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Monday, February 13, 2006

How are your Olympics going??

Well, on the Torino front ... I am confused. Sometimes I hear "Turin" - most often I hear "Torino". Feel free to enlighten me. I am geographically challenged.

So far, I haven't minded the coverage. I usually worry about mass-market showmanship as it pertains to the "host network". Bob Costas is no Jim McKay. Short of seeing "Punk Rock Cardio Man" at the Opening (someone can enlighten me here too - what *was* up with that??) ... I have been faithful to them everynight - at least until 10:30 pm.

On the knitting front - I started a pair of fair isle mittens out of my handspun. No pictures yet! The way the bottom is curling - I might need to block them before public viewing!

I did manage to dYe/card a bit! I introduce you to Lillette .... Comments, please!

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Denise said...

Turin is the English translation of the Italian word Torino. Just like Florence is the Anglicized name for the city of Firenze. I say tomato, you say tomahto. :)