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Monday, December 29, 2008

One scarf finis!

Christmas has already become a wonderful memory. The tree is still up - and it will be so for a while. I am just not ready to say 'good bye' to such a wonderful time of year.

I like the New Year too. Not the whole "Eve" thing ... DH & I will be staying at home without all the fanfare of this one night. The only thing a like about this holiday is that it reaffirms 'new beginnings'. That it is absolutely 'ok' to start over.

This weekend, I created a few things! One is the red, white & blue scarf from yarn I received from "Berti". I love the way the colors have randomly created *the* most unique pattern. ( Great job, Berti & thank you! ... I still have 2 more skeins!) Being that it is Patriotic in nature - I will be gifting it to a friend who's son is in Iraq.

I also managed to card up "I Met an Angel at Breakfast!" This is one celestial colorway. I am thinking *this* would make a glorious scarf too!!

I have much to do this coming year ... more carding! More knitting! More charity stuff and, actually, more living! Life is to short not to celebrate daily! N~joY!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas EVE

How I adore Christmas Eve!

As a child, the anticipation of the following day was a heart-stopper! As an adult, without children, I have been trying to recreate the magic. I am not quite there, yet, but I will be - hopefully next year.

I have extremely high hopes for the coming year. While it is easy to say I wish for 'world peace' and the 'end of hunger/disease' and a kindler & gentler Universe - I understand that *I* have to be more at peace. That *I* have to do my part to end hunger/disease AND that *I* must be kinder & gentler to all living things.

These tasks will not come easy - but they are tasks that I will *really* try to achieve.

Recently, I found this beautiful stashed handspun that I received from "Berti" in a Spindler's Secret Santa Swap from 2005. Berti, if you are out there ... this stuff is SO soft - and the red/white & blue colors are striking quite a pose on the scarf I am making with 2 of the skeins sent.

Obviously, more photos to come!

As I contemplate the year passed as I celebrate JOYously (yet responsibly!) over the next few days ... I also look forward to the anticipation of 2009. The coming year is sure to be a heart stopper too! HaPpY Christmas EVE!!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

The First Snow

It seems a little strange to post about snow & not show photos. I will save that for a later date ...... seems we will move beyond the 8" we received yesterday afternoon as early as tomorrow.

I don't mind. This day is being spent seeing Diesel having a blast in the snow ... and then retiring near the wood stove.

It is a day to wrap gifts while listening to familiar Christmas songs. It is a day that I will prepare a small turkey dinner for me & hubby ... to eat it in the dining room, on 'the good stuff' - just because today is a JOY!

This is part of the magic of the season!

It is also a day to knit & spin. Recently, it was MINUS 20 degrees on the reservation of the Cheyenne River Sioux, South Dakota. Both school & work were closed as the wind chills made the temps even more frosty!! Yes, I must knit faster for Macuwita sni - warm wool items are so needed this time of year!!

But, I will also take time to do some spinning in front of the wood stove too (move over Diesel!) I love the rhythm that the wheel produces - and with the warmth of the stove, it brings me to a simpler time. I love that!
My latest creation: Christmas Trees in January! After the snows of this weekend, I think the trees will be covered with snow for quite some time! WhEEEEEE!

Monday, December 15, 2008

10 days til' Christmas

The fact that we are 10 days from Christmas is ..... WOW!

My tree is up and the music is playing. Lights are blinking and the woodstove is roaring. The Spirit of the Season is here .... it is a time to share & love. It is time to give more than we can ever dream of receiving.

My scarf for "The Giving Tree" has been finished a placed under the Church tree. I am glad that it will warm someone soon.

I immediately casted on another for the Cheyenne River Sioux. Macuwita sni is warming many a resident on the Rez!

Also, this year, many of my gifts will be donations to causes & charities. Most of the people I buy for need absolutely nothing. I hope they don't mind if the fist full of dollars I usually relegate for them - goes to an animal in need. A few of my favorites:
German Shepherd Rescue League of NE; Pittie Love Rescue; The Elephant Sanctuary; and Greyhound Friends. And trust me - there are many others organizations who could use donations too.

I look forward to giving & sharing this Christmas!! In fact, I hope that over the course of this coming year - I can give my most precious gift .... a gift of time. There are people to visit, neighbors who need assistance, and animals who need love. There are strangers who need a kind word & a hot meal. Yes ... Christmas is a time give ... I do hope to keep Christmas in my heart all year long!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Catching up with Christmas

One of the things I love most about this season is all the fun mail one gets: richly colored Christmas cards, cheery holiday notes, on line purchases delivered by the UPS man & fabulous surprises from loved ones. I do love happy mail!

