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Monday, October 17, 2005

In addition to the Pocket Aran Shawl and it's Lacy Scarf counterpart, both on the needles, I have been spinning. I have tried to devote at least an hour a day to it. My wheel feels loved, I am producing some wonderful skeins and it is decreasing the wool stash. Granted, I haven't even made a dent in the 'wool pile' as of yet, but, at least I *feel* better and DH sees some tangible evidence that I am working on deSTASHing. (Yes - that does mean I will buy more!)

This is what I did over the weekend:

Add that to my basket of skeins that need to be dyed and/or 'twist set' - and MoMMa Mia .... I am looking a tad productive! Comments ... please!


Melanie said...

What is it about baskets of fiber or yarn that just look so great? I'd rather have that than fruit anyday!

Nannette said...

Love all the spun fibers! I need productivity like that!!!!!

Hope your day is a GREAT one!