The Knotty Sheep Shop

Tuesday, September 23, 2003

I am screaming with delight over my new auction win! Nope - not from eBay - but from the wonderful FUNd raising auction provided by DANCE AS EVER ! Who could resist a hand knit, Bonnie Franz, cotton jacket with the word PEACE knitted in 98 different languages?? Certainly not I! If you scroll down the auction page - you will find my new wearable ART piece. I will be stalking my mail box until it arrives. I am tickled that I am helping the ARTS which inspire, enlighten and educate all of us thru various mediums. I encourage anyone to assist these precious programs when they can. Government funding has diminished so many ART programs in recent years! ART is a GREAT way to nourish the soul and experience life in a creative way!! THINK ART! AND - to TOTALLY change the subject .... I also recently discovered the pleasures of liquid soap. I am not talking about the run of the mill, harsh & abrasive store bought stuff. I am referring to liquid GOLD - that refreshens and relaxes at the same time. A delicate, pleasing scented soap that makes you want to wash your hands ... A LOT!
BAUDELAIRE SOAPS are fabulous. If you are looking for something new or perhaps a wonderfull gift - I recommend these soaps HIGHLY! TAG ME ... you are IT!

Thursday, September 18, 2003

I have finally been busy in the studio once again! YiPpEE!!
Once I begin to create - it keeps on coming. I find it weird when that happens. A momentum develops and I gladly accept it into my life! All to often, distractions keep me from what I want & what should be doing. I procrastinate and then get frustrated when I don't accomplish certain things. It feels great to finally be on track! Klaudette has made a come back and I must say, I am pretty proud of
KLAUDETTE! TAG ME .... you are it!

Thursday, September 11, 2003

So - I truly haven't fallen off the face of the earth. I find summer to be SO unproductive for me. I can not stand the heat or humidity! Give me a cool (or cold) New England day - and I am in heaven. I have decided to plunge - fearlessly- into my art & fiber passions. "The Knotty Sheep" website will miraculously appear in cyber space one day - I will be offering my Klaudettes and fine art pieces. I am tickled and I hope to complete it soon. On the knitting needles: The Everyday Cardigan from PEACE FLEECE in the Ancient Fern colorway. Their yarns and colors are spectacular!! AND - I love the fact that it helps wool growers from various parts of the world. Truly - it is a Peace FULL enterprise. The BAGHDAD BLUE is truly inspirational!! On Miss Robin, the wheel - silk from Carol, THE SILKWORKER - although, miracle worker is more like it!! Carol has an incredible eye for color! Her silks are always in demand - so much so - part of me didn't even want to share her website!! (Bad ME!!) :) What have you been up to??? TAG ME ... you are it!