The Knotty Sheep Shop

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

I survived the holiday! YiPpEE! Now, it is back to work! Seriously - shearing season is here ... and there will be an influx of wool arriving. Might be today - might be tomorrow - but, I know it is coming.

I have been busy both knitting & spinning. Carding & dyEing too. (You can see the fruits of my labor HERE - sorry for the plug, but see above paragraph! :)

The one thing that I haven't been doing is my pastel artwork. I just seems like it is not fitting into my schedule right now. Could it be lack of interest?? Lack of space?? Lack of desire?? Well, I thought I would share an art piece I did a while back ... subtle urging by the general public never hurt. Comments ... please!


Pamela said...

That's a very pretty spindle. Is it a Hatchtown?

dragon knitter said...

very nice, i'd like to see more!

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