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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Things have been a bit slow for me this week. While I have wanted to do more - the body has said 'no thank you'. Not that I am holed up in bed, but aches and pains are more prevalent than they used to be. A sign of winter on the horizon? A sign of age creeping up my spine? A sign of to much chill and dampness the last 2 weeks?? Hmmm ..... one wonders.

The best intentions sometimes fall by the wayside in times like these. I wasn't able to dye and card as much as I would have liked, but I did get to play with some Sari Silk!! YuMMy!! Quiet comfort on a damp day. This colorway is actually called
Out of This World!

But, wool aside - one thing I can do in the chilly dampness with sore legs & a bad back is to march for a good cause . Got to love descending on the Capital in droves to make a statement!! Join me in letting those in power understand that Global Warming should only mean knitting sweaters & blankets for those in need. Comments, please!

Friday, October 21, 2005

I completed my lacey scarf!!!

It took me a week - and the final measurements (blocked) are 9" x 74". I still have about a half a ball left of 'Portrait' - just didn't want the scarf OVERly long. My wish is for a piece which compliments - not OVERpowers!

Now, all I must do is to finish the Pocket Aran!

I am also in a quest to spin AND card a pound of wool each week. So far, not even close. (My closest totals being 14.4 oz spun & 5.8 oz carded.) Don't cha just love challenges??

I leave you a picture of Miss Lace. Comments, please!

Monday, October 17, 2005

In addition to the Pocket Aran Shawl and it's Lacy Scarf counterpart, both on the needles, I have been spinning. I have tried to devote at least an hour a day to it. My wheel feels loved, I am producing some wonderful skeins and it is decreasing the wool stash. Granted, I haven't even made a dent in the 'wool pile' as of yet, but, at least I *feel* better and DH sees some tangible evidence that I am working on deSTASHing. (Yes - that does mean I will buy more!)

This is what I did over the weekend:

Add that to my basket of skeins that need to be dyed and/or 'twist set' - and MoMMa Mia .... I am looking a tad productive! Comments ... please!

Friday, October 14, 2005

Last night - I just HAD to start something new. I had just finished plying a 3.8 oz skein of a marvelous silk & wool blend and I just couldn't bring myself to work on the Pocket Aran Shawl.

I still have 9 pattern repeats - so I *am* closing in on it's completion - but I just wasn't into *it* last night. Enter the Lace Scarf to match said shawl!

What can I say?? It was something new, a different texture, a way different pattern and since I am only using 27 stitches on sized 10 needles ... this baby will be done in a flash! I love the Artful Yarns / Portrait that I am using. What colorways! I indulged in Fazio's Mistress - oo la la!!

The EZ PZ lace pattern can be found HERE.

How many of these things do I *need* anyway??? The colors are so YuMMy!! Comments .... please!

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

While it has been dark, dreary and rainy for almost a week, I think it is important to keep focused on being creative. It is easy to wallow in the drudgery. Not much inspiration to be had when color is no where to be seen. It is very grey outside!

Yes - I have been dyEing and carding wool. That lends to sparks of color - but I needed a quick fix!

Today, I purchased the BEST book for sketching. (No - not colorful now, but *think* of the possibilities!!) It is leather bound with hand made paper. While a tad on the chunky side - it's rustic beauty has blown me away. It looks as though it is straight out of DaVinci's era and as soon as my new pencils arrive - DaVinci, move over!! I feel some major artwork coming on!! Barnes & Noble .... who knew there were such treasures?? Comments ... please!

Friday, October 07, 2005

I am in WICKED destash mode. I think it is because I am more into "spring cleaning" in the fall. Of course, this is due to the fact that once the cold and snows arrive, I huddle by the wood stove and play with fiber.

Suffice to say, I just don't like to be in hibernation with a bunch of clutter.

Not that I am admitting that tidbits of left over yarn and bags of wool are clutter - I am just thinking that I am claustrophobic and it has got to go. (Shearing season *will* be here again before I know it!)

The Dulaan Project is working wonders for me. Some charities specifically want knitted items to be made of acrylics. As a spinner ... no can do. I have to much wool. Therefore, I am knitting away with 2 strands of wool! I like to say it is because it produces a warmer item but, truth be told, I am also thinking of the destash factor. Admittedly, I LOVE the color schemes that get produced - free spirited colorways that take no prisoners.

I will be keeping a destash total under my "Dulaan" tally on the left side of my BloG. So far .... 3 hats ... just over 8 oz used. Currently, I am knitting a scarf with left over Peace Fleece and sock yarn .... makes a fun sculpture don't you think?? .... Comments, please!

Monday, October 03, 2005

Back from sabbatical!!

It was fun and relaxing AND I had a 'lightbulb' moment. Seems that I am spending way to much time doing things other than creating. Well, D'uh!

In some respects, day to day living can bring tidbits of inspiration. Words or pictures can strike a chord within and rise to become a masterpiece. But, day to day living can get in the way of JOY - it goes without saying *that* happens only if it is allowed.

Being on sabbatical is a necessary component to my muse. While I may not be able to take them often, having an "Artist Day" weekly (as per Julia Cameron) seems like a given.

(Just for the record though ... I did spin almost a pound of wool AND I knit 3 watch caps for The Dulaan Project last week! WhEEEEE!)

Hey, did you happen to see THIS? Sigh ... it is in the queue! Commments .... please!