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Sunday, December 08, 2002

Fibery 'Fession Time!! And I must say - I am not overly proud of my lack of production this week. I DID complete a KLAUDETTE, which sold in one day on eBay!! YAY!! I DID complete and mail my 8th pair of slippers for The Ships Project!! I absolutely LOVE making these things!! AND I am glad that some wonderful member of our military is able to keep their feet warm because of my handspun!!! I DID also finish a 2ply, 123 yard skein for the afghan my Mom is making. Last week I incorrectly stated that this afghan was a 2 year work in progess. It has actually just been a year!! Seems like it has been forever!! I *might* even suggest to my sister that Mom & I collaberate on another afghan for her family for NEXT Christmas!! Sigh .... projects! Projects and MORE Projects!! This week - I hope to do more. I still need to Christmas shop - but our tree is UP!! No small feat considering all the STUFF we had to move out of the way to get to the attic 'crawl space' door!! Did I mention this door is in my studio???? TAG ME .... you are it!

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