The Knotty Sheep Shop

Tuesday, December 31, 2002

Happy New Year to one and all!! It seems weird to think that this is the last day of the year 2002. Where is all the time going too?? It was a year marked, for me, with new beginnings and eventful ends to certain things in my life. I hope that 2003 is one filled with peace, love, health and some time management would be nice too. This last week has proven to be quite interesting - computer crashes really do create chaos!! I have missed NOT being on line and visiting with my cyber-friends. Which leads me to say that my cyber-friends have truly become part of my heart and I treasure them dearly! Now - since I was not up & running on Sunday - here is my fiber week in review! All these skeins are 2 ply. (I honestly don't think I would ever use a 1 ply hand spun - would you?) A lincoln / shetland skein, 111 yards; 'forgot' wool, 34 yards; white shetland, 21 yards; shetland/southdown X , 15 yards; and 'mystery' wool, 12 yards. These smaller, spindle spun skeins will be used for SIS's (matching) afghan for Christmas 2003. YAY!! I am tickled that she liked mine so much!! I also started a scarf for a secret Santa swap for work which will be held sometime in January. I am using an interesting stitch and I will go into more detail (with photo) when completed!! I hope that this message is the first of many ... I am fearful that ol' Betsey, my computer, is still not 100%!! Sigh ... I hope that 2003 serves you well!!! Stay safe & celebrate responsibly tonight!! TAG ME ... you are it!

Thursday, December 26, 2002

Happy Day After Christmas!! I hope all those the celebrate the holiday - did indeed enjoy it! I also hope that Santa was good to you & yours!! Even though I wasn't in possession of the 315 million dollar Powerball ticket - I did perfectly fine!! Hazel Rose Looms!! A Bosworth spindle in grenadilla!! The Sock Calendar!! Soaps from Goodies Unlimited!! Bruins tickets!! HO! HO! HO! But - the fun didn't stop there - today I ordered a sock kit from Joslyn's Fiber Farm!! OK - I had asked for one - didn't get it - so in the patriotic spirit of things (buy! buy! buy!) - I did!! I ordered the basic sock kit in Sammy yarn / color 'Moonbeams". If I enjoy doing it - I think I must also have the colorway "Treebark"!! ~~ Christmas itself was spent with family! It was a grand time - in a good old fashioned, New England snowstorm! Kudos to the people of 'JEEP' for making remarkably durable vehicle!! Thank-you!! ~~My MOM also gifted me with 'THE AFGHAN'!! She crocheted this Granny Square afghan!! It has taken a year to complete. It is also totally hand spun by MOI!! Completely all natural sheepie colors - all but the border was drop spindled. The border - a BL / coopworth X named 'Heady" was wheel spun. It fits comfortably on a twin sized bed - but it will be used in the den when a chill is in the air! My SIS wants one next Christmas - same colors - I will just need to find a grey fleece for her border!! AND - I have already begun spinning for it!! Christmas 2003 - will NOT catch me unawares!! Check this out: Christmas Countdown Clock!! I will keep it as a link in the side bar ... just to keep ME on my toes!! TAG ME ... you are it!!

Sunday, December 22, 2002

Only 3 day until Christmas - OK - 2 shopping days ... boy, time DOES fly when one is unprepared. I am not saying that I am a total lost cause - but I do vow to start thinking of Christmas 2003 on January 1, 2003! That should give me plenty of time to get things completed, wrapped and sent out in a timely manner. More importanly - I want to ENJOY the season. This is the most magical time of all and everyone around me is stressed, unfocused and uncentered. This disharmony spreads havoc & chaos like a disease. That is why I vow to manage my Christmas-EE 'self' better next year. I spun a great deal today - and will continue tonight as the Patriots play a must win game against the NY Jets. Go PATRIOTS!! Anywhoo - in my 'fibery confession' segment, I completed a 112 yard, 2 ply skein of "Heady" , a BL/ coopworth X for the now infamous and yet to be completed afghan; 68 yards, 2 ply merino which will be used in a pair of slipper for The Ships Project and last but not least, a 25 yard, 2 ply skein of coopworth which I spun on my hatchtown production. I love having these little skeins around!! I also painted my holiday KLAUDETTE studio pillow - which I hope will arrive at its destination before Tuesday. I hope that everyone is able to relax and enjoy the abundant miracles of the season!! TAG ME ... you are it!!