One of the things I always do - is save my Christmas cards from one year to the next. After I review the previous year's collection - I cut them to make *this* season's Christmas tags! Ah ... recycling at it's best!

Here are some prior to cutting:

Here is some examples after they had their snips:

Fun, easy, good for the environment & a nice project to keep the kids busy (if you trust them with scissors!)

Moving on to 'fun mail' .... my ornament project for an Etsy BBEST team pal is finally done. This sheepie is totally free standing ... I used wool from a real sheepie named "Maude". Of course her little red & green scarf was handspun by moi!!

(Shhhh .... this Christmas sheepie is going into the mail tomorrow ....WhEEEE! I hope my pal loves her!)

Friday, December 05, 2008

Slow & Steady

Christmas is in 20 days! I am just SO EXCITED! Soon - my tree will be UP - but until then, I feast my eyes on the corner of my dining room table. Who can resist a very large Santa??

As an adult, there is no other time of year that one can just be JOYous & giddy without the folks in the white coats being called in. I am *that* delighted that it *is* Christmas!

Sure, the economy is tough - sales are down everywhere. My "day job" is still in existence and I am grateful for that. I am also coming to realize 2009 will most likely steer me down a new path. While a tad fearful - I do trust myself to always use common sense. Got to love a new adventure!!!

Anyway - this past weekend - I selected a card off the "Giving Tree" at Church. Naturally, my eyes quickly focused on a card that read 'woman's scarf.' Once home, I climbed the Stash Mountain to see what I could find.

Interestingly - I found a hank of lace weight merino that I dyEd as well as an 'eyelashy' wonder. They will make for a fun yet functional beauty! Yes - I am aware that I now have limited time to create it ... but I also know that maybe, just maybe - this might be the only gift that this person receives. I am honored & blessed to think that my handiwork will be worn on Christmas Day.

Well - off to knit. Did I mention Christmas is in 20 days?? HO HO HO!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Busy Izzy

I know a little girl who is as cute as can be. She is a wee 'toddler' and like most toddlers, she knows what she wants, when she wants it!! But, also like a toddler ... she has an attention span that flickers in nano seconds. I call her "Buzy Izzy".

"Buzy Izzy" is also my new persona. I have been trying to get tons accomplished - and, hopefully, I am succeeding. (Will let you know more how that is working for me *after* Christmas!)

It is hard to believe that mighty holiday is right around the corner. That said, I need to turn my eggnog into a few jumbo shots of espresso to kick some elf-butt. "Buzy Izzy" needs to up-her-game: I am playing Christmas music ... thinking thoughts of red & green ... and knitting like a banshee on a sweater that I wanted to wear on Thanksgiving.

Just so you know - that isn't going to happen. Please see my photo - may I present *The Back*:

All is not lost though ... my friend Joan, AKA Six Sisters creates wonderful art. Her talent is amazing - and I was lucky enough to be the recipient of one of her pieces ... a fabulous mixed media angel ornament. Yes ... this precious angel was all I need to get back on track - to pick up my sagging candy-canes, brush my tinseled hair and jingle my bells and say .... "HO HO HO!" Diesel is NOW pretty festive about the season too!

Thanks Six for this wonderful piece! I love her!!

Friday, November 14, 2008

What to do next??

I haven't been an active Blogger. Most of that stems from the fact that THE election is over , the global economy is a mess, Christmas is coming and I am just exhausted!

All is good though! As the old saying goes: "Everything happens for a reason." I couldn't agree more.

Sales have been slow at The Knotty Sheep. Again, the market *is* flooded with those who dye, spin & card to 'eek' out a modest paycheck. AND ... handspun yarn is a luxury during this trying economic time. I feel a tad despondent though ... meager sales mean a meager donation to Pittie Love Rescue.

I will persist though ... with one exception. I hope to spend MORE time drawing/less time playing with wool. The choice is a difficult one ... but - as 'everything happens for a reason' ... this just might be my wakeup call to do more ART. Please wish me luck ... and (shameless plug ----> ) Let's keep the economy going ... do Shop! WHEEEEEEE!

Friday, November 07, 2008

Starry Night Lover

Ah ... it is Friday!
The end of what feels like a very long work week. I have been battling bronchitis this week as my dad battles pneumonia. It is tough not being able to visit him ... he isn't the MOST healthiest branch on my family tree at this stage in his life. Unfortunately, the 'apple doesn't fall far from said tree!"

