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Thursday, May 12, 2005

I have been knitting - much to the chagrin of my dyEing & carding.

Earlier this week, I had lunch with my parents (who live out of state). My ClaPpY was resting ever so gingerly upon my shoulders. I admit to looking a tad cosmopolitan! (Suffice to say - I looked *good*!) Anywhoo - dear MoM announced that said ClaPpY is just the thing she needs to keep the chill at bay when she does her VEGAS junket. You guys to know that I live in New England, right?? Well - she gets chilly playing the slots.

More Brooks Farm yarn will be ordered. It will be an early Bday gift.

Since I am not "Slap-CLAP-HaPpY" at the moment - I decided to use a wee bit of my handspun for a scarf. I recently became aware of the neatest charity:
The Dulaan Project. They ship warm woolies to Mongolia! Perfect for all the sox, mittens & scarves that tend to accumulate in a knitter's stash. The next shipment must be received by July 1 (snail mail is on their web site) - plenty of time for a pair of sox or 2. Currently, I am working on The Morning Surf Scarf - yes - there are dropped stitches - but it is spun from alpaca & silk - so it provides lightweight warmth! I buy yarn/fleece - I donate to a charity who needs it! It keeps a wonderful balance in my Universe! Comments - please!


KnitNana said...

Really lovely, Kary! Such a worthy cause, too!

Pamela said...

Your scarf is looking great Kary. I love the pattern and your handspun yarn is divine.

Deborah said...

Pretty, pretty scarf!

Happy said...

I looked at this scarf last week and printed out the pattern. Seeing your's makes me 'really' want to make one. Do you think I could use a baby-weight yarn for it? I have some in my stash (would keep me from buying yet more yarn....)

Ruinwen said...

You handspun looks so warm and soft. I love the pattern too!