Thursday, December 19, 2002

I have been very remiss about posting of late!! AND I feel as there is no particular cause of the 'blog hiatus". Sure, I can blame work or Christmas or illness or 101 other varied excuses. But, excuses are what they would be!! I *think* that I just needed a few mental health days to concentrate on ME & MY things. 'My things' are laundry & grocery shopping! House cleaning & dog time!! Christmas shopping & Klaudette drawing!! All take time & energy - and a few days here and there are definitely warranted!! I DID break my 'fiber hiatus'!! I made 30 days without buying fiber. I cracked when a fellow spindler started her own dYe shop! Alice's 'Wonderland dYeworks' is open for business and the BFL batts are just beautiful! .... my 2 colorways arrived today! "Just before Sunrise" and "Forest Rainbow". She doesn't have her website up yet - but I will post it when she does!! The batts feel heavenly / the colors to dYe for!! - and maybe I will play with them on the wheel tonight. We will see - I am not making plans just yet! I will post my fiber confessions THIS coming Sunday! There wasn't to much to post about last week - and unless I go gangbusters tonight & tomorrow - there won't be too much fiberness to discuss THIS Sunday either!! And Christmas is less than a week away!! Are YOU ready?? TAG ME .. you are it!!

Sunday, December 08, 2002

Fibery 'Fession Time!! And I must say - I am not overly proud of my lack of production this week. I DID complete a KLAUDETTE, which sold in one day on eBay!! YAY!! I DID complete and mail my 8th pair of slippers for The Ships Project!! I absolutely LOVE making these things!! AND I am glad that some wonderful member of our military is able to keep their feet warm because of my handspun!!! I DID also finish a 2ply, 123 yard skein for the afghan my Mom is making. Last week I incorrectly stated that this afghan was a 2 year work in progess. It has actually just been a year!! Seems like it has been forever!! I *might* even suggest to my sister that Mom & I collaberate on another afghan for her family for NEXT Christmas!! Sigh .... projects! Projects and MORE Projects!! This week - I hope to do more. I still need to Christmas shop - but our tree is UP!! No small feat considering all the STUFF we had to move out of the way to get to the attic 'crawl space' door!! Did I mention this door is in my studio???? TAG ME .... you are it!

Tuesday, December 03, 2002

COLD! That is the best way to describe today ... I mean, this is like January COLD! What is a girl to do except laundry & shop! Hey, with Christmas just around the corner - I must start!! But, today was also a day of gifts!! In the mail, from my friend Stasia I received a wonderful box of goodies!! A statue of the Southeast Light on Block Island (how cool is that??), stickers, a spindle holder for my Klaudette bags!!, hand lotion , a little bit o'beach and a cookie mold in the shape of lighthouses! How could I be cold after remembering all the fun I had in the surf & sun just a mere 2 months ago?? Boy - does time fly. This box really & truly boosted by spirits. Thanks Stas!! BUT - I still HAD to shop. It was a retail therapy kind of day. Chuck, if you are reading this **STOP**!! warning Christmas gifts for me ahead ......... first, I ordered myself some new soaps!! Aubrey of Goodies Unlimited makes the best soap in the world. My favorite - the Stress Free, Green Tea soap. Those antioxidants work wonders!! I also ordered myself the new Sock Calendar . Doesn't it look like FUN?? AND - maybe, just maybe a spindle or 2 - but that remains to be seen!! Still - no fiber!! Today, I celebrate my 29th day! It has been hard - but things are looking good!! Hope your day was as wonderful as mine!! TAG ME ... you are it!

Sunday, December 01, 2002

The long week end is over. I will be glad to slow down my life again - living at the speed of sound is not my cup of tea. For the next three weeks - it will be more of this hectic pace which utterly DRAINS me. My spirit weakens - my soul collapses. Then - I get cranky! It is cold here - and they are predicting colder weather for this week. Wood stove time!! Woo-WHOO! It is usually lit everynight to take the chill off the house and us. It warms the heart, soul & mind! It is truly one of my favorite things that I love about our home! It is confession time for me ... and I actually DID get a good amount of spinning accomplished!! Here goes .... (all are 2 ply skeins) greeen corridale, 91 yards; a finn X & alpaca blend 32 yards; a corridale & GCNI blend, 15 yards; a wool & angora blend, 15 yards; a coopworth, BL X , 93 yards; and shetland, 25 yards. You can pretty much tell what I did on a spindle! All of the natural colored skeins were given to my Mom as she is crocheting an afghan for us. This afghan has been in the works for 2 years. It would be nice to have it for THIS Christmas, but I don't thing it will happen. I can dream though!! What did accomplish this week? TAG ME ... you are it!