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Saturday, February 11, 2006

The Opening Ceremonies have started ... and well, I just couldn't decide what event to enter in the Knitting Olympics.

Fair Isle?? Spinning?? Sox?? Mittens?? Each event has it's own technical requirements - it's own fantastic challenge with an equal time constraint.

So, during this Winter Olympics, I will sit on the sidelines, cheering for the good Ol' U S of A - with my knitted fair isle cap gracing my head and quite possibly my Dale of Norway "Lillehammer" adorning my soul.

I will spin - I will knit - and I will collect these achievements like medals earned ... only to display them proudly at the closing ceremonies!

I raise my needles to the wind and tap them loudly - to cheer all the athletes & knitters a like. May all your dreams be fulfilled over these next 2 weeks.

And while I sit and contemplate which projects to do - I take solace in the fact that I have a least one thing (oops - 2 things, we are both from NH!) - in common with Bode Miller (who, by the way - I REALLY, REALLY like.) - we will both be toasting (hiccup!) the athletes - Olympic Style. Luge, here we come! Comments, please!

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