Today, I discovered a local radio station that is already playing Christmas music! Yes - I listened for several hours. I don't think Diesel will take to kindly to 7 weeks of Christmas carols ... but, he survived almost 2 years of listening to political campaigning on my radio & tv ... I think HE will think that the music is much nicer.

This weekend will be spent finishing my first Amaryllis mitten and spinning!! It is supposed to be a wee bit dreary in these parts .... perfect weather for creating with wool!
Starry Night Lover would make for good spinning .... but, of course - YOU may have first dibs at spinning it! WhEEEEEE!

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

The Fair Isle Continues!

The weather has chilled a wee bit - finally, it seems that all those outdoor bugs have either buried themselves for the winter or they have been released from their Earthly existence.
I like that - so does Diesel. Seriously, this dog makes my heart glow!

Tonight, as I watch the election results - I hope to finish the first Amaryllis Mitten! I am pretty sure that I will .... I don't really have all that much left!

SO - for those of you who are registered to vote in the US ... GET OUT THERE TODAY and VOTE!! In fact - it is an incredible KNOTTY thing to do!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Fair Isle Bug has bit!

Once again, the fair isle bug has bit!

For some reason, as I closed in on the 'applied I-cord' of the German Shawl ... I was hopelessly dreaming of colorwork. I needed a fix - and fast!

That shawl was no sooner off the needles when I cast on for the Amaryllis Mittens!

Mittens are a relatively quick 'fix' ... and these babies had been marinating in my stash since Mary Ann Stephens published the design.

AAhhhh .... I am going to LOVE these!

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Vacation is Over ....

It is true that all good things must come to an end!

Vacation is over and there is no other looming on the horizon. It is all good though ... I have already returned to work and fell right back into the grind. Actually, it feels like I never left!

I managed to hit my 4th repeat in the German Shawl. (YAY!)

I managed to spin over a POUND of wool! (YAY!)

I managed to get a photo of Diesel enjoying a twilight sky with the sea below him! (YAY!)

And I managed to relax & regroup. (Double YAY!)

But the TRIPLE YAY is this: with all the nuttiness in the world, stuff means absolutely nothing. My week was great because I got to spend time with my husband, my dog & my parrot. We didn't do anything out of the ordinary - we just did something special: we were able to spend time together and just BE!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

A Revelation

I am not living up to what I *can* do.

This is just a revelation that I made this week. I have known it for a while - but things like this are always more honest when shouted out to the World!

So - in that regard - I am taking a few days to actually do something! I hope it means that I will be creating ... and learning. I hope it means that I will walk for miles with my dog and appreciate my husband with zest. I hope it means that I will judge less and help more - whatever or whoever needs it. I hope it means that I will learn to accept me and find me - all at the same time! Oh ... and I hope to have photos too!

I think being totally absorbed in the dailies - I have forgotten how to BE. (So much for my time management skills!) I am just SO excited for these next few days - I truly think my head is going to BURST (in a good way though!!)

Funny that this quote just found its way to me:
"Plant seeds of expectation in your mind; cultivate thoughts that anticipate achievement. Believe in yourself as being capable of overcoming all obstacles and weaknesses." - Norman Vincent Peale. Hmmmm ......

So ... I will leave you with my latest creation (yep - I believe in myself ...ggg!) Blue States - it *is* almost election time!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Can you Click for a pup in need??

I have been so incredibly busy of late ... that now, my body rebels with it's first FALL cold.

We are just 24 hours into this new season ... and well, I suppose I let myself get run down. Mom was right, I can't burn the candle at both ends. Sigh ....

One of the things that keeps me going is working for causes I believe in. There are many ....
That being said, today, I want to highlight one that is EZ PZ to help. No money is involved ... and *that* is SO cool in this trying economic time. This local dog rescue has the opportunity to win money from Care2. I do mean a LOT of money .... 10k to be exact.

The German Shepherd Rescue of New England helps this large breed of dog find their forever homes by carefully placing them with wonderfully matched families. Large breeds have a tendency to be over looked - it is fabulous that this rescue assists these beautiful animals!! Check out the beautiful dogs ... you will want one!

Money is tight for all of us at this time ... please help this rescue win funds so their wonderful work may continue! Please click today!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Ready to SAVE 20%??

I mean really, with the stock market falling, the housing crisis and gas/oil prices SKY high ... saving 20% on anything seems like a Gift.

And when one celebrates a Birthday ... Gifts are abundant!!

