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Thursday, May 26, 2005

I am *so* ready for a long weekend!!

The weather here has been nothing short of "ark-like" ... Drenching rains! Gusty winds! Bone chilling dampness! Great for wearing wool ... Bad for the freshly planted vegetables.

After 4 days of insurmountable drudgery, I made it into the garden (read: the compost needed to be emptied). My tomatoes & eggplant look fine - the few seeds that became uncovered were happy to receive a 'tap-tap-tap' back into the soil. I am hoping the sun will make an appearance this weekend ... I need a Vitamin D fix.

Of course, this weather does NOT lend to a quick dry time of hand dyEd Sock Yarn skeins! MoMMa Mia!! I did manage to snap a 'still' of these babies!! On top, left to right:
"Creamsicles on Bicycles" and "Taffeta Tutus of the Rose Fairies".
On the bottom, left to right: "Queen of the Lavender Fairies" and "Jazzy Frogs on Electric Lily Pads". And if you are feeling Shoppie - there is no time like the present ... Wink! Wink!! Be Knotty this weekend!! Comments .... Please!


Pamela said...

Oooh, pretty yarns, just right for the sunny colours of summer :)

KnitNana said...

Love the purples!! Just gorgeous, and so me and it's not fair I can't use wool...