The Knotty Sheep Shop

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

I survived the holiday! YiPpEE! Now, it is back to work! Seriously - shearing season is here ... and there will be an influx of wool arriving. Might be today - might be tomorrow - but, I know it is coming.

I have been busy both knitting & spinning. Carding & dyEing too. (You can see the fruits of my labor HERE - sorry for the plug, but see above paragraph! :)

The one thing that I haven't been doing is my pastel artwork. I just seems like it is not fitting into my schedule right now. Could it be lack of interest?? Lack of space?? Lack of desire?? Well, I thought I would share an art piece I did a while back ... subtle urging by the general public never hurt. Comments ... please!

Thursday, March 24, 2005

I have been busy doing 101 things. Yes - Easter is Sunday and I am hosting the festivities. Not the worst thing in the world - but - all my beautiful fleeces are in 'limbo' until the beginning of next week.

Seriously, how can I dYe a ton of wool *this* week?? I would be a nervous wreck fearing that an errant furball would meet its demise on a guest's dinner plate!!

Thankfully, I can still knit (Irish Hiking Scarf) and spin. Isn't it great that my dog is as passionate as I about spinning?? Comments .... Please!

Saturday, March 19, 2005

Nothing cheers up a "krabby" fiber artist (don't ask) quicker than goodies in the mail! My second order from Earth Faire arrived. YiPpEE!

You must stop by this wonderful cyber-store! Ellen is a PEACH! Here are my goodies: Maple Leaf Scarf pattern; Hanging Vines Scarf Kit; Diamond Patch Mittens; and the Lost Points Shawl Kit! This features a red colorway ... perfect for the Knit Red Along - this is to raise awareness of Women & Heart Disease. Do join us! (Did I mention, the shawl will be for ME??)

And check out my progress on the Irish Hiking Scarf. I know - you can barely see the cables! Alas .... but, I am using my handspun which features an Old English Sheep dog named "Rocky". (Thanks - "Rocky"!!) It will be gifted to my neighbor this coming Christmas. (Yes ... I am planning ahead!) Comments .... please!

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

It takes me a while to climb aboard things. Maybe it is due to procrastination. Maybe it is due to individuality. Who knows?? But, as of the very near future - I will be climbing aboard the ClapotisTrain. Isn't it neat?? Love the pattern and the wideness of it.

I will spinning the yarn for it - so it will be done by NEXT fall. (Notice, I *did* say very near future in the first paragraph!) I still have some suffolk on the wheel that I would like to finish first. But, I have decided to use some wonderful wool that I purchased from The Silkworker 100 years ago. Yes ... this was before I started mine own little fiber biz & something this wonderful should not be wasted. Won't this make a perfect Clapotis?? Comments ... please!

Friday, March 04, 2005

Cold! Cold! Cold! MoMMa Mia has it been cold! Feels more like January than March. Isn't Spring sometime this month??

Since Fiber Fest season is upon us ... my new & improved Cafe Press store is now OPEN !! Shop til you "drop spindle"!!! I wore my official "Be Knotty" T shirt the other day - albeit with a turtle neck underneath - I felt down right whimsical! :)

AND - I did want to show you a FABulous GOTLAND fleece I just purchased from Southwest Trading. This is Clasina - isn't she a beauty?? Comments .... please!