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Sunday, December 30, 2007

After Christmas Snowflakes

Ah .... Christmas! I miss it already. Is it OK to say that there are only 361 days until Santa stops by once again??

I don't partake in mall shopping therefore, I miss the return frenzy. My gifts were either made by moi or fellow artists. It felt good to support those who use their hands to make their living. In most cases, I find those that create tend to walk gently upon the Earth. Some artists even support great causes/charities ... yep ... you don't get that at a mall.

Of course, now, I totally feel 'back on track'. The visiting has waned and food preparations have returned to normal. The decorations are still up and they will be for at least another week. I hate to let go .... good byes are difficult. :(

But while the festivities have ended ( I don't *do* New Year's Eve ) - it is time to knit for those in need. This weekend, I parked myself in one of my favorite chairs to knit for Macuwita sni . Diesel urged me on.

I started
Kathleen Taylor's Snowflake Hat.
I used some Dale of Norway Hauk that I had stashed.

Of course, with the Patriots playing some history making football - I knit & knit & knit some more.

I dropped the needle size down to a 2 ... and I do love the way the Hauk knit up. Check out it's innards ....

All in all a good weekend. The Pats are 16-0 and Macuwita sni is getting a new hat! Bring on 2008!
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Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Eve

Well, it is here - the most special night of the year.

It is the night of miracles & magic. Of mystery and moments. It is the night of memories - I think each of us would love to be a child once again.

I remember the anticipation of Santa. Just when I thought I couldn't fall asleep because I was about to burst from excitement ... it became morning and my stocking was so stuffed, it couldn't hang any longer. Santa placed on the chair to the right of the fireplace. Yep - I had the right, my sister had the left .... we never deviated. I guess that was the beginning of a tradition - my stocking still hangs on the right, my husband's, the left.

Christmas has such glorious memories for me! As an adult, I do understand that some folks remember their Christmas' differently. Yesterday, while in Church, I noticed during the final prayer that the man in front of me was holding a picture of a young boy in his left hand. A small girl swayed on his right. But, the man stood there, holding this dog-eared, laminated photo of this happy & handsome boy with his eyes closed and in deep prayer.

The tears welled in my eyes as we moved into song. I wanted to know more: was the boy ill? Did he pass?? I respected his moment of silent prayer and said one of my own ... to the little boy in the dog-eared, laminated photo. Merry Christmas to you ... the man in prayer and the little girl who knows Santa is coming tonight.

When I returned home, I found myself quietly surfing Etsy. I noticed a 'call to arms' for a pre-Christmas disaster. A young mother (and shop owner on Etsy) had passed away in a motorcycle accident and she left 2 small boys behind. All the details are Here - there is a long list of items which have been donated & the proceeds will be sent to the young boys ... a paypal account has also been set up: fund_for_dawns_boys [!at] and an adorable photo of the boys is HERE.
I hope Santa stuffs their stockings extra, extra full tonight ...

Please shop from the wonderful lists of donated items OR send a contribution, no matter how small to their paypal account. Dawn was a single mom and I don't know how I would proclaim the magic of Christ's season to these young boys ... I know the proper Words would be given, but it would be a struggle.

Tonight ... do light a candle & say a small prayer for all those who suffer. While we rejoice and await Santa & the birth of a small babe - there are many whose hearts will break.

Next year at this time, maybe Dawn's boys will be holding a dog-eared, laminated photo of her while swaying to the sound of an organ. But for now - I hope their hearts heal in time ....

Merry Christmas to you ... and may we all use this coming year to love one another, help one another and respect one another. As Oprah says - the New Year is "another chance to get things right"! Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Christmas - 8 Days and counting!

I am having a hard time believing that Christmas is just over a week away. Seriously, when did *that* happen?

While not totally ready - there is a quiet calm about me. I don't understand why I am not stressed ... although, why go looking for trouble?

In my mind - my thoughts are already embroiled in the makings of Christmas 2008. WHAT? AM I crazy?

Most likely ... YES! To add fuel to the fire ... or yarn to the stash as it were - I am on a journey to knit 25 Christmas Stockings. My thought is to use these stockings as an 'advent calendar'. You know, hang one each day until finally, the last one is hung on Christmas morning.