Etsy For Animals (EFA) is celebrating it's FIRST Birthday. 180 members are participating in this glorious Festival of Savings ... and The Knotty Sheep is a typical party animal!!

Just use the coupon code " SHEEP " in the notes to seller section when you purchase any of my yarns and fibers! BAA-DA-Bing ... you will save 20%!! *You may request a revised invoice OR I will refund the difference bing-o bang-o!*

But...the cool thing is ... it doesn't stop there!! You may use that coupon code, "SHEEP" at any of the 180 shops!! Those Holidays are coming .... and take a peeky at all the FUN shops YOU can save at!!

(Yep ... I humbly request you use "SHEEP" as I would love to win a prize!! He/she who has the most coupon redemptions wins!!) So ... Be Knotty and Be Shoppie!

Monday, September 08, 2008

Yarn Collections

This weekend was a retreat of sorts. It was just me & my dog and a tropical storm called 'Hanna'.

I was expecting the worse ... and I was pleasantly surprised to find Miss Hanna a shy visitor. Rumor had it that she was to be a blow-hard and unfriendly - kind of like the mean girl on the play ground.

Instead - she announced her presence like a Hollywood has been and quickly retreated into the 'wings' once she had her say! "Au revoir, Mademoiselle Hanna!"

I was lucky. There are so many people in the Carribean, Mexico, Cuba, parts of the US and more - that have felt the force of Nature. She comes in different forms: hurricanes, tornadoes, wild fires, earthquakes, blizzards ... there can be such devastation & loss.

Pray for those in harms way & and do be grateful for the opportunity to offer those prayers to the Heavens while Mother Nature does her thing. Faith & Hope are nice ladies to keep you company. Charity is too. And I must say, I am so proud that when there is a need ... most people truly deliver.

Knitting for charity has been an important part of my life. It allows me to do what I love & to allow those who are struggling to receive some warmth and the notion that someone, somewhere cares for them deeply.

I recently began spinning for charity too. And while I wish I could give buckets of yarn away ... that will have to wait for sometime in the future. (O Powerball, where are you?) For now, I am offering "Yarn Collections" at a truly reduced price!

"Turning Tides Collection" is 3 skeins of handspun "Maude" ... a columbia, romney, coopworth sheepie. 7 ounces of yarn for $24.44. (Don't ask about the weird amount, I thought it might be FUN!) Seriously ... I would charge pretty much double that if I hadn't been bitten by the charity knitting bug!
Like Autumn colors ... do check out the Fall Collection too!

Here in the US - summer storms are still around and winter storms are on the horizon - as I said: Faith, Hope & Charity are nice ladies to have around. Love is too - let's not forget to invite her.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

VOTE for ME!! VOTE for ME!!

It is September - WOW!! I am having a hard time believing it! This month will morph quickly to the next ... Halloween will be here ... then it will be time to VOTE for a US president ... then it is the Winter Holidays ......

WHOA Nellie!!! Did I mention voting???

I did - AND I need yours!!

I know I ask a lot of you in BloG Land ... shop my store ... sign petitions ... knit for those in need ... etc, etc. MoM always told me "I never hurts to ask" & recently I read someone that "Can't never did" (love this!) ... so, today I ask for your vote!

Being an Etsy member is grand - I have met many wonderful artists & animal lovers who are part of Etsy for Animals (EFA.) 28 of us are participating in a challenge to celebrate EFA's birthday. The challenge is - the item with the most votes wins!! AND I would love to win that $50 donation to my favorite animal charity!

My handpainted, "EFA Birthday Celebration" canvas tote is OOAK!

Visit this LINK! This Etsy forum thread will connect to to the voting booth - I am listed as ' theknottysheep ' ! If you do vote - please go back to the thread & leave an "I voted " comment - then you will be eligible to win a prize too. You do not have to purchase anything (unless you find said bag, and/or my yarns & fiber totally irresistible!)

Once again - I know I ask much of you ... I will try NOT to ask for anything else ... for at least 24 hours! Please vote ... this election runs thru 9/4!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

5 POUNDS gone!

I did it! I did it!

Lost 5 pounds! Nope, don't mean weight ... I mean stash! Remember when I said I couldn't treat myself to any new yarn-yummies or patterns until I unloaded 5 pounds of stash? ... AND this could mean both from knitting yarn odds & ends as well as spinning some of the flock of fleeces I have snoozing in the studio ... just waiting to become something grand??

