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Friday, June 25, 2010

Drinking Moonshine ...

Ah - Drinking Moonshine! One would think *THAT* is what I have been doing since February when I last posted!

Trust me, dear readers - that is, *if* I have any readers at all at this point, I promise that the last several months I have not been indulging in excess libations!

Life is a journey of twists & turns. That we all know - I have just been more twisted of late. No spinning, no knitting. While there have been sad good-byes over these past weeks - there have also been wonderful new beginnings!

Just as Spring turned into Summer - my creativity began flowing once again. I do not blame the Muse for running away ... she indeed had WAY to MUCH *Moonshine*!

This is Jaeger's new sister. We adopted her at the end of February (see? notice the timing of the last post!) Moonshine is now 9 months old - she is adorable and JoyFULL and ALL puppy. She is also deaf. Jaeger loves her & she torments him - Life is good!

So - I am officially back. Look for knitting, spinning & drawing news ... I plan on doing it all - as well as read more books& DO more fun stuff!!

Feels GREAT to be back!