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Tuesday, December 03, 2002

COLD! That is the best way to describe today ... I mean, this is like January COLD! What is a girl to do except laundry & shop! Hey, with Christmas just around the corner - I must start!! But, today was also a day of gifts!! In the mail, from my friend Stasia I received a wonderful box of goodies!! A statue of the Southeast Light on Block Island (how cool is that??), stickers, a spindle holder for my Klaudette bags!!, hand lotion , a little bit o'beach and a cookie mold in the shape of lighthouses! How could I be cold after remembering all the fun I had in the surf & sun just a mere 2 months ago?? Boy - does time fly. This box really & truly boosted by spirits. Thanks Stas!! BUT - I still HAD to shop. It was a retail therapy kind of day. Chuck, if you are reading this **STOP**!! warning Christmas gifts for me ahead ......... first, I ordered myself some new soaps!! Aubrey of Goodies Unlimited makes the best soap in the world. My favorite - the Stress Free, Green Tea soap. Those antioxidants work wonders!! I also ordered myself the new Sock Calendar . Doesn't it look like FUN?? AND - maybe, just maybe a spindle or 2 - but that remains to be seen!! Still - no fiber!! Today, I celebrate my 29th day! It has been hard - but things are looking good!! Hope your day was as wonderful as mine!! TAG ME ... you are it!

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