The Knotty Sheep Shop

Thursday, February 19, 2004

No news flash here: I HATE washing fleece. I am no good at it and I never want to do it again! PHEEWW! That feels better. Feels like a weight has been lifted as it seems everyone I know in the fibery world has no qualms about washing fleece. Truly - I am NO GOOD at it! AND with 4 fleeces coming as soon as their respective shear dates are over .... Look out!

Since today is Thursday - it is my ARTIST DAY! This is time that is set aside that I go in studio and play with pastels. I finally finished "Marcus" (side note here - I began in November 2003!) . Marcus lived on Redbud Wool Farm and Linnet ... His person, was kind enough to let me draw some of her sheepies. This is for her ... and Marcus! TAG ME ... You are it!

Thursday, February 12, 2004

Things have been busy in my studio since the new carder arrived! I have been having a ball creating lovely batts of wool. Of course they are FOR SALE! Feel free to place a bid ... My husband would be delighted if you did! :)

With the new carder came my INSANE desire to purchase raw fleeces! WHY???? I HATE preparing my own fleeces - but things change as we grow! To ease into the process, I am starting with 2 pounds of raw Suffolk. I ordered it from Abi at High Prairie Fibers ! Got to love a shepherdess who also does parrot rescues. Hats off to you, Abi!

Then, there are 2 coming from Linnet at Redbud Wool Farm , and 1 from Bonnie at Sheepy Thyme and then today - I found out that I am getting a hogget fleece from my friend Alicia who named a churro after me! Woo-WHOO! I am so excited .... REALLY SCARED .... But excited!

So as I said .... Feel free to buy or bid at The Knotty Sheep - I need the room! TAG me ... You are it!

Thursday, February 05, 2004

The Superbowl has come and gone and I will not be complaining as the New England Patriots won!! For those of you who love QB Tom Brady, his popularity increased a MILLION fold. To bad I am married or I am sure he would be banging down my door! C'est la vie!

I recently ordered a Fricke Petite drum carder! The time will tick slowly by until it reaches me. I hope to create some really interesting blends - but as with any new tool , test drives will be important. Hope I don't hurt myself - those things look sharp!

But, what is a girl to do during the recent colds spells? (I would say - long, dark days - but it *IS* getting brighter out there daily!) The answer of course is to SPIN and draw!! TAG ME ... You are it!

Sunday, February 01, 2004

SUPERBOWL SUNDAY! It is here! Can YOU believe it?? I am just so excited - that I think I will burst! I am planning on bringing my Ship's Slippers to knit upon while at a friend's house. I am not one to care that corporate America is spending 2.3 million on a 30 second ad (don't really know if that is an accurate figure, but I know it is close!) - so I will sneak a row in here & there. The mailing period is this week - so they MUST be completed!

My creative juices were flowing ... I have been pushing that proverbial 'creative envelope' and LOVE BUGS
was the result!! I had a ball (HA! no pun intended) doing this skein and I look forward to expanding my 'novelty' yarn inventory. I really like the fact that the sky is the limit when it comes to imagination!

GO PATRIOTS!! Tag ME ... YOU are it!