The Knotty Sheep Shop

Saturday, March 19, 2005

Nothing cheers up a "krabby" fiber artist (don't ask) quicker than goodies in the mail! My second order from Earth Faire arrived. YiPpEE!

You must stop by this wonderful cyber-store! Ellen is a PEACH! Here are my goodies: Maple Leaf Scarf pattern; Hanging Vines Scarf Kit; Diamond Patch Mittens; and the Lost Points Shawl Kit! This features a red colorway ... perfect for the Knit Red Along - this is to raise awareness of Women & Heart Disease. Do join us! (Did I mention, the shawl will be for ME??)

And check out my progress on the Irish Hiking Scarf. I know - you can barely see the cables! Alas .... but, I am using my handspun which features an Old English Sheep dog named "Rocky". (Thanks - "Rocky"!!) It will be gifted to my neighbor this coming Christmas. (Yes ... I am planning ahead!) Comments .... please!


Melanie said...

OOO Kary! I love the I.H.Scarf. That yarn & pattern together is so subtle it makes me want to frog mine! ;-)
LOL. Keep us posted on the progress!

Kitt said...

And I thought I was bad with buying! Girl, you got me beat hands down! You did get some great kits though! I may have to breakdown and do the Irish Hiking Scarf, I r-e-a-l-l-y like yours!
P.S. why were you "krabby" or shouldn't I ask?

Deborah said...

Ooh! I like your new acquisitions! Way to shop! You have excellent taste!

Pamela said...

Mmm, lovely sheep dog cables. I really like the way the different colours are working together.