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Thursday, January 16, 2003

Lately, my mind has been on Spring! I had received some 'paper-white' bulbs for Christmas. They were planted (in a pretty container!) last week - and they are currently residing by my kitchen window - slowly soaking up the sun. Each day, they turn a little greener and a little taller. I look forward to drinking in their beauty and perfume when they bloom - but for now - my thoughts turn to the new beginnings that this change of seasons will bring! Don't get me wrong - I know Spring is still is the not to distant future -and I am still enjoying the snow & cold!! But - I do love the 'new beginnings' aspect of Spring! The days have already started to get longer - the seed catalogues are here and the studio cleaning has begun. Since my thoughts are racing around preparations for my outside gardens - I thought I would share with you a new book I just bought. It is called Fairie-ality. I have always loved the thought of fairys (or fairies) popping around our woodlands & gardens. I think that they protect our flora from the ill advances of human-kind. Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, the noted doctor, states that she had actual photos of fairys that she had taken! (This revelation occurs in her book "The Wheel of Life" - a GREAT read!!). "Fairie-ality" is for those who love nature: flowers, feathers and a bit o' whimsy! AND with the approach of Spring - seems like fairy-dom has its wardrobe all set .... now, if only I could say the same thing!! TAG ME ... you are it!

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