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Saturday, January 04, 2003

HaPPy WHOLE Year - 2003!! I kind of shy away from the 'New Year' theme as I feel it suggests best wishes for just one or 2 days! I want to CELEBRATE the whole year ... as each day / season brings new opportunites to love; to create; and to work towards peace. The first 2 being really important for the third to happen. I will do my part this year ... please join me! I have been working feverishly on slippers for The Ships Project. See, love (for fellow human) + creating (knitting slippers) = peace. It may not be the world peace that we are all looking for - but I know it CREATES LOVE & PEACE in the hearts of the military personnel who receive them as well as THEIR family members who know that this one American appreciates their valiant efforts in defense of our freedoms! I have also decided, with the help of OPRAH - to do more for MY health this year. Not necessarily a diet - but just to watch what I eat & drink, and the portions to which they are given. Each time I DON'T have a snack or a second glass of wine or eat after supper, etc - I will reward myself. Hmmm - what I mean is - I will put $1 in an envelope that I will give to charity at the end of the month! Could be $5 - could be $50!! The way I look at it - I spend the $$ now or later ( medical bills, larger clothes, more food, etc). Seems like NOW is the better choice! I donated to GreyhoundFriends last month - this month, I think it will be ChildReach. LOVE + Creativity = PEACE. Maybe I should say - HaPPy WHOLENESS Year - 2003! TAG ME .... you are it!

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