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Thursday, September 01, 2005

What do tomatoes, a book and money have in common? Katrina.

I grew the tomatoes, organically, in my garden. Last week, I brought the same colander into work- overflowing - indulging my colleagues with fresh, glorious fruit! Today, I walked in with an envelope and a note saying "Did you like the tomatoes?? ... Donations gladly accepted for the 260 animals moved from the LSPCA to Houston before Katrina hit - Please help them". I netted $30 that will be forwarded to Houston!! (Thanks Stas for spreading the word!)

The book?? "Out of Harm's Way" by Terri Crisp. This is a must read for all animal lovers. In fact .... Terri's organization Noah's Wish is in constant need. It is a 'no-brainer' ... this will be The Knotty Sheep's charity of choice for the coming year.

Maybe tomatoes are a small way to help ... but today, it was my way. Comments ... please!!


Stasia said...

Can I just tell you that you are my hero? LOVE YOU!

Stasia said...

KARY! Where DID you every find that Sacred Spaces site in your sidebar? It is AWESOME! Hugs!