetland 105 yards; black shetland 118 yards; and I completed my 10th pair of slippers for The Ships Project. Once again, I encourage one & all to participate in this worthy project - it seems like these hand made items are a real boost to those stationed far from their loved ones. I do have time to make someone else happy!! Speaking of being happy - The Daily Zen offers some great insight each day!! Try a random act of kindness each day this week - but Saturday, I am sure you will be positively GLOWING!! TAG ME ... you are it!

Sunday, January 05, 2003

It's SUNDAY!! That means ... fiber 'Fession time!! This week was a rather productive one - given it was New Year's Eve / Day and it was UNdecorating time. So - I am pretty proud. I completed 2 FO's!! Hip Hip HOOray!! The first being my 9th pair of slippers for The Ships Project. These knit up SO fast that I have to slow myself down. If I knit to quickly - my hands start crying in agony. Sigh ... My second FO is a scarf for my 'Secret Santa' from work. (Our celebration is THIS month as everyone was just to tired to do it last month.) It is a superwash merino, hand spun yarn which I had purchased a while ago. I LOVE the stitch - it is called 'the purse stitich' - AND it is really EZ - PZ! I did it on size 5 needles in the hopes that it would make my yarn last as I only had one skein. The stitch itself is incredibly stretchy and it is perfect for a 'lacey-type' scarf. My spinning netted 2 skeins of 2 ply: a shetland / southdown blend, 29 yards and 'skunk' (a black & white layered roving) , 36 yards. Both these spindle skeins will go towards SIS's afghan. I hope you are having a great weekend! Let me know what you think of the scarf! TAG ME ... you are it!

Saturday, January 04, 2003

HaPPy WHOLE Year - 2003!! I kind of shy away from the 'New Year' theme as I feel it suggests best wishes for just one or 2 days! I want to CELEBRATE the whole year ... as each day / season brings new opportunites to love; to create; and to work towards peace. The first 2 being really important for the third to happen. I will do my part this year ... please join me! I have been working feverishly on slippers for The Ships Project. See, love (for fellow human) + creating (knitting slippers) = peace. It may not be the world peace that we are all looking for - but I know it CREATES LOVE & PEACE in the hearts of the military personnel who receive them as well as THEIR family members who know that this one American appreciates their valiant efforts in defense of our freedoms! I have also decided, with the help of OPRAH - to do more for MY health this year. Not necessarily a diet - but just to watch what I eat & drink, and the portions to which they are given. Each time I DON'T have a snack or a second glass of wine or eat after supper, etc - I will reward myself. Hmmm - what I mean is - I will put $1 in an envelope that I will give to charity at the end of the month! Could be $5 - could be $50!! The way I look at it - I spend the $$ now or later ( medical bills, larger clothes, more food, etc). Seems like NOW is the better choice! I donated to GreyhoundFriends last month - this month, I think it will be ChildReach. LOVE + Creativity = PEACE. Maybe I should say - HaPPy WHOLENESS Year - 2003! TAG ME .... you are it!