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Friday, July 24, 2009

Help fight Lupus!

Yes - Life is keeping me hopping! But, it is all good. I am beginning to feel very 'troll like'. I am toiling away ... getting much accomplished & a ton of wool spun!

One thing that has made me crawl out of my little hole: I just had to share the news that my friend Alicia, is walking for Lupus. Actually, she is walking so a cure for Lupus may be found ... soon!

If you are able, please toss a few tax deductible dollars her way. I know she would love your sponsorship!

Well .... back to troll-ville I go! WhEEEEE!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Kreative Cooking

Over the past several weeks, I have been struggling with Kreativity. I know YOU all know what I mean.

I struggle to find the time to indulge my Soul when the inner House Frau seems to beckon louder than my more sensitive Muse. That House Frau received a good dope slap yesterday!

While I hope to ignite that Muse this weekend .... I started last night by cooking something that I used to eat quite frequently as a little girl. Since both DH & I are of Lithuanian descent, both of us enjoyed what I call "BAHB-KEE" & what he calls "KOO-GLEE-US". It is a potato dish with tidbits of salt pork.

The weather was cool enough to warrant this rib-sticking side!

Shredded potatoes, onion, eggs, seasonings, salt pork:

I cooked it for an hour in a cast iron pan that HAS to be at least 70 years old!

It was YuMMy ... and quite a surprise for DH when he came home from work! Suffice to say - there is NONE left this morning.

I need to perfect it a bit & I can't wait to taste my experiments!

The amazing thing I noticed: Kreativity happens daily in moments we let slip by. We need to recognize & embrace those moments ... they are delightful tidbits for the Muse to feast upon!

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Farewell ....

“Let us dream of tomorrow where we can truly love from the soul, and know love as the ultimate truth at the heart of all creation.” Michael Jackson

Let me just say ... I wasn't a huge Michael Jackson fan. His music touched most of my youth and his incredible talent was jaw-dropping. Like most Lights that fade, we only miss them as we stand in the dark.

His Life & Death has been & will be scrutinized for the rest of our life time. I don't think that we should mock or speculate as I think if it were not for his celebrity status & our willingness to believe the media - maybe just maybe this Light would still shine.

In this day & age of instant news - we are to quick to judge people that we will never know. We are wanna-bes who think that we 'know' the celebrities of the world. We don't & most of us never will.

Maybe by believing & recirculating stories that we knew nothing about personally - collectively we drove someone to try to escape that Spotlight by any means necessary. I think, being human, most of us would try to escape too.

He was different. He was talented. He was one of a kind. Maybe more of us should be individuals instead of conforming to mass-marketing & advertisements... I am just sayin'....

I wish his children Peace and the Gift of being 'left alone'. I hope his family will carry on his legacy of World love....
I think more of us should have believed in HIS message instead of worrying about the way he looked.