The Knotty Sheep Shop

Thursday, May 26, 2005

I am *so* ready for a long weekend!!

The weather here has been nothing short of "ark-like" ... Drenching rains! Gusty winds! Bone chilling dampness! Great for wearing wool ... Bad for the freshly planted vegetables.

After 4 days of insurmountable drudgery, I made it into the garden (read: the compost needed to be emptied). My tomatoes & eggplant look fine - the few seeds that became uncovered were happy to receive a 'tap-tap-tap' back into the soil. I am hoping the sun will make an appearance this weekend ... I need a Vitamin D fix.

Of course, this weather does NOT lend to a quick dry time of hand dyEd Sock Yarn skeins! MoMMa Mia!! I did manage to snap a 'still' of these babies!! On top, left to right:
"Creamsicles on Bicycles" and "Taffeta Tutus of the Rose Fairies".
On the bottom, left to right: "Queen of the Lavender Fairies" and "Jazzy Frogs on Electric Lily Pads". And if you are feeling Shoppie - there is no time like the present ... Wink! Wink!! Be Knotty this weekend!! Comments .... Please!

Monday, May 16, 2005

Tonight ... 24 is on TV. Both DH & I got totally hooked on this show - just this year! Now, for those of you who do NOT watch it - SHAME! It is so cool and so addictive - and it is "Season 4"! Keep in mind what I just 'said', DH & I got hooked THIS year!

What are groupies to do?? Well, purchase "Season 1", borrow "Season 2", purchase "Season 3". We couldn't find anyone to mooch the 1 & 3 off of so - eBay and Amazon won our business. Suffice to say - this show makes Kiefer Sutherland a 'hoTTie'!

So ... while I wait for 9pm to arrive - I will spin, knit AND stir the dYe pot! But don't think for a moment that "24" is my only addiction. Fiber *does* play into my psyche!! Another *new* favorite thing - dyEing sock yarn! Love it! Love it! Love it! What do you think of Cocktails on Nantucket ? Comments .... please!

Thursday, May 12, 2005

I have been knitting - much to the chagrin of my dyEing & carding.

Earlier this week, I had lunch with my parents (who live out of state). My ClaPpY was resting ever so gingerly upon my shoulders. I admit to looking a tad cosmopolitan! (Suffice to say - I looked *good*!) Anywhoo - dear MoM announced that said ClaPpY is just the thing she needs to keep the chill at bay when she does her VEGAS junket. You guys to know that I live in New England, right?? Well - she gets chilly playing the slots.

More Brooks Farm yarn will be ordered. It will be an early Bday gift.

Since I am not "Slap-CLAP-HaPpY" at the moment - I decided to use a wee bit of my handspun for a scarf. I recently became aware of the neatest charity:
The Dulaan Project. They ship warm woolies to Mongolia! Perfect for all the sox, mittens & scarves that tend to accumulate in a knitter's stash. The next shipment must be received by July 1 (snail mail is on their web site) - plenty of time for a pair of sox or 2. Currently, I am working on The Morning Surf Scarf - yes - there are dropped stitches - but it is spun from alpaca & silk - so it provides lightweight warmth! I buy yarn/fleece - I donate to a charity who needs it! It keeps a wonderful balance in my Universe! Comments - please!

Friday, May 06, 2005

I am HaPpY for several reasons today!!

First, it is Friday. Granted, on *this* particular weekend, weather forecasters are predicting that an ARK will be needed for transportation. I am quite despondent about the forth coming gloom & doom as I was traveling a wee distance for a yarn & bead pilgrimage. Won't happen this weekend .... woe is me!

Second, The Knotty Sheep has now collected over $200 for the
Southeast Llama Rescue! I am delighted, but I still hope to do a lot better by the time my self imposed deadline of October 31,2005 arrives.

And last, but not least .... I am ClaPpY HaPpY!! My Clapotis is FINIS! I love it and plan to make one or two more. I *know* I need to make one for a friend for Christmas .... but, this could become a staple in *my* wardrobe. I used Harmony yarn in the Amarillo colorway from Brooks Farm Yarn. I chose it due to my penchant for wearing jeans every day. I recommend the yarn highly. Wonderful softness - high luster! Well, what do you think of my newest FO?? ..... Comments, please!

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

I have been SO busy knitting my Clapotis that I haven't truly focused on anything else!! I started said "ClaPpY" last Thursday - I would like it to be FINIS tomorrow. How cool is a one week FO??

Of course that means I will be doing a little marathon knitting session tonight .... C'est la vie!

But while I am suffering from the "Clap" - my mind has also been wandering to the out of doors. I guess I am lucky (??) that the weather hasn't been overwhelmingly beautiful of late. While I am able to satisfy my "ClaPpY" cravings - I truly enjoy springtime flowers and the beauty they bring. You can too ... not only will you be helping those with disabilities - your yard will be beautiful ... you will also be saving plants from being destroyed AND - did I mention, they are FREE?? (OK - there *is* a $6.95 processing/shipping fee - so, they are *almost* free!)

FREETrees& was brought to my attention by a local news station. Thank you Channel 5!! So - the next time you surf the internet for fleeces & fibers - surf a bit for some flowers too! N~joY!! Comments ..... Please!