Well --- 5 pounds has been USED! Most of it went to charity knitting ... some ended up in skeins ... but either way - it does a body good to help others as well as to destash. Like losing any 5 pounds - I feel like I can move a lot easier - more lightly.

My last spinning endeavor went to my new "Yarn Collections". Geared towards the charity knitter who wants to dabble in handspun without emptying the piggy bank! Check out Fall.

AND - I did start a lace project too. This yarn came to me via another project - but, that project will come in time as they all do. After a slow start ... I am loving the German Shawl.

As the US winds down to Labor Day ... I just can't wait to just spin & knit in more comfortable temps!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Nothing new in my world - You??

This week has flown by - I am not sure where it went. That troubles me as I am truly trying to savor the moments ... but this week, I don't remember them.

My mind is fuzzy with a cross of a 'summer cold' & allergies. DH is feeling the same way - so we are stumbling thru the daily jobs, chores & animal care. I am happy to report that at least I did some dyEing & I completed a pair of sox for Macuwita sni!

This weekend - it is supposed to be HOT once again. I am in the process of starting a shawl .... only if my fuzzy brain can figure out what ' 2 left twist (knit the last stitch from behind, leaving it on the left needle, knit the second to the last stitch & drop both stitches off the left needle' means. I am thinking that the last stitch should be knit thru the back loop?? Anyone??

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Sock Yarn Diet

I started & frogged the lace shawl I was working on. Guess after all my 'worstedness' - my fingers just didn't want to play with lace weight at this time. Of course, watching the Olympics out of the corner of my eye didn't help. Oh well ....!

Stasia recently sent me a link to Sparkpeople (clickable link on my left side bar.) What a FABulous FREE resource of all things diet & exercise! I have already lost 2 pounds ... and hope to lose MUCH more!!

Of course, this means I share my excitement! For me ... a "Sock Yarn Diet!" Until further notice all my Painted Toes Sock Yarns are 10% off. Hurry ... these yarns are part of my "Spots & Shades" study - and, as always, they are one of a kind!! AND this sale can end at ANY time!!

So... do shop - and do join Sparkspeople .... it is a great day to treat yourself to OOAK yarn and to grab hold of your Life! WhEEEEE!

Friday, August 08, 2008

Shelter Dogs are the Best!!

Shelter Dogs are the Best!!

But, what they go through, the stress they deal with, is truly h*ll on Earth.

My mind can not grasp the fact that someone would 'throw their dog away' - because it has become a chore, or an inconvenience. It gets back to what I said in my last post ... moments are either a chore or a gift, it is all a matter of perspective & attitude.

I recently purchased 2 books: "Shelter Dogs by Traer Scott & " One at a Time: A Week in an American Animal Shelter" by Marilee Geyer. Not for the faint of heart or those that believe that their disposable pet will find a forever happy home. Geyer's book notes that only 20% of those who enter the shelter system get adopted. Somehow, I feel *I* have a better chance of winning "Powerball" than most animals do making it out of a shelter alive.

As I continue my journey on this Planet ... I am beginning to realize that shelter dogs are playing an increasing importance in my Life. At this time ... only the Universe knows why. I know my heart will be broken, I know tears will be shed ... but, maybe, just maybe a few dogs & cats & all the others who make their home at a shelter ... will find their forever families soon if I work harder.

Which leads me to how YOU can help!
** Don't purchase a cat or dog from a pet store. Puppy Mill Awareness Day is September 20th. Yes ... those little kittens & puppies are adorable in those windows ... but, stop & think of their mothers ... who have to produce litter after litter and live in conditions that are just plain wretched.

**Volunteer at a shelter ... socialization is key to the animals ... see what is on their 'wish lists' ... is it food, $$ for medical treatment, toys, blankets??

**Shop at establishments that give back. There are plenty of artists on Etsy that do ... search EFA (Etsy for animals) in the 'tags' OR go directly to the EFA Shop! Not only are the artists fabulous - they also work long & hard to fight for & protect animals around the world!

EFA will be celebrating their first SHOP Birthday in September!! Do stay tuned - it is going to be a blast!

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Jump start my week

This is a bold statement: "I have decided to change my life."

The craziness still exists but instead of fighting it - I accept it. Yes - you heard me right, I accept it.

There is no 'slow down' in the near future, there is no 'extra hours' in which to 'fit in' something/anything. There is only 24 hours in a day (or 1440 minutes or 86400 seconds.) Each hour, minute, second - can be a gift or a chore - it is all a matter of perception & attitude.

My attitude embraces the craziness ... I just hope my body can keep up!!

