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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

The Olympics are FINIS for another 2 years. I have mixed emotions over their ending - well, now it is on to Beijing, 2008.

My knitting wasn't 'gangbusters', just one solo fair isle mitten was complete. Did you happen to see Melanie's Parade? MoMMa Mia, I am in awe ... I can't wait until she posts the pattern for the "Olympic Flame" socks!! (I did mention Beijing in 2008, right? If I start them as soon as she posts the pattern - I am pretty confident they will be done in time!)

Now I am on to mitten #2, plus I will continue to spin & card wool too. I call it "Cross Training"! Comments, please.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

How are your knitting Olympics progressing??

Suffice to say, I am glad to be an UNofficial athlete. My fair isle mittens bit the Big One. I crashed & burned. I fell on the ice. I 'yard saled' (hip snow boarding lingo!) I straddled a gate. In knitting terms ... they got frogged.

I am currently using a size 5 needle as opposed to 4 - and they are looking so much better. Will keep you posted.

But, I have been having fun playing too. Check out my latest
Swingin' Singles! Aren't they pretty?

I am having a ball creating them!!

And for those of you who love animals - I thought that I would share a wonderful on line resource: Animal Voice. Poke around in this site - your emotions will run the gammet. My friend Alicia, who is a REAL LIFE inspiration to me - pointed me to this horrific situation: Save the Horses! . While you & I may not be able to save the Whole World this minute - maybe we can start by saving a little piece of it this second. Comments, please!

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

EARTH DAY is right around the corner!! While once thought to be a haven for hippie celebrations and granola- loving tree huggers - Earth Day is a reminder for all of us that we each share both an equal & important part in our planet's future.

So - in the coming weeks, I ask that you consider how YOU can improve your little part of the world. Recycle more?? Bring your canvas/knitted/felted market bags to the grocery store?? Compost organic waste?? Walk instead of ride when you can?? Turn down your household thermostat a few degrees?? ME?? I am starting something new today: a 5 minute shower!! The timer is coming in with me and when it goes off, I come out! (While some of you may already take a 5 minute shower, I like to grow webbed feet!) This should be interesting!
Wish me luck!

Progress is being made on my Fana Mittens. My tension is tight - which is causing me a wee bit of grief .... my hand barely fits!! I doubt that blocking will do the trick. And the thumb?? MoMMa Mia - I still don't know if I am doing it right. C'est la vie ... if not, off to the frog pond they will go, then Lo' and Behold, if I redo them, they may actually fit!! Comments, please!

Monday, February 13, 2006

How are your Olympics going??

Well, on the Torino front ... I am confused. Sometimes I hear "Turin" - most often I hear "Torino". Feel free to enlighten me. I am geographically challenged.

So far, I haven't minded the coverage. I usually worry about mass-market showmanship as it pertains to the "host network". Bob Costas is no Jim McKay. Short of seeing "Punk Rock Cardio Man" at the Opening (someone can enlighten me here too - what *was* up with that??) ... I have been faithful to them everynight - at least until 10:30 pm.

On the knitting front - I started a pair of fair isle mittens out of my handspun. No pictures yet! The way the bottom is curling - I might need to block them before public viewing!

I did manage to dYe/card a bit! I introduce you to Lillette .... Comments, please!

Saturday, February 11, 2006

The Opening Ceremonies have started ... and well, I just couldn't decide what event to enter in the Knitting Olympics.

Fair Isle?? Spinning?? Sox?? Mittens?? Each event has it's own technical requirements - it's own fantastic challenge with an equal time constraint.

So, during this Winter Olympics, I will sit on the sidelines, cheering for the good Ol' U S of A - with my knitted fair isle cap gracing my head and quite possibly my Dale of Norway "Lillehammer" adorning my soul.

I will spin - I will knit - and I will collect these achievements like medals earned ... only to display them proudly at the closing ceremonies!

I raise my needles to the wind and tap them loudly - to cheer all the athletes & knitters a like. May all your dreams be fulfilled over these next 2 weeks.

And while I sit and contemplate which projects to do - I take solace in the fact that I have a least one thing (oops - 2 things, we are both from NH!) - in common with Bode Miller (who, by the way - I REALLY, REALLY like.) - we will both be toasting (hiccup!) the athletes - Olympic Style. Luge, here we come! Comments, please!

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Today, I made my doggies cookies.

That is right, home baked, fresh (almost) organic cookies. They deserve it. They don't ask for anything ... and yet, they are always there to comfort, to console and to love. My Motu & Diesel ... you are the best!

Now - I mentioned these home baked cookies are "almost" organic ... seems like my flour is *not*. Sigh ... try as I might, organics are difficult to locate. But, here is a tip I will share concerning the produce you see at your grocery store: (courtesy of "Vegetarian Times", March 2005)... Produce Stickers, Buy the Numbers ....

** 5 digits, starting with 8 ... The produce was genetically modified. (My interpretation ... STAY AWAY!)

** 5 digits, starting with 9 ... The produce was grown organically.

** 4 digits , the produce was grown conventionally.

Oh the doggie cookies??? Aren't they cute?? Comments, please!

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Busy! Busy! Busy!

Now that I have achieved Fair Isle Nirvana - this past weekend was spent creating, once again for The Dulaan Project. To date - I have used over 7 POUNDS of STASH! Holey Moley! I still have much to do - but the process is fun.

Check out the "Onion Dome" hat made from Peace Fleece. Sturdy and warm ... I love the way it worked up. The pattern called for a picot crochet edging - well, that is a wee bit above my head. I managed some type of 'crochetness' to soften the edges ... I looks *really* nice if I do say so myself!

I also was playing in the DyE Pots!! Can you believe that Ola Lola came out of ONE pot??
I am in OVER-drive .... Look out!! Comments, please!