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Monday, November 28, 2011

November - finally!

It seems like today I am finally back on track. While the move still isn't totally finished ... I am feeling like I am now home. It has been trying to say the least ... but, I am no worse for wear AND I finally (and I do mean finally!) - have both a fast & reliable internet connection!

I am looking forward to spinning more, knitting more, drawing more & blogging more! I dare say .... I am excited to do it all!

After visiting with my sister's family over Thanksgiving .... my niece has decided you wants me to knit the Eliza Shawl. Being almost 17 ... she was kind enough to give me a month ... I quickly stated a year. I will look into it ... but, I am hoping that this isn't just a teenage whim. I know **I** would look fabulous in it!

Just to let you know - I have been spinning a bit. While the outside temperature is screaming "Spring" ... I am still thinking "fall into winter." Sixty degrees is way to hot for me this time of year! So ...I am thinking Snowcap! Seriously ... Christmas is fast approaching!

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