I started the Faceted Gem lace shawl this weekend. I haven't used such skinny yarn in such a long while ... should be an interesting journey!!

I also carded Clouds in the Tides - super lustrous spinning batts blended from dorset wool & mohair!!
Seriously ... these babies are pure luxury at an affordable price! Woo-WHOO!

So - while my world keeps spinning along .... I accept the pace at which it twirls ... being Dizzy is going to be fun!!

Accept your day today ... with all its craziness. I just *know* there is a lesson to be learned for each of us!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Go Kiva!!

OK ... can I introduce you to Rafoat Kosimova??

She need you help too - if her loan goal isn't reached ...... shattered dreams.

Thursday, July 24, 2008


I was BloG surfing yesterday. You know how it goes - you stop here - click on there - jump over to this & that and before you know it: vous ĂȘtes ici! - ( you are HERE!) or as I like to call it: Kiva!

I became fascinated - almost obsessed with the stories I read. Just when you think this world has no light left ... the SUN shines!

Sadbargul Faizova caught my eye! I hope she catches your eye too as the time to raise her loan amount is ending shortly. For $25, which is some nice wine & even nicer yarn .... YOU can help her make her family's life a little bit better!

Motto for the day: Kindness in Giving creates Love - Lao Tzu

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Back to Painting - support EFA!!

As you know -- I am trying to get over my 'fear' of painting again. I am unsure what made me feel so insecure about my art ... but, slowly - those fears are subsiding. It is a constant battle.

With Life being what it is - it is hard to cram everything into an already jam-packed day - let alone make time for something that you fear. That is why if you surround yourself with like minded (creative) people, they help to stretch your imagination and break down those walls that you have built around yourself.

Take Etsy for Animals or EFA for short! They are a group of artists on Etsy who donate time, $$ or their artistry to help animals. I am honored to be a part of this wonderful team!!

Which gets me back to my point on fear, painting & surrounding yourself with like minded (creative) people. Our August challenge became "C is for ..." . Cows, cats, crows, cougars came to mind ... but I was thinking more in terms of collard greens, cabbage, carrots, cantaloupe & cherries. Me, being the little environmentalist that I am, saw those images on a canvas grocery bag .... after a deep breath, VOILA ... I came up with this hand painted OOAK bag! - and pardon while I pull on your heartstrings a bit - BUT 5% of all purchases goes to Pittie Love Rescue. They help one of *the most abused* dog breeds of all times.
Comments?? I would love to hear what you think of this functional piece of art!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Weekend Goal ... Finis!

On weekends - I try to set a goal for my Macuwita sni knitting. I find I am pushing myself to complete 'just one more row' when normally - I would have laid the project down for the evening.

This weekend, my goal was 2 pair of mittens as well as a hand spun skein.

I am proud to say ... I completed my goal!! YAY!!

If obtaining a goal is motivation to do even more ... so are these pups currently in foster care thru the German Shepherd Rescue of New England. Yes ... my heart belongs to my Diesel and the pitbulls, but, DH has always had a soft spot for GSDs. Guess who is becoming a GSRNE member?

So - just when I didn't think I could survive another day of 90 degree F weather ... I plopped some wool into the dye pot for the 4th skein in my Study of Shades & Spots! This salmon beauty is currently For SALE!

Just when you think you can't knit one more row OR stand at the dye pot one more minute - it is nice to know that God created such wonderful things as motivation & inspiration to give you the kick in the bloomers that is needed to make the world a better place.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Christmas in July - again!

This is another posting about Christmas In July! Can you stand it??

While I sit here and sweat ... today is nothing compared to what they are saying the weekend will bring ... high 90's with tons o'humidity.

Ok ... I am a whimp. I can't tolerate the heat ... and I know there are those of you who are snickering as you read. I digress, you won't find me complaining about 10 below ZERO! come December/January. THAT is what wool is for.

December & chilly temps mean Christmas to me! Yesterday, Ravelry asked if they could use my Peace Fleece Christmas Stocking photo. I said "Sure!" I mean, what an honor!!

Here she is - in all her knitted glory! Check out the snow in the photo!! WhEEEEEEE! Seriously, who needs a mojito when seeing SNOW??

In honor of the 'at-a-girl' on Ravelry ... I am offering my only 2
Peace Fleece Christmas Stocking kits

at a 15% off savings - NOW until 7/23 ... or until they sell out.

Yep - those Winter Holidays will be here before you know it .... start one of these beauties now ... (especially if you have AC!)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I thought July was a quiet time??

