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Friday, September 23, 2005

There is nothing better than a fibery sabbatical!! That is just what I will be doing in the coming week .... spinning, knitting on the Aran Pocket Shawl, dabbling in a few items for The Dulaan Project!! I *need* to do this. No carding - no dyEing - just total playing!!

Nothing says Fiber Sabbatical like a big box o'fiber!! Mr. UPS man .... thanks so much for a wonderful "Bon Voyage" pressie!! I think everyone needs to get a Palette Sampler of their very own!! This box is just shy of 2 FEET in length ... YiPpEE!!! See ya next week - this is going to be one serious sabbatical!!

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Last week, I carded 18 oz of wool, and I spun over 9 oz. I like being productive. It is a tad ironic that we amass such fiber stashes, only to look forward to a decrease in their size. But, in life's scheme of things, wool and yarn seem harmless enough. I mean, to my knowledge, none of this stuff has ever come to life.

Progress has also been made on the Aran Pocket Shawl! I actually visited a yarn shop this weekend, and purchased some "Artful Yarn, Portrait" in the "Fazio's Mistress" colorway. (How can you not LOVE the name??) This is going to highlight the fuschia and orange tidbits in the "Buffalo Browniski", Peace Fleece. Not only that, I am going to love the contrast between delicate and lacy against the textured worsted background! ... Check it out:

I still have a bit of work to do on the shawl .... let's just say 17 more repeats (each repeat is 18 rows.) Busy! Busy! Busy!!

Should I mention I have fallen in love with this Sweater ??? Comments ... please!

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

YAY ... The SALEing pages have some new additions. WhEEEE!!!

Of course, I have been busy - mostly spinning. And while I do believe it is mostly 'nervous energy' from all that has been going on in the world, it does get the job done: the stash gets minimized and there is more wool yarn to be made into warm garments for those who need it. The spindles even came out to play!!

The top spindle - my Kauri wood is spinning some cashmere and silk. The bottom spindle, is my Moosie Bossie - with the nocila shaft. This is spinning my 'carding leftovers' from > Rock, Paper, Scissors ! It is almost WEB-like!
Both spindles are 2 of my favorites, aren't they pretty??

AND ... my Spin-Off arrived yesterday! I must admit - these hats are going to make REALLY warm additions for The Dulaan Project! Time to start spinning some chubby yarns!

While there is still much to talk about in the South - I prefer to add continued prayers and blessings to all the folks who have been touched by Katrina. There has been much sadness and negativity - and it continues - but I trust that the Light will over power the Darkness. The glow of Goodness overshadows those who choose to make matters worse whether it be 'bolstering their own agendas' or stealing ones credit card number! Light! Light! Light!! That is what I choose to see!

Speaking of Light .... did you all know about this??
Auction by Interweave?? It will benefit the Red Cross!! YiPpEE SkiPpEE! I feel a bid or 2 coming on! :) Comments ....please!

Thursday, September 08, 2005

I ask you to stop by and visit my friend Stasia ... it is her Birthday today! HaPpY Birthday mon amie!!

While I haven't been overly productive this week, I did manage to do several wash cloths for "Katrina" survivors. Cloths for Katrina is a great way to show our fellow humans that we care. It is a small way - but one that is personal and unique.

Birdsong was interested in seeing how I was weaving my wash cloths. Using either Lion Brand Cotton or Sugar N'Cream ... these Hazel Rose Looms make quick work of a much needed item. They are wonderful to use .... I gave quite a few as gifts last year!

Today, I also posted a Member's Only Special on my YahOO Group - do you like hand painted yarns and wonderfully prepared artisian spinning batts??? Methinks you should join and check it out!! ;) Comments .... please!

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

I was busy this weekend! I love 3 day weekends - I wove wash cloths for Katrina survivors! I knit a Breast Cancer Awareness wash cloth for a friend who is hosting a 'movie night' at her house in order to collect donations for her upcoming 'walk'! And, I spun! Got to LOVE doing everything in the name of giving to others.

I dyed the lincoln/merino x roving in wonderful warm colors: red, yellow and orange. Doesn't it look wonderful, blowing in the sea breeze??

Of course, the colors just blended wonderfully, still looking crisp and bright!

Check out the fun coils!! This is destined to be part of a hat for The Dulaan Project !

Life is sweet ... especially when helping your fellow humans.
Comments .... Please!

Thursday, September 01, 2005

What do tomatoes, a book and money have in common? Katrina.

I grew the tomatoes, organically, in my garden. Last week, I brought the same colander into work- overflowing - indulging my colleagues with fresh, glorious fruit! Today, I walked in with an envelope and a note saying "Did you like the tomatoes?? ... Donations gladly accepted for the 260 animals moved from the LSPCA to Houston before Katrina hit - Please help them". I netted $30 that will be forwarded to Houston!! (Thanks Stas for spreading the word!)

The book?? "Out of Harm's Way" by Terri Crisp. This is a must read for all animal lovers. In fact .... Terri's organization Noah's Wish is in constant need. It is a 'no-brainer' ... this will be The Knotty Sheep's charity of choice for the coming year.

Maybe tomatoes are a small way to help ... but today, it was my way. Comments ... please!!