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Thursday, December 19, 2002

I have been very remiss about posting of late!! AND I feel as there is no particular cause of the 'blog hiatus". Sure, I can blame work or Christmas or illness or 101 other varied excuses. But, excuses are what they would be!! I *think* that I just needed a few mental health days to concentrate on ME & MY things. 'My things' are laundry & grocery shopping! House cleaning & dog time!! Christmas shopping & Klaudette drawing!! All take time & energy - and a few days here and there are definitely warranted!! I DID break my 'fiber hiatus'!! I made 30 days without buying fiber. I cracked when a fellow spindler started her own dYe shop! Alice's 'Wonderland dYeworks' is open for business and the BFL batts are just beautiful! .... my 2 colorways arrived today! "Just before Sunrise" and "Forest Rainbow". She doesn't have her website up yet - but I will post it when she does!! The batts feel heavenly / the colors to dYe for!! - and maybe I will play with them on the wheel tonight. We will see - I am not making plans just yet! I will post my fiber confessions THIS coming Sunday! There wasn't to much to post about last week - and unless I go gangbusters tonight & tomorrow - there won't be too much fiberness to discuss THIS Sunday either!! And Christmas is less than a week away!! Are YOU ready?? TAG ME .. you are it!!

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