I thought July was a quiet time.

I thought that with the heat came a simple quietness - a quietness that may be broken by a child's laughter, splashes in the sea, ice cubes in lemonade or, for those that have it ... the hum of the air conditioner.

HA! I say!

I am so busy, my head hurts! I am so busy, I barely breathe! There are a number of factors - and truth be told, I thought that I had them under control. Households, husband, pets, jobs, gardens and family challenges make the world one non-stop party.

So much for being carefree.

But, Life still goes on and while I don't have a spare moment to think ... thank goodness for the internet! I am filled with gratitude that there is a world and friends out there who are just a click away! HOOray for Cyber-space!

Knitting is still part of my busy Life. My parents, while facing challenges of their own in recent years are still going as fast as they can with the health issues they bare. This past weekend, they came for a visit. MoM was thrilled to shove 11 pair of mittens for Macuwita ani into my arms. How VERY cool!

These mittens, when entered into the database last night - pushed us over the 100 pair mark. Thanks MoM!!

Today ... we hit 110 with these babies:

It just blows me away to know that so many on the Cheyenne River Sioux reservation will have wonderful woolie warmth this winter! Thank you everyone .... please keep up the great work.

I will try really hard to "Be Calm and Carry On" ... (thanks Britain for that wonderful slogan!) - I still have much to do and if I can get as much done as my 'mom who is up in years can' ... Life will be refreshing and yet relaxing!
Remember .... Inspire Art! Create Art! Buy Art! Be ART!! Comments, please!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Christmas in July!

Ho! HO! HO! It is CHRISTMAS in July!!

Did I actually type the "C" word??

Why "YES" I did!! AND for a very good reason too!

I am a member of a street team on Etsy called "BBEST". We have quite an eclectic group of artists - who dabble in so many different mediums that I can't even begin to list them all here! We are global too - which adds some spice and constant conversations 24/7.

Suffice to say ... some of us are participating in a "Christmas In July" sale which has begun - and will run until July 21.

I will be adding sale items constantly, so please check back DAILY! Since it is a perfect time to start those Winter Holiday projects - please peek at my wonderful discounted handspun & spinning fibers HERE!

Looking for my latest addition?? Check no further! My second skein in my "Shades & Dots Study" is NOW available for PURCHASE!

As always .... 5% of all my sales is donated to Pittie Love Rescue. With their permission, I am able to use their doggie photos! This is "Weezy" - he is looking for his forever home ... isn't he THE most cutest pup ever?? With each purchase - you are helping pups just like him!!

You can check out our participating members listed HERE!

Shop early - shop often!! Today, help not only pups in need - but support independent artisits!! WhEEEEEE!

Monday, July 07, 2008

Spots. Shades and Mittens

Well, not only have I been dyEing ... I have completed my self imposed Mitten Marathon!!

First, the dyEing!
The Knotty Sheep has begun a new series of dyEing called "A Study of Spots & Shades!" I have been having fun playing in the dYe pots ... WhEEEEEEE!!!! The first color to be released ... TEAL! I think that this is such a wonderful color!!

Second, the Mitten Marathon! I was able to complete 3 pair of mittens for the Cheyenne River Sioux. It would have been 4 pair, but the stripey ones were frogged when I realized that I didn't have enough of the same yarn to 'stripe'. Down to the thumbs they were 'ripped' - sigh! I am quite partial to their cheeriness - they do make me smile!

I think I will start another pair tonight. I am still using up stash like a Wild Woman! Stash-using is a good thing ... I am kind of psyched that I have just a wee bit more room in the studio than I did a few weeks ago!


Tuesday, July 01, 2008

My Mitten Marathon

Part of what I love about the 4th of July is it a celebration of family, friends, country, and Life.

I can forgo the parades - way to crowded! AND the fireworks - way to loud! (... I always wonder what the wildlife think when the night sky turns radiant and the sonic booms reign!)

My long weekend doesn't truly begin until Thursday evening - but I am choosing to begin my Mitten Marathon tonight! Yep - I am just SO curious to see how many pair of mittens I can complete for Macuwita sni!

I have put this aside - without its mate even being casted on:

Hopefully, I will turn this from a nondescript collection of stash into a mountain of mittens!

So - as of today, I am lying low for a while. A good LONG while! I have much to do, much to contemplate and family matters to address! While I will be BloGGing ... and creating ... I will also be hibernating! HaPpY 4th everyone ... and may you be able to celebrate your family, friends, country, and Life - wherever you may be!! May your nondescript stash turn into your very own mountain of mittens too! WhEEEEE!

