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Friday, September 11, 2009

Ah .... September

It has been ages since I last posted. I have become exhausted from the curve balls of Life being lobbed at my head. It isn't anything that I haven't been able to handle ... just bunches of stuff on a consistent basis.

The weather has turned, the temperatures are more comfortable & it is time to move on. Sometimes *things* hold us back - whether those *things* are tangible or intangible ... it doesn't matter. Being held back means that we don't grow.

Let the sunshine, Baby ... I have lots of growing to do!

We choose to be in the Dark or in the Light. My choice is always the latter. There is much darkness in the world today. That is one unfortunate fact! But, if we all try to shine a little brighter: give a little more, do a little more, love a little more & pray a little more - darkness begins to fade. Not a hard concept.

As Fall begins to make herself Welcome - it is time for more spinning and knitting (especially for Charity!)

I recently turned my "Sleepy Cloud" battz

into "Sleepy Cloud" skeins!

Jaeger continues to do well ... he is an amazing boy who has gone thru much! We think he loves being with us - except when we wake him from a nap to snap a photo!;

Knitting for Macuwita sni has been first and foremost on my mind! If the weather is starting to change here - I know it is changing even more rapidly in South Dakota!

See that ball of white handspun?? That, my friends, is icelandic wool I handspun in the grease! I used some left over sock yarn for double stranding purposes!

This week, I have already done three pair!

TRES cool, if you ask me!

As I said, Life has been lobbing curve balls of my head - but it is OK ... I am now wearing a helmet! Shine on baby - I am BACK!