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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

The Guernsey is almost finis!

The Guernsey is almost finis!

Yes - I am very excited. It is a Designs by Louise pattern. Perfect for the beginner who wants to be a wee challenged. I mean... this guernsey has a fun 'tree' pattern with likeable mock cables. This isn't your plain stockinette/garter stitch beginner sweater! This pattern held my interest and knit up quickly in worsted weight Peace Fleece.

This was the first sweater I can remember knitting that had the sleeves picked up from the body of the sweater. This will make seaming ... EZ PZ! AND who doesn't like EZ PZ seaming??

If I don't put my Christmas Tree up tonight ... I will finish it. Hmmm .... what to do?

Part of a sleeve, the neckline & seaming or a Christmas Tree?? Stay tuned!

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