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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Today, I made my doggies cookies.

That is right, home baked, fresh (almost) organic cookies. They deserve it. They don't ask for anything ... and yet, they are always there to comfort, to console and to love. My Motu & Diesel ... you are the best!

Now - I mentioned these home baked cookies are "almost" organic ... seems like my flour is *not*. Sigh ... try as I might, organics are difficult to locate. But, here is a tip I will share concerning the produce you see at your grocery store: (courtesy of "Vegetarian Times", March 2005)... Produce Stickers, Buy the Numbers ....

** 5 digits, starting with 8 ... The produce was genetically modified. (My interpretation ... STAY AWAY!)

** 5 digits, starting with 9 ... The produce was grown organically.

** 4 digits , the produce was grown conventionally.

Oh the doggie cookies??? Aren't they cute?? Comments, please!


Stasia said...

Hi Miss Kary, the pooches must have LOVED those! King Arthur Flour has organic, artisan flour, and they have a website and they ship quickly. :-)

Their bread flour is THE BEST!

Nannette said...

Your pups are beautiful! Bet they ENJOYED the cookies. =))

We use organic flour (and other products) from Bob's Red Mill. Love their products and the company. Be sure to read their "about us" and "our history" pages. Gotta love a company founded by a man who left "the real world" to follow his heart, milling grains the old fashioned way!