Don't think even Martha Stewart has come up with that!

The "Gold Brocade" was the first .... this "Reindeer Peace Fleece" is the second ... Holey Moley .... 23 more to go! Woo-WHOO!

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Sunday, December 16, 2007

In search of TREASURE!

A couple of weeks ago, I entered into a Treasure Hunt that the Etsy for Animals artists were sponsoring on ETSY. It was a journey through various artists' shops in search of animals. It was fun ... and a way to see the talent that makes up EFA!

Well, I won! My treasure arrived yesterday and all I can say is "WOW"! My box o'treasure was not only stuffed to the breaking point - the treasure is FAB!

There was a totally 'hot' Christmas hostess apron from Akcupcake; beautiful crocheted wash cloths from Tantalizing Stitches; a beautiful purse from Midnightrabbits; fun & funky earrings from This is It Creations; a beautiful lampwork heart from Rosebud 101; an awesome knitting bag from WSHKR; a whimsical card from Unique Grabs; beautiful mini sculptures from Nanjo Dogz; and additional FUNness from Carelia and Spiral Kins!

I find it very cool & inspiring to be in the company of such wonderful, generous and talented folks.

Yes - Christmas is coming ... time is of the essence, but it is never to late to support artists who support the animals! After all, New Year's is just around the corner - the Epiphany on January 6th .... I will even dare to mention Valentine's Day. Special events & holidays always seem to POP up quick .... SHOP EFA! - we have you covered!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Love my new stamp!!

Faithful readers of this blog know that I love Etsy! It is a wonderful community of artists just bursting at the seams with talent. They are creatives waiting in the wings for their moment of discovery! (What rocks is that **I** am one of those creatives too!!)

Anywhoo - most of my Christmas shopping has been done on Etsy. I love sitting in my slippers mulling over goodies and creating my own wish list - ( which is actually rounding the bend and coming up on mile number 2! That is one long list - but the talent is that extraordinary.)

One of the items I recently purchased was for The Knotty Sheep. I had wanted a 'thank you' stamp for a bit. I thought it would be fun to stamp my orders as they leave the studio - it kind of says "Hey - I am 'in business'!"

Enter Sweet Papery! I saw Farrah's stamps and viola ... 'thank you' became 'thank ewe' and the rest is history!

It is official ... the orders leaving the studio are cool!!

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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

The Guernsey is almost finis!

The Guernsey is almost finis!

Yes - I am very excited. It is a Designs by Louise pattern. Perfect for the beginner who wants to be a wee challenged. I mean... this guernsey has a fun 'tree' pattern with likeable mock cables. This isn't your plain stockinette/garter stitch beginner sweater! This pattern held my interest and knit up quickly in worsted weight Peace Fleece.

This was the first sweater I can remember knitting that had the sleeves picked up from the body of the sweater. This will make seaming ... EZ PZ! AND who doesn't like EZ PZ seaming??

If I don't put my Christmas Tree up tonight ... I will finish it. Hmmm .... what to do?

Part of a sleeve, the neckline & seaming or a Christmas Tree?? Stay tuned!

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Friends make your Spirit sing ....

Friends make your Spirit sing .... and your heart burst open with JOY!

Thank YOU Stasia ... This Knotty Sheep still has tears in her wee eyes!

Monday, December 03, 2007

Snow means Spin

Yesterday was one of those gray, winter days. A storm was brewing - a cold, raw wind blew against the windows.

The wood stove was crackling ... Diesel was lying all snoozy & dreamlike - it was to be a 'spinning day'.

Jacob was the perfect choice. A little gray - a little lofty. I spun it almost 'lopi' like. It was plied, not only for durability, but also to allow the colors to dance together.

While this isn't the best photo in the world to show you the delicate color shadings - you just might be able to see it's loftiness.

Of course ... if you are looking for "colorful" color shadings ... do check out my
Plum Wine Swingin' Singles currently available the "Etsy for Animals Shop"! 100% of it's purchase price will be going to Little Angels Pug Rescue!! How cool ... this month at EFA it is totally "Hug-a-Pug"!!

Who will be lucky enough to purchase "Plum Wine"?

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