Monday, June 23, 2008

How could you shoot a dog??

Short & sweet .... How could anyone shoot a dog that is NOT attacking - NOT maiming - NOT - mauling anything or anyone?

It this day and age - it happens. My heart would like to believe that stuff like this is isolated - my brain tells me 'not so much'.

Gage was a seemingly happy, carefree, well trained & socialized pit bull . Yes ... he slept with his family & YORKIE dog siblings. He wore Santa Hats & Christmas bows in his hair. He danced in splashes of water and snoozed in afternoon sunbeams. Ah ... such is a dog's life.

Then, why, may I ask will I be wearing this shirt in honor of his memory this coming Saturday??

Well, seems like Gage's neighbor didn't like him. Didn't care about his Christmas bows & Santa hats. Didn't care about his social skills or dances with the waves. He saw a FREAKIN' pit bull and decided it was time for target practice. SHAME ON YOU, Mr. Neighbor!

Please consider a donation to Gage's family as they are battling legal fees to get said neighbor's unfriendly, ok, murderous Gluteus maximus into prison where it belongs! Go HERE - to view how a pit bull is also a son & a brother!

Diesel would appreciate it. Yes - he has donned his share of silly clothes and silly poses ... but, as a dog who is half rottie, can I show you how much he hates thunder??

God Bless Sweet Gage & his family.

Friday, June 20, 2008

to knit or draw?

Some long time readers of this BloG remember that I am an 'artist' - at least I think of myself as one. Pastels are my medium when I long to put images on paper. I like to think that I am half way decent in this foray too. Like knitting & spinning - there is always room for improvement, and the more time one makes to develop a talent, the more talent they seem to have.

There in lies my problem: putting the time into drawing once again. I really, really, really want to draw - but, I am nervous. O Heck ... I am actually afraid. There, I said it ... I admitted to the world that I am afraid to draw! What if I lost *it*? What if I can't translate what I *see* on to paper??

This weekend, as I attempt to complete a pair of sox for Macuwita sni ... I will also attempt to draw.

I found this sketch from 18 YEARS ago:

This pastel was created about 5 years ago:

Sadly - there hasn't been to many paintings since .... sigh!

So, I ask you to send me 'creating vibes & calming energies!' This weekend, I wish to painting something ... wish me luck!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


I haven't knit socks in a while - but I have had a skein of "Lakeberry" that I had purchased from Ray at Knitvity a while back.

I casted on Saturday ... and the with Celtics playing a LATE game once again tonight, I just might finish the first sock. I would be SO happy with that. After all, SSS (second sock syndrome) doesn't happen to me all that often, but I want to make sure it doesn't happen here since I am in the throes of using STASH. Yep - only 57 ounces to go .... YiPpEE!

Well, here is what I have completed thus far .... and "GO Boston Celtics!"

One mitten note: some readers have requested the pattern for the mittens I displayed in a previous BloG post .... Well, HERE it is!! Have fun .... WhEEEEE!

Monday, June 09, 2008

A Mitten Weekend

I am having a difficult digesting that we are in the middle of our first heat wave. YiKes!

My garden lettuce is wilting ... Diesel is wilting ... and I am just plain melting. Seriously, it is ONLY the second week in June and temps in the mid 90's makes this New Englander quite crabby! Sigh ....

I did manage to complete 3 pair of mittens for Macuwita sni over the weekend. Yes - it was quite warm to knit ... but mittens, like sox, are EZ PZ in the heat. They are small - they barely touch you - and while you are sweating off water weight - you know come December they will being warming the hands of someone who hands just might have been terribly cold last winter.

So ... here they are!! The trio was made from stash yarns. A truly nice way to reduce my mountain of yarn! WhEEEEEE!

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Diesel Spins

Once again, busy, busy, busy!

It is all good and it makes me reflect on my time management skills or lack thereof. I feel like I haven't been that productive - although to look around the house & garden - I have accomplished a bit.

As always, there is still much to do.

I recently put a notion into my head that says: "You can't purchase any yarn or wool until you have knit and/or spun 5 pounds of stash!" Yep - 5 POUNDS!

This is going to prove difficult as there as SO much that I want. Yep - want - I don't need a thing. Sigh .....

So, by my calculations 80 oz of stash must leave the studio in some way, shape or form. Currently, I have 70.6 ounces left to go .... O Diesel ... can you help me??
Remember .... Inspire Art! Create Art! Buy Art! Be ART!! Comments, please!