The Knotty Sheep Shop

Thursday, March 24, 2005

I have been busy doing 101 things. Yes - Easter is Sunday and I am hosting the festivities. Not the worst thing in the world - but - all my beautiful fleeces are in 'limbo' until the beginning of next week.

Seriously, how can I dYe a ton of wool *this* week?? I would be a nervous wreck fearing that an errant furball would meet its demise on a guest's dinner plate!!

Thankfully, I can still knit (Irish Hiking Scarf) and spin. Isn't it great that my dog is as passionate as I about spinning?? Comments .... Please!


Deborah said...

Your dog looks as though he is guarding your wheel. Cute picture.

Melanie said...

Cute dog, but you can't spin his fuzz, can you?

Pamela said...

Furballs offer valuable protein, no?