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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

I was busy this weekend! I love 3 day weekends - I wove wash cloths for Katrina survivors! I knit a Breast Cancer Awareness wash cloth for a friend who is hosting a 'movie night' at her house in order to collect donations for her upcoming 'walk'! And, I spun! Got to LOVE doing everything in the name of giving to others.

I dyed the lincoln/merino x roving in wonderful warm colors: red, yellow and orange. Doesn't it look wonderful, blowing in the sea breeze??

Of course, the colors just blended wonderfully, still looking crisp and bright!

Check out the fun coils!! This is destined to be part of a hat for The Dulaan Project !

Life is sweet ... especially when helping your fellow humans.
Comments .... Please!


Melanie said...

It's good to be selfless every now and then. Good for the heart. Dulan, breast cancer, katrina... you are ON TOP of it!

Birdsong said...

Kary - I want to see a photo of the woven washcloths; I just love it when someone is doing something out of the ordinary while the rest of us are knitting them. Very pretty yarn photos!

LadyV said...

Your spindles in your latest post are pretty. I didn't get an order in for a "moosie", looks like it would be a great spinner.

I'm glad to see a Hazel Rose loom being used. I need the inspiration to put mine